I’m looking back on what I’ve produced over the last few years and I am truly in awe of myself. My ego is inflated proportionate to the justification. The refusal to acknowledge or recognize the value of something does not compromise the inherent value of the subject.  A shovel still has the value inherent in it’s design even if it never leaves the shed and the walk ways are covered in snow.

The following is a summary of my body of work which worse than being unread is unacknowledged. Rejection from publishers, silence from activists and academics, no explanation or rebuttal related to reasoning or fact.

I think about what it would mean to the world if people knew what a Center for Economic Planning was and what it would accomplish.

I think about what it would mean to the world if people understood there is a simple objectively ideal ethical standard that is not difficult for people to apply.

I think about what it would mean if people in places like San Francisco knew a plan was created to solve their homeless problem that would save them billions of dollars in the long term and was preferred by their homeless population?

I think about what it would mean if people understood how their decisions, behavior, and feelings were a product of their values. How becoming conscious of their values in relation to their environment can lead to behavioral changes to bring their professed values in line with their acting values and eliminate cognitive dissidence.

I think about what it would mean if people understood how stupidity is largely the product of a shortened process of cause and effect achieved through conditioning.
I think about what it would mean if people knew there was a program and standard created to correct the unnecessary use of deadly force by law enforcement officers.

I think about what it would mean to the Palestinians to know there has been a comprehensive option created to improve their quality of life.
I think about what it would mean if people were exposed to a fact and logic common sense based perspective to the issues their attention has been directed to.


I designed a turnkey plan accounted down to sheets of papers that would have saved the county of San Francisco over 100 million dollars per year, reduced the homeless population by about 70%, and liberated thousands of homeless people through the empowerment of means to do as these please. Unorthadox but simple in concept, 25 thousand dollars to agree to leave San Francisco and not to return unless the sum was repaid. It cost roughly the price the county would save the following year meaning all the money the following years would be free to be spent on something of public benefit or saved by the tax payers.

Every part of the process was explained, including safe guards against fraud, security, systems of enforcement, and even included a script consisting of process based dialogue. Who was for it? About 70% of the homeless population as the anticipated percentage of effectiveness was based on a poll. Numbers that likely do not reflect the true level of participation as there were no answers with explanations citing the program wouldn’t be implemented. Meaning if it wasn’t a man in a position who was no better off than they were, and instead it was a man who said asked the same question but they could go fill out the application and participate they probably would go, or consider it further.

Who was indifferent? The party’s whose interest I sought. An activist group and about 7 county supervisors whose offices I sent physical copies of the proposal. Activists fail to understand the root of their ideal is to improve people’s lives. Activists profess the value of justice but they are more concerned with their allegiance to things and positions, as well as building a resume of did nothing tactics, repeated in perpetuity because they apply no effort to actual problem solving. When I provided an oral synopsis to one group, I was told to get in touch with city hall. Of the 7 county supervisors who received the proposal I received calls from the 2 of the offices interns, but there was no follow up calls and no interest in scheduling an appointment to discuss the matter further.

Who was opposed?  Probably every non-profit in the area that owes its existence to maintaining a large homeless population. When I was polling outside of a shelter called Next Door on Polk street, a staff member asked me what I was doing.  I explained and she asked if I was trying to help them or help myself. I responded both which is a subject I will return to. The shelters knew about it.

A few months later I stayed in this shelter. I can’t be sure if what they did is the result of the program but there was action taken against me. This may have been the result of my commentary because I commented out loud about how the staff treated people. I was moved from the third floor to the first floor by staff. I asked why I was being moved and the woman at the desk told me it was a move made by human services.

The entire dorm was quiet and the lights were off. The person in the bunk below me repeatedly slammed his metal drawer which was attached to the bunk. Eventually I confronted him and when I came down from my bunk to use the bathroom he swung on me and I think he connected. I returned punches causing him to flee the bunk area to the reception area while throwing chairs at me. He grabbed a broom of an unusually large girth, close to two inches in diameter. I blocked one blow and then he maneuvered the broom in a such a way where he was able to hit me in the head. I grabbed the broom and he was able to land a punch as I was grabbing the broom.
I hit him with the broom in the body and it split in half. I discarded the broom which would only be effective as a stabbing implement. The situation was one where I could hit him but he couldn’t hit me. I was expecting him to drop because I was landing clean solid shots. A staff member yelled stop fighting him. I hit him a few more times after her demand waiting for the right shot to collapse him and he started wind milling his arms. I caught him again and he stopped seeming not too interested in continuing.

Then he spit a mouthful of blood on the ground and said something. I returned to the bunk area and collected my items. The police arrived before I could leave but no charges were filed.

The next day because I obviously needed a new shelter I went to human services. They told me they did not change my bunk. It was setup. Whether the motivation was the Homeless Liberation Initiative or retaliation for my comments I don’t know, but I was already on a top bunk so there was no need for a younger person to change to accommodate an older individual. The person I fought with didn’t come to the bunk area until the lights were off and was with staff discussing something until the time prior to slamming the locker which isn’t behavior that is tolerated at that time of night.

When asked during the poll if I was trying to help them or trying to help me I responded both. In the proposal and what I posted on my website I was upfront about my interests. I wanted the job of running the program on a lucrative but incentive based contract. $100,000 to direct the program and a $400,000 bonus if a 58% reduction is achieved.

A 58% reduction was key because it completely transforms the city and guarantees the homeless population wouldn’t repopulate. The county had housing and temporary shelter for 42% of the population. This means if you reduce the homeless population by 58% you eliminate the visibility of homelessness. Ordinances designed to prohibit people from camping outside become enforceable because there is shelter space.

Bear in mind a good portion of homeless people migrated to San Francisco meaning if you are going to come to the city to be homeless you have to sleep at a shelter. For those who prefer not to they will not come to San Francisco to be homeless. They have a deterrent as opposed to an attractant. Something I mention because the same people who would prefer the homeless stay trapped will also be for their freedom to sleep outside because of the conditions of the shelters.

The second interest I had in the program was the credibility gained from directing the program and achieving the result. After completing the program scheduled for six months I would have the resources as well as the credibility of transforming the image of a major city and saving the people of that city money in perpetuity. I am in a position to campaign for Centers for Economic Planning and be heard and taken seriously.

The third reason is plain. I get to witness 4 to 5000 people have a chance in life. If a person who has never had money has $25,000 they have an opportunity to spend $10000 on rent for a few months, clothes, furniture, a car, food, and then do nothing but not worry about their circumstances and think about what they want to do in their life. This is all some people need. Others will run through their money and be homeless somewhere else in a few months. They’re no worse off than they were prior to participation they are better for having the opportunity to experience freedom and indulgence for at least a short period in their lives. Some would be dead of an overdose shortly after they arrive at their destination. The alternative is an existence devoid of any purpose for themselves living in miserable conditions that are interrupted by short bursts of euphoria through drug use. Please don’t think of the morality of those statements unless you’ve been homeless and slept on the street for any prolonged period of time because you’re not in a position to make a judgement call on the value of that existence.

San Francisco chooses to flush hundreds of millions of dollars down the toilet. The city prefers to maintain tent communities, people sleeping in the street, people having temper tantrums on the street as they enter withdrawal, urine and feces on their sidewalks, smashed car windows and stolen valuables, and the familiar daily sound of ambulances rushing to administer narcon to addicts who overdose. That’s their chose and they’re free to make it.

The issue I had wasn’t that it was rejected, but that it was rejected without explanation and didn’t become part of public knowledge to be considered.  The public after discovering they would have saved about 5% of the county budget annually, eliminated the visibility of homelessness, and the program was supported by the homeless, more than likely would have supported the program.  Maybe not, but people should have known it was an option.  Click Here for HLI  


After Mario Woods was executed by multiple officers on video from multiple angles while not posing a threat, the unnecessary use of deadly force by law enforcement officers was popular among activists in the area, which was naturally amplified by it being the trending activist issue at the time nationally. I know the cause and the cause can better be addressed through CEP than anything that will address the effect. Still, if there is an opportunity to attract interest and attention to what I’m doing by addressing a symptom which at the time was the subject of popular focus it made sense to do it.

The biggest problem was the arbitrary nature of the justification for the use of deadly force. If an officer claims to fear for his life this is justification. What is lacking is an actual standard. The only time deadly force should be justified is when a suspect poses an immediate threat to life. From there I defined what an immediate threat was. An immediate threat exists when there is no step for an officer to intervene before a suspect can create a lethal result. Preemption is lawful when a suspect begins to transition to a position that classifies him as immediate, since achieving the position will leave no step for the officers to prevent the suspect from killing someone.

The definition was complimented by scenarios to demonstrate the criterion in a variety of circumstances involving a variety of weapons. 10 actual cases of the use of deadly force were selected to show how the criteria would have been applied.
Another issue in the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers is the familiarity of the DA with the officers. Common purpose of profession creates bias when cases are investigated by an independent prosecutor. The Criteria for Deadly Force and Enforcement created teams of regionally elected prosecutors whose sole responsibility is to review the use of deadly force and apply the criteria to eliminate bias. The number of prosecutors and the area they were responsible for was determined by the number of police caused fatalities.

In addition to creating an effective deterrent for the unnecessary use of deadly force, the criteria increases the efficiency and certainty of the process for law enforcement. Instead of an officer playing out scenarios in his head about what the suspect might have, or what the suspect might do, he is assessing the suspects relationship to the environment. What does the suspect have to do before he becomes an immediate threat? The officer knows if he uses deadly force he was justified.

The first portion of the paper explained the mistaken causation between the disproportionate amount of black people being the victims of deadly force to them being black. The actual causation being a greater proportion of black people are poor, and the circumstances of being poor causes people to be more inclined to crime. Crime naturally leads to a greater police presence and greater exposure to police who are mindful of the notoriety associated with an area.

To substantiate this hypothesis I looked into the income numbers of incarcerated people which was thankfully already collected by researchers. Originally, I sought the income or wealth statistic of people who were the victims of deadly force but despite the grand enthusiasm for the cause, no one bothered to research such a key statistic to establishing class exposure. The pre-incarceration median income of incarcerated people was $21,000 per year. The median income by race was roughly 22k for white people and 19k for black people. The common denominator for incarceration was a lack of money regardless of race. Incarceration indicates exposure to police and those most exposed to police is poor people.

I made the obvious points in a section called Not Because You’re Black, Because You’re Poor. (But Most Black People (who are poor) are Poor Because They’re Black). I made the other obvious points that if a group of people is denied the opportunity for quality income opportunities (going back to segregation as opposed to slavery) naturally they are not going to have much to pass to succeeding generations which causes future generations to be disadvantaged and poor.

You’re protesting along racial lines but there is nothing to racially legislate. It is already illegal to discriminate because of race, which means you don’t need a sign and a slogan you need to study law. You should also consider that black people born into money are born into all the advantages of white people with money, where white people born poor are born into the same disadvantages as black people. Yes racism exists. What are you going to do about? Racial discrimination is illegal and racism is socially unacceptable unless of course it comes from a minority source, that racism is generally acceptable.

The primary purpose of amplifying racial polarization is to keep poor people divided along racial lines. In total numbers there are far more white people who are poor than black people and far more white people who are the victims of deadly force by law enforcement. Yet most of these groups concerned with the problem do so from an angle that implies racial exclusion and alienates people who have a common interest in their cause.

Although circumstances themselves fuel the resurgence of white nationalism with poor marginalized white people finding race as a point of social opportunity, the greatest fuel to the resurgence is groups like Black Lives Matter. The overall message is black nationalism without a specific aim. It has to be the greatest source of propaganda for white nationalists. The democrats, other activists, and the media are others, where the efforts to associate a political opponent with racists provided white nationalists a spotlight which no doubt attracts dissatisfied white people. It is commonly cited that Trump made it socially acceptable to be a white nationalist when the reality is the better part of the years leading up to the election professed anti-racists were inadvertently pushing white people towards white nationalism and providing white nationalists a spotlight to be seen.

I don’t know if anyone has even read the Criteria for Deadly Force and Enforcement, which isn’t to say I didn’t make efforts to promote its existence.  For CDFE Click Here


Centers for Economic Planning fundamentally change the balance of ownership, wealth, and consequently power through opportunity. It has become laborious to recite or write about it in summary due to 5 year of repetition and no one seeming to understand it. This is largely due to their basic misunderstanding of power, politics, and conceptual economics.

A Center for Economic Planning is created at the municipal level, either by a city, a network of cities, or by a county, funded by a small sales tax. A Center for Economic Planning operates through elected management and direct input from the public. The CEP is tasked with creating and acquiring businesses according to the interest and will of the public and achieving profit through these businesses. People have no frame of reference to understand what this means. Some think I’m talking about a co-op and after I explain how it is distinct from a coop they return to being clueless.

I proceed to the purposes usually beginning with a CEP empowering people to create opportunity. What is required to create your own opportunity? Money. And what is most of the population without? Money. Meaning most people cannot participate in decisions of production. First, if you cannot decide to create your own opportunity you must rely on others who collectively control the terms by which a person may be productive and earn a living. By this I mean if the company can still make worthwhile profit while paying it’s employees higher wages, it doesn’t have to so long as the amount is relatively equal to what is being paid to other workers in the area with similar skills. Either the worker works for the imposed market value of their labor or they don’t work. They are typically without the means to create their own opportunity.

The second purpose of the CEP is to increase the quality of opportunities. A CEP is company with elected management, owned by all the people within a jurisdiction (city or a county), who have direct input on its investment strategy and applying profits. The purpose of the CEP is not to minimize all other expenses including labor to maximize profits for share holders, because it’s owners also work for the businesses owned by the company and elect the companies management. The aim of the CEP is to maximize owner satisfaction while maintaining some profit. The businesses will pay according to what they can afford to pay as opposed to what is dictated by a market controlled by employers. In addition to increasing the quality of opportunities through CEP owned businesses, this increase in quality will effect the rest of the market as employers will be competing for labor against these opportunities and will be forced to increase compensation.

Some of this may seem contrary to the area of focus on data related to the labor market, where points at the margin are heavily reported. These reports consist of firms seeking relatively high skilled labor having shortages of workers and forcing them to offer ever increasingly amounts of compensation to compete against other companies seeking workers with similar human capital. It isn’t the norm.

Another driving force of low wages is the extent to which companies have chosen to contract for labor as opposed to hiring labor directly. They contract for labor with companies who contract with labor, staffing agencies, day labor halls, tradesman halls, and the likes thereof. The company using the labor is paying a flat rate to the company with the labor, and the company is paying 50 to 70% to the labor and retaining the remainder as profit. You have the creation of jobs by creating a human resources sector of the economy but wages are stagnate because the increases are skimmed off by middle men.

A Center for Economic Planning allows people to decide what they are going to produce and only by being able to wield this power will people be able to popularly decide the fate of the species in regard to climate change. The chances of people who profit from the sale of fossil fuels, who possess the rights to and have billions of dollars invested in the production and sale is effectively zero. Regulations have limits of effectiveness and come at a great cost to the general public.

The reduction of emissions to minimize the effects of climate change cannot be achieved through regulation alone. It has to be market based. The only way oil and other fossil fuels go unused is if demand is eliminated. The only way demand is eliminated is through an abundant and cost effective alternative.
Who decides if an alternative is abundant? Not the populous because the general population is without the means to participate in major decisions of production. It isn’t in the interest of fossil fuel producers who profit immensely through ownership of the planets primary energy source to eliminate demand for their product. There are many associated industries who have an interest in the sale of fossil fuels as well. The point being is the people with the money generally lack the interest. I’m not talking about the 10 to 100 million dollar celebrities walking around putting a million here or a million there. I am talking entities participating in decisions of energy production with costs in the billions. A Center for Economic Planning has the resources which enables people to participate in this kind of planning and decision making.

Another effect a CEP has on climate change is through individual financial empowerment. When we are talking about behavioral changes for an individual to limit his or her carbon foot print we cannot do so without first talking about means. Greener behavioral changes typically come at a cost as green alternatives are innovations competing against products that are not limited in design by being ecologically conscious. There is a cost to behavioral changes that most of the population is not able to bear without a considerable cost to an already low quality of life due an income that barely meets their expenses. Or for 1 in 4 people does not meet their expenses as the bottom 40% of the population has negative wealth, or more in debt than they have in assets. Climate change may be a great priority to an individual, and they can have the will to make behavioral changes, but if they cannot afford the changes, they are not going to make the changes, and shouldn’t be expected to.

Most CEP’s within a few years will be multi-billion dollar companies and soon after being among the largest in the world. The difference is, instead of a corporation owned by a few hundred thousand shareholders who exercise influence based off of the size of their investment, the CEP is owned by a few hundred thousand people based on where they live and they decide the merit of strategy and investment through a purer democratic process. The CEP in conjunction with the public that owns it develops an investment strategy to acquire and create businesses. Over time what is owned by the public through their CEPs which ARE NOT government agencies or under government oversight, own 15 to 25% of the market across all sectors compared to what is owned by traditional private entities. Capitalism is a good economic system so long as everyone is possessed of the means or ability to participate.

Something I will explain further along but human beings are creatures of self interest. At the most basic level all human interaction is the exchange of value for value. Capitalism is an extension of that principle as the structure used to decide production and exchange subjects of value.

This rule of human interaction isn’t absent in the political structure where service is the exchange of value for value and power is fragmented intent on obstructing popular rule. I’ve explained the origins and processes citing the most thorough sources in the world on multiple occasions. I’m not going to summarize it here because the point is generally accepted that money determines the interest represented in legislation and policy. A CEP allows people to popularly participate in investment politics through the profits of CEP owned businesses, giving them the ability to compete for representation against the resources of private industrial interest. The CEP creates democracy within a plutocracy, which is much more efficient than trying to obstruct the natural processes of human decision making and attempting to regulate what has been shown not possible to regulate.

The general processes and the specifics that can be known are explained in the CEP outline. A CEP isn’t some vaguely defined entity of promises without substance, this is a comprehensive design of an institution consisting of processes of function and establishment, scenarios illustrating operation, and the implications of implementation. The CEP is the most defined, lowest risk, highest reward solution to economic inequality, political representation, climate change, popular representation in decisions of production, and basically any problem you can imagine because it addresses the root cause of all these issues which is economic disadvantage.  CEP Outline Click Here 


As opposed to most reformers whose conception of right and wrong is based on some hierarchy of static tenets of changing value based on circumstances, my motivation is anchored by an ethical standard that is objectively ideal.

Liberty is defined as the capacity to do as one pleases.

Liberty is true because all the results that exist, exist because of the actions of the creatures on this planet.

Why is liberty ideal?

Liberty is ideal because what is it that every creature wants? Every creature wants to do what they want to do. Typically people respond to the question everyone wants to be happy, but no one who is able to do what they want to do is unhappy, and every person who cannot do what they want to do is unhappy.

Every creature can do what they want to do so long as they are not imposed on. While means and ability are key elements, because the opportunity to acquire means and develop ability is produced by systems subject to collective consent, these elements are subjects of imposition.

There are two forms of imposition, direct or personal, and indirect or collective.

Direct imposition occurs when an individual or group exercise their liberty to an extent where it imposes on the liberty of someone else. Liberty exists when the liberty of individuals is exercised to the limit where their liberty does not interfere with the liberty of others.

The second form of imposition is indirect or collective. An individual’s ability to do as they please is largely determined by their access to resources. For the intents and purposes of the modern world access to resources is access to money as the medium used to mobilize resources. We live in a world where systems exist that trap people in circumstances where they are not free. Those who participate in, benefit from, are ignorant of, or indifferent to the systems that circumstantially trap people are collectively imposing on these people by maintaining these systems. It is the collective responsibility of and in the personal interest of all people to ensure the systems and institutions that exist, reflect the principle of liberty, because no person desires to be confined to trapped circumstances. Participation in and benefit from a system that imposes is individual imposition through a collective expression.

I wrote an article called Liberty and Tyranny which applied the standard of Liberty to the concepts and tenets of religions and the general world order. It infers the nature of a creator from the creation and considers the possibility of the survival of consciousness after death based on the most ideal scenario where everyone gets what they want and the nature of existence (Liberty) is uncompromising.  

Click Here for Liberty and Tyranny

The Option

I was watching Democracy Now headlines and as seems to be the case every few days, Israel had committed some offense against Palestinian life. Nothing will change for Palestinians, there is no statehood on the horizon and no matter what the rest of the world thinks, Israel under the protection of the United States and being possessed of a nuclear deterrent will continue to regulate the flow of goods in and out of the Palestinian Territories, regulate movement in the West Bank, continue to expand settlement into the West Bank, eventually annex the West Bank, and arbitrarily and indiscriminately use violence.

The two parties who have all the power have no interest in the creation of a Palestinian state. The party who has an interest in statehood has no power. Therefore the Palestinian cause of statehood, development, peace, and self determination is hopeless. I’ve understood this for some time, but to me the only solution would be to use CEP to elect candidates that would represent the interest of liberty and justice in the matter, and being that only one person even knows what a CEP is, their situation is hopeless. There is nothing of sufficient value to Israel or the United States the Palestinians can exchange for statehood.

There is however something of value the Palestinians can exchange to improve their quality of life. The West Bank and Gaza. I created an option based on this idea.
The option is for the Palestinians to sell the West Bank and Gaza and distribute the money directly to the people to fund a mass migration. Those who remain would be absorbed into the new state but would not be included in the distribution of the sale sum. The average household would receive roughly $50,000 on a sum that would represent less than 5% of the Israeli budget paid in 5 annual installments, which includes costs of processing and is the anticipated length of the program. Naturally they could sell for more, sell for less, or increase efficiency to reduce the duration. In the unlikely event of complete participation 5 years means completing the logistics of 2600 people per day.

The general processes and details are described, with nations pledging the number of Palestinians they would grant citizenship to and the creation of a fast tracked process between the program and the nation. The option is the only real option that exists for Palestinians because they are not going to get meaningful statehood. Their choice is simple, improve their quality of life or continue living under the deteriorating conditions they’ve been enduring for the last 50 years, for the next 50 years. Eventually settlements and annexation will accomplish the objective of a 1 state settlement, and the Palestinians will have lost the only thing of value that could have liberated them.
The Option for Israel Palestine is a settlement that should be considered by the leaders of these people and more importantly by the people themselves, even if the Palestinians would prefer to be prison in their homeland, to liberty and prosperity abroad. It is a question of Palestinian will as it is too well in line with Israeli interest to be rejected if the Palestinians are willing.

I finished the article and submitted it to publishers who all rejected it, many without response and all without reason. I sent the original idea to the scholar who is the foremost authority who told me he didn’t want to respond to it. I also called AIPAC and they agreed to review the article via email, but I received no response. It should be expected because the assertions, however true they may be, demonstrated by history, expose the fact that the US and Israel’s effort is not in good faith to reach a two state settlement with the Palestinians. Obvious to anyone who is interested in the conflict but maybe not so much to the general public consenting to the policies. Most publications would rather keep with that which is popular as opposed to deviating to that which is true. And who knows if editors even read it?

Click Here for The Option


The Option was a product of a period where I focused my attention on symptomatic issues that are the subject of popular interest. I wrote articles on tax policy, Venezuela, the over emphasis of race and gender inequality, Bernie Sanders, gun control, the republican party, the cause of the opioid crisis, social mobility, and the Green New Deal. All of which is original analysis consisting of points not considered by other reporting and commentating on the subjects.

In an article called a Crisis of Demand I provided a first hand account of how opioids entered the market. Contrary to popular belief it was not by mislead doctors prescribing a drug to patients who didn’t know the addictive properties of the drug. Instead demand from the public created a profit incentive for private practice doctors to prescribe medication demanded from the public.

Doctors could either run an ethical practice and prescribe more appropriate medication or prescribe what the public demanded. The ethical practice is not only significantly less lucrative but may fail. The doctors who satisfy public demand are will have enough referrals to no longer accept new patients within a months time. The amount of money they make depends on how much the want to work. In a day seeing 1 patient every 15 minutes, (which is 5 times the amount of time actually spent with the doctor), the doctor will make $600 at the usual rate at the time of $150 per visit. Roughly 5,000 a day, $25,000 a week, and over a $1,000,000 a year in sales. Overhead is a leased space, a receptionist, utilities, prescription pads, and urinalysis.

This practice is not exclusive to Milwaukee. This was the dominant method of market entry and consumption nationally. Florida is probably the best case study. The truth is not popular. To reiterate, the popular narrative is Purdue Pharmaceuticals lied to doctors who prescribed this dangerous substance to an unsuspecting public who became addicted to the substance through no fault of their own. Purdue is the scape goat, and no one is sympathetic to a corporate giant. Another example of how a profit driven monster has destroyed the lives of innocent people. It isn’t objectively true, but it fits the preferences of the public and is true by way of popular perception.

The addict can blame Purdue for ruining their lives and exonerate the circumstances that cause drug dependency to begin with. People abuse drugs to cope with their circumstances. I also don’t blame the doctors. Not only do I not have a problem with the doctors prescribing what the public demanded but I applaud the doctors for creating opportunity for people, as many disadvantaged people were financially empowered through the procurement and sale of opioids. Again contrary to popular belief, you cannot sell a product people do not want to buy, so those financially empowered to participated in the sale and resale of opioids did not cause the ruin that came with dependency. The circumstances that produced dependency caused the demand, and consequently the supply. It isn’t surprising that no one was interested in this story.  Click Here for A Crisis of Demand


On perhaps the lowest stage I have been a frequent critic of the Green New Deal. Actually less of a critic and more of an observer of the obvious. The Green New Deal is a list of goals associated with climate change, sustainability, and other social concerns. The resolution will create a select committee who is then tasked with creating the plan to achieve those goals. The GND as it stands now is nothing. It isn’t a plan to build, subsidize, or allocate (except for select committee related research), or to do anything.

The GND receives a great deal of attention as if it could be passed and we would instantly begin this comprehensive restructuring of the economy.

The GND is like a person who sits down and creates a wish list and calls it his own new deal. He wants 10 million dollars, a new car, a new house, and a list of other items included in his ideal world. He begins telling people he has a new deal in his life that is going to bring him all these things and people decide they are either for it or against it without asking how any of this is going to be accomplished. The same as the GND is a list with no real how associated with it. You have a sexy articulate bartender capable of exhibiting passion and no one’s questioning what she’s actually produced?

Here is a sample:

it is the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal—


(E) upgrading all existing buildings in the United States and building new buildings to achieve maximum energy efficiency, water efficiency, safety, affordability, comfort, and durability, including through electrification;

But this doesn’t tell us anything.

How are you going to upgrade these buildings to achieve maximum efficiency? What technology, at what cost, is going to save how much, have what impact, and how will it be implemented? Will the owner be incentivized to make the upgrades? Will the government mandate the owners make the upgrades through regulation? Will the government pay for the upgrades outright? Is it an efficient use of public funds in an effort to reduce emissions or is there other areas where the money could be spent better to achieve the intended purpose? Where does it rank in priority to other spending to reduce emissions and transition to renewable energy?

What’s interesting is republicans have not pointed this out. They probably feel their audience generally isn’t up to the task of comprehension, and this is both sides, but there is a more important reason. If Trump is reelected which doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility considering the focus of politics in the last 3 years, it will be by mobilizing people on their fear of socialism and the focus of politics.  

The GND is more valuable politically presented as a plan.  Where the vague language can be interpreted any way republicans choose.   For example 

(H) overhauling transportation systems in the United States to remove pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector as much as is technologically feasible, including through investment in—

(i) zero-emission vehicle infrastructure and manufacturing;

How will the government invest in zero-emission vehicle manufacturing? Will the government invest directly in the manufacture of zero emission vehicles and compete in the market? Will the government subsidize the manufacture of zero emissions vehicles to incentivize manufacture by increasing affordability? Will the government regulate emissions producing vehicles out of existence? If so, what about the millions of American’s who cannot afford an emissions free vehicle?

Instead of republicans pointing out, and some have, that the GND is a list of goals intended to be accomplished through other goals they run with whatever fitting narrative they choose, and it’s valid because the language is open to interpretation and neither AOC or any other democrat has proposed anything specific.  Instead of asking how this will be accomplished they can propose that investment in zero-emission vehicle manufacturing, means the GND will create a government company to produce  zero-emissions vehicles and estimate the costs and associate it with the GND.  More important than this they have a basis for the assertion that the GND and democrats seek a government take over of the auto industry.  Throughout the resolution similar assertions can be made.     

The GND and even other ideas like those of Warren or Sanders are still an effort by the government to intervene to alleviate some of the stress related to circumstances, but people are left powerless over the major decisions that determine their circumstances. The worst aspect of these politicians is they know they cannot deliver on their inspiring promises, but their interest is maintaining their salary, and the spotlight that affords them the opportunity to perform as characters for justice.  Fortunately, their audience is easily persuaded and lack the critical thinking skills that would enable them to see through the ruse of political actors in the setting of political theatre.  

The difference with a CEP is people have the power to decide and profit from accomplishing all the goals associated with the GND as well as any other issues they seek to address. Not to mention removal of obstructions in congress from preventing popular legislation, or creating a fluid democratic process in a system designed to prevent it. CEP is putting the money and the power in the hands of the people. It is the doorway to liberation.

Am I jealous of popular political figures? Naturally, as I understand jealousy. Jealousy is what you feel when someone possesses something of value to you, and you feel based on your value compared to their’s, that you are more deserving of the subject. When I see sums being used to fund the promotion of an individual, an idea, or a cause, or when an individual, idea, or cause receives a lot of attention I feel my value as an individual, my ideas, and my cause is greater and more deserving.

Click Here for an Objective Analysis of theGND


A few weeks ago I was driving to a job from Milwaukee, WI to Bangor, MI. I received a text from my daughter about an issue at school concerning her wearing a hat. It led to a somewhat in depth analysis of the situation, which led to an analysis of my situation related to a work project. I ended up quitting the project because it turned out to be an inefficient way to accomplish my purposes. On the drive back and even more so when I returned home I began to analyze the source of my thoughts.

I was thinking about the texts as they were expressions of my immediate thoughts at the time. I’ve been very focused on my thoughts for a long time, for the purpose of applying liberty but more so recently to understand how emotional responses are triggered through my environment but are ultimately the product of my values. The reason there is no psychologist who can contribute to my outlook is because I understand why I make the decisions that I make. In analyzing this I realized the human mind has only two general processors of thought, cause and effect, and comparison.

What I discovered wasn’t only how I think but where my thoughts come from. If someone tells you a story but leaves something out you think you asked because the person left it out, but you ask the question without conscious consideration of where the question came from. This is because your mind is programed to process information through cause and effect so your brain is searching for the missing cause to understand. It seems obvious I know.

I realized my understanding of conscious events flows through a series of cause and effect I defined as MIARP. Motivation, Intentions, Action, Results, and Purposes. I also noticed the main categories of comparison my brain uses in processing information by being aware of what my thoughts were while I interacted in my environment.

Like many people when I’m performing a task I understand what the job is and consider if certain actions will create more efficiency. I remember removing display rods from peg board and considering if it was less efficient to use two hands because of the time required to switch the item from the grabbing hand to the holding hand. Thoughts like this are common. Which means one innate comparison tool used by the brain is efficiency. I don’t think efficiency, but my thoughts relate to efficiency. Of course sometimes I do think efficiency.

I’ve understood for some time that behavior and decision making is exclusively related to value. Human beings are completely self interested and their interaction is always the exchange of value for value. Even the selfless act has an internal sensation that exceeds the value of the subject being sacrificed. This means the main mode of comparison is of value, with everything a person has ever perceived having a value assigned to it, and as a process it includes plus, minus, and equal.

True or false is another innate standard.

The final standard is the ethical standard or what you think is good and bad. My ethical standard is anchored by a single principle that is always objectively correct from every possible perspective, which is imposition, the measure of liberty. Every other ethical standard is based on things in flux, with the fluctuation being the product of circumstances, self interest, and popular opinion.

MIARP is the structure my brain uses to gather information and process events. Motivation is desire in relation to circumstances, which intends a purpose, an action and a result. Then there is the action, the result, and the actual purposes of each. In seeing a news story my first thoughts were the circumstances that caused the desire that led to the act. Not all people organize information this way.

The difference generally is based on their ability to consider cause and effect. They see the act as the cause and the result as the effect. Some people have a very short cause and effect sequence and some people a much longer cause and effect sequence. I begin at the circumstance, since without the circumstances you have no intents, actions, results, or purposes, whereas others don’t even consider intent. Which isn’t to say individual’s are not responsible for their actions because they weren’t the sole cause of their circumstances, but it is to say there is a division and priority of responsibility that rests with others.

In the analysis of my daughters event I reference authority based thinking. Most people are conditioned to act as rats in a maze. They are stuck on efficiency of purpose. The rat uses his senses to navigate the maze to find cheese. The same as human beings do, say, and believe things for the reward of their purpose. It doesn’t matter why they are doing something, if what they are doing is ethical, if it serves the purpose it is intended to serve, because if you do what you’re told you get the cheese. Most people have a very short running process of cause and effect.

A human being with an uncontaminated thought process would question why he is traversing the maze day after day to get the cheese. Why is the cheese there? Where is the cheese coming from? Is there a more efficient way to get cheese? How true is my environment? What is this maze, what are it’s properties? What came before the maze? A human mind in the body a lab rat may discover it is a lab rat. The human mind prevalent in most people in the United States and the world over, would live out it’s days as the lab rat running the maze for cheese.

After I wrote an article I submitted for peer review I was trying to think of a thought that was not the product of one of these processes. It all relates back to MIARP and PTEE. In my enthusiasm I created a short synopsis of the processes and submitted for publication under the common sense challenge where it could be reviewed by the entire public and shown to be true. Maybe it was premature because I spent 3 days writing it and 3 days editing becoming familiar with the process through the examples. Then I provided a simplified synopsis and I didn’t even include an example.

As usual I received only one response expressing a lack of interest. It was probably my weakest submission in terms of clarity and there is no reason I should have expected anyone to understand it. But I was deeply upset by this. Not on the value of the submission itself but based on my overall experience of receiving rejections without explanation. Prior to this I could presume on the explanation but I didn’t receive it, and naturally I asked follow up questions and explained how their rejection was a product of PTEE, not feeling the need to demonstrate the full MIARP.

A deep darkness came over me as I contemplated my role in life as a rainbow in the dark. To be shut out completely from discourse. Not that there was controversy associated with my ideas and analysis but that there was nothing. I understand reality is product of popular perception. By excluding me from popular discourse I am eliminated from reality, and through indoctrination and effective propaganda I am hidden in plain sight.

This is by no means figurative, this is literal. Effective propaganda and indoctrination is the manipulation of values. Where an individual’s values are, so too is his or her attention. And much of this is accomplished by controlling the content of information, education, advertising, cable news, publications, movies, tv, etc, so it is popularly reinforced. The manipulation of their values causes people to not be interested.

The source of my frustration is the lack of explanation. If you think I’m wrong, show me. My loyalty to truth, in recognizing the value of it leaves me susceptible to adopting the truest, most ethical, and most efficient position on a subject. I drive and I think, would someone make a fucking point against me? I just replay the line from the movie with Samuel L Jackson, “yes they deserve to die and I hope they burn in hell”. Probably my favorite movie quote.  What is hell but tyranny for the tyrants.  Clearly the subject of a species desire whose thought processes are rooted in authority, who have created a civilization organized much closer to hell and tyranny than it is to heaven or liberty. 

American stupidity is the result of a short consideration of cause and effect coupled with dishonest measures.  The under valuation of truth stems directly from the short run of cause and effect.  The short run conditioning is reward punishment based thinking, how human beings by parents and other authorities are trained either by offering a reward for obedience or a punishment for disobedience.  This leads to an overvaluation of efficiency in purpose.  Thinking becomes a matter of do or don’t to get or punished.  Other elements of cause and effect and the measures that would normally be considered ethical, true or false, or even broader considerations of effiicency are under utilized or not utilized at all. 

This is the reason I’m not understood.  My material consists of the simplicity of the complex and the complexlity of the simple to arrive as near to objective certainty as is possible or efficient. 

Their measure of truth is compromised through a variety of values.  First it is compromised because they typically do not consider the build up causes to effects.  True and false is only relevent to the achieving their subject of desire.  Will doing the thing fulfil the purpose of desire?  This is the over valuation of efficiency of purpose.

Second, the measure itself is compromised because of social value associations.  People associate the value of information with the source of the information.  They value the source so the information is given the value the source has to the individual.  They want the information to be true because they don’t want the value of the source to be compromised by discovering the information is incorrect.  They value these associations more than they value truth. 

For example, if a parent tells a child if you work hard you have everything you want.  This child may for the rest of his life hold views based on my daddy always said if you work hard you can have everything you want.  People are poor because they’re lazy, and now the socialist government wants to take my money and give it to lazy people.  If you try to explain to him how his circumstances are advantageous to others, or maybe you go so far as to cite social mobility data, crime and inequality, or priority in value of spending, he has no intererst in understanding it because it decreases the value of his dad to him.  These associations are obviously not limited to parents but it is often the foundation as the most high value people to an individual during their formative years. 

The third corruption of the measure is pride.  Pride is based on things of value that a person identifies by.  In showing someone something is incorrect they don’t percieve it as an opportunity to learn and better themselves, they percieve it as an attack.  Because they identify with the faulty point in the contention accepting they have been in error not only lowers the value of the associative source, but lowers his or her self value.  It isn’t just his diddy whose value may suffer as a result of correction but his value of himself as well.

Liberty as Law (Second Section of Liberty and Tyranny)

I’ve written the world isn’t the way it is because people think how I think, the world is the way it is because people think how all of you think. Outside of upper middle class circles and beyond life isn’t the American dream reinforced in movies, television, commercials, magazines, or even by your neighbors who spend their lives doing something they hate, to pay for things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like. A valid point is that this is the life that people value, except the values that maintain this system are externally constructed. Another subject altogether. I’m asserting that the results in this country, the lives of most people are rife with dissatisfaction and this is a product of your thinking, not mine.

The world is both a direct result of US policy as well as an indirect result in the world order maintained through US hegemony: violence, poverty, poverty related death, the denial of medicine to children, malnutrition, people without the ability to exercise self determination, and nearly every other dissatisfaction. 80% of the world population lives on 10 dollars per day or less, with 50% of the population living on less than 2.50 per day. Your results speak to the effectiveness of your organization and directly to your ethics. Not as states only, but as individuals.

If the universe were a digestive system and the nutrients it absorbed was quality intelligent species human beings would be travel straight through as waste requiring disposal. People see climate change as something that has the potential to cause the premature extinction of the species on this planet, or will at the very least greatly harm human civilization. I see climate change as a law of nature, a built in mechanism to limit perpetual suffering and determine the purpose of a species.

The fundamental difference between intelligent life and other higher evolved life is the ability to understand how to manipulate energy. Because the evolution of intelligent life requires conditions similar to what is found on earth which includes many of the same processes, fossil fuels will exist, be discovered, and applied to some utility. This means a transition to renewable energy will become inevitable for every intelligent species throughout the universe. Those whose ethics are based on liberty will achieve these results for reasoning I mention in Liberty and Tyranny, and those based on tyranny will not. Climate change is a safeguard for the universe against interplanetary imposition because if interstellar travel is possible, it will not be achieved prior to the species making this transition. Which also speaks against the general idea that an interplanetary meeting between two civilizations will be doom for the less developed because that planetary mode cannot survive to become interplanetary.

I’m not sure if at this point we are even in a position to ensure a manageable level of warming. I do know the best hope for achieving the transition comes through empowering people to participate in major decision of production. A CEP provides people the greatest means to implement a strategy to manage life on a planet with a changing climate.


I seen a headline from an article recently where psychology connected some set of neurons not firing to people with depression. I didn’t read the article but the headline is enough to demonstrate the difference between psychology and the psychology of value. Psychology associates the cause of the neurons not firing to depression, and thus the solution is to cause these neurons to fire which can likely be accomplished through some chemical stimulation from some medication. The neurons fire and the depression should abate as a result.

What is the conscious understanding of depression? In the simplest of terms it comes from not being able to do what you want to do. Why do people do what they don’t want to do? Much of it relates to their circumstances but also their values in relation to their circumstances. People are generally not even aware of their underlying values, and have no real anchor outside of family that typically is the product of socially imposed values.

Through the understanding of values and circumstances individuals can discover the source of their depression and learn whether or not there are behavioral changes associated with values to reduce or eliminate their depression. I have made behavioral changes by changing the way I interpret the application of a value, as well as changed the way I feel in circumstances by developing a better priority of value.

In some situations people are depressed and so desperately trapped by their circumstances that depression and suicide is a very logical course of action.
I used to have days where it would take a suicide fantasy to wake up and proceed with my day. The great waste of removing someone I consider to be a once in history caliber of individual is all that prevents me. At the same time my circumstances add to the value I have of myself. Not only do I understand what I understand and have produced everything I have produced, but I have done so while struggling through very difficult circumstances.

LA 2014-15

I sold drugs which provided me with the time to develop intellectual interests and to study. My newly discovered interests and values caused me to abandon the lifestyle and remove myself from a toxic environment.

I moved to Los Angeles to the San Fernando Valley in 2014. I attended groups professing similar aims only to discover they weren’t truly motivated by accomplishing the goals I hoped to accomplish.

I rented a room in Panorama City. I’d have weeks after paying rent where I had to walk to work two hours each way, subsisting largely on a diet of peanut butter sandwiches. I realized the little bit of comfort I had was not worth the investment of time as I was generally too tired to study or work on ideas.

I gave my landlady two weeks notice and moved out into a duffle bag and a back pack. I held a sign to make money to provide for food. I studied at public libraries and I slept in the doorways of businesses. Eventually I figured there was no need to stay in LA because I could fly a sign and sleep outdoors anywhere climate permitted. I went to San Jose, San Francisco, and Seattle using rideshares where I would pay an amount below the market value of traditional mediums of transportation. I rode the bolt bus from Seattle to Portland and found a rideshare that returned me to LA.

Having learned of a program in San Francisco that would purchase a bus ticket home for homeless people I traveled to SF to take advantage of the program. When I arrived they told me my name had been used in the program and I couldn’t use the program. I made a phone call and was given an alias to use. I returned to human services the following day having shaved my facial hair and used a hat and glasses as a disguise. I didn’t want to use the same destination as I used the day before so I went to Minneapolis instead of Milwaukee. In Minneapolis I was able to raise enough funds by flying a sign to purchase a bus ticket to Appleton where I was able to visit my daughter and procure a vehicle before leaving Wisconsin again.

San Francisco 2015-16

Having learned of the demand for rideshare in the bay area I intended to use the vehicle to earn money while I studied and refined the material I began developing in LA.

The most efficient way to earn money through ride sharing is transporting “trimigrants” between the bay area and Humboldt county, as well as points along the 101. Ideally I would have 4 passengers at 50 dollars each to go from the bay area to Arcata and points in between, and then from Arcata and other points back to the bay area. It was about 5 hours and about $30 in gas each way.

My vehicle began experiencing problems. I scheduled a ride from the bay area to LA and all the participants cancelled except for the one I scheduled three weeks in advance who had to be at LAX for a flight. Avoiding the feeling associated with causing the woman to miss her flight was of greater value than breaking even on a 400 mile trip. My van was experiencing overheating issues and having removed the thermostat I realized there was an issue with the water pump and probably also the radiator.

I changed the water pump in Balboa Lake Park. It was an 04 grand caravan. First you have to loosen the bolts on the engine mounts and lower the engine to access fixtures through the passenger side wheel well. There was a spring loaded tensioner that was frozen. I don’t have days to get this done, I have a few hours to get this done because there is no overnight parking at this lot. If I don’t I lose my transportation, my capital, and my shelter. The belt tensioner wouldn’t budge. I decided to disconnect the water pump with belt on and allow the removal of the pulley to release the tension. After removing the old water pump and installing the new one I had to get the belt back on.
I fed the belt through leaving it off of I think the idler wheel which allowed me to pull the belt down from the bottom. It wasn’t easy. I laid on my back pulling the belt from below while I pressed a long screwdriver with my foot on the belt tensioner so I could get just enough around the idler so it would catch when I started the engine. For anyone who has ever worked on a car outside of a mechanic shop where you have lifts and all the tools, nothing is as smooth as it should be when it comes to fixing a car. I found myself in a lot of situations similar to this, where I had to perform tasks I’ve never performed before and if I failed, I was going to experience a life altering setback.
Even after I fixed the water pump I still had issues. I replaced the thermostat, identified a radiator leak and used a filler additive to fix the hole in the radiator. I probably needed a new radiator. I continued providing ride share services from the bay area to Arcata and back. Eventually the engine blew in San Francisco and came to it’s final resting place in Daly City.

I slept in the van in this parking lot when a trip would end in San Francisco. It was near I think a Sherwin Williams and Lucky California supermarket with an attached strip mall. It may have been the other paint store. I lived in this parking lot in my van for at least 5 months.

In the morning I would walk to the 14 bus that picked up on Mission street near San Jose Blvd and rode it to 16th and mission. I frequented the resource center on Capp St. They offered coffee and a snack in the morning, showers, and $1 laundry. There was a balcony on the second floor where people could congregate and smoke. I spent many mornings on that balcony, sometimes writing, other times thinking, and often involved in conversation with other people in the shared space.

I usually spent the afternoon at the San Francisco main library, studying and writing. I would break to eat lunch usually at the burger king across the street using EBT benefits or I would eat at one of the many establishments offering meals to the needy. I participated in a smoking study which included an office visit every other week. The study provided free cigarettes and monetary compensation. This was my typical routine for about 5 months which of course included deviations depending on obligations and the need to refresh.

During this period although focused on writing having written a book called Economic Despotism, I had little to lose, and the environment contributed to returning me to a mode of violence and respect which was rooted in the ethical standard of liberty. There were opportunities for violence and despite an interpretative flaw, the physical altercations I was involved in during this period and even other times where I had to check people, were all justifiable or consensual. I wrote about the details of these fights in an article called Violence as a Mode of Value, which was later amended to Hodgepodge because of the extent of deviation in tracing the value of violence in respect.

I maintained journals over this period and analyzed the causes of many experiences during this time. I was also stabbed and cut in one altercation and injured my ankle pretty severely hoping into an ambulance. This was one the most difficult periods living out of a van with a two to 3 inch deep wound in my hip, an 18 inch long cut on my side that would scab over and then rip when I would turn my body. The day following the event my mobility was severely limited. It was labor intensive even to sit up and a complete ordeal to get out of the van and make it to the bus stop. There was fluid like water that would periodically gush from the wound and would soak through the dressing. The first week it was extremely inconvenient.

Using the health insurance provided by the county I had my knee examined which had been in bad shape for at least four years. When I was younger it would pop usually when I was laying down but I dislocated twice I think in 2012 and did some permeant damage to it. I was playing Red Dead Redemption with my daughter and was sitting on the floor with my legs crossed. I jerked to the side which is a common reaction while playing video games and my knee dislocated. I was in agony and could barely walk for a few days but after about a week it seemed to return to normal. I did it again some time after that and was off my feet longer. It hasn’t been the same since.

An MRI revealed that my meniscus is mangled which is causing cartilage damage and I have a frayed ACL. I scheduled surgery but pulled out because 1: I didn’t want to go through an 8 week recovery living out of a van, and 2: I believe the date may have coincided with the period where I was starting a job.

I sold the van but was able to continue living in it as the purchaser bought it for parts and left it in the shopping center, periodically removing what he needed. Eventually it was towed and I entered the shelter system.

I finished Economic Despotism which consisted of defining the circulation of power and power structure using four categories of power. The book included the results of the power structure, an outline for centers for economic planning, an outline for the homeless liberation initiative which was originally known as fresh start, and an outline for the criteria for deadly force. There was nothing I could do from the position I was in. Now my focus was no longer centered on studying and writing, I needed to promote.
I seen an ad on Craigslist looking for movers. I responded and was told to meet at the storage for an interview. I met a man who went by the name of Joey, he was Israeli and his actual name was difficult to pronounce. I started work the next day. Within a week or two he made me a foreman and I was working everyday. I sent money back to my daughter who I had neglected for the better part of the year and then I saved money to purchase a car. I lived out of my car for the last month or two I worked there.

During this period I also returned to LA on a few occasions to visit a political discussion group I frequented when I was in LA. Political Talk in the San Fernando Valley. Inclusive of diverse political perspectives the core members of this group rank favorably with me, even those who I didn’t agree with.

Homeless in San Francisco I attended the meetings of activist organizations. These groups are for social satisfaction only. Meetings typically include a topic, Q and A, the announcement of activities that serve no real purpose like a demonstration and march, followed bragging, as in I participated in this event (where we held signs and fail to create any meaningful change), or I’m part of this union, for this length of time, and people will generally support everything everyone says.

On one occasion I provided a quick but pointed summary of a center for economic planning to the young man seated at the door, and asked if I could give a brief presentation at the end of the event and answer questions. I was refused.
If activists were really concerned with creating change they would have detailed and implementable ideas, as well as a strategy for achieving those ideas. They would ensure their members understood not only the details of the idea, but the ideal those ideas are founded on. They wouldn’t hold signs to protest against something, they would make efforts to engage the general public in dialogue based on issues of public interest and create an understanding of their ideas.

While I’m sure strategy would be turned against me, as in why haven’t I implemented my suggested strategy? To build an organization requires means I am not possessed of. While I was working in interstate moving I thought if it were as lucrative as it became at the peak of the season I would be able to work next season and save enough money to pay people to learn the material and build an organization. As I will explain, the money tapered off towards the end and when you work interstate moving, that is what you do. Sometimes you have no downtime, and when you do have an hour or two here or there it is difficult to instantly change from one mode of operation to the other.

In part it is a lack of means that prevents me from being effective as an organizer, but it also seemed more efficient to network with organizations who were already of a similar political and economic understanding to use the organization in place and incorporate these ideas founded on supposed common ideals. Centers fundamentally remove the cause of most issues people hope to solve. It made sense to target organizations in the interest of working with these organizations to target the general public. Knowing what I know today about these organizations it makes much more sense to attract attention to my material directly, which so far has been all miss.

Colorado 2017

In January of 2017 I returned to Milwaukee. I worked for a guy who owned a company where we did basement work primarily reinforcing block structures with beams and replacing drain tile. I hung out with friends a lot of the time I was back. I also spent a month locked up for warrants on a tour of county jails. I had a marijuana possession charge in one county and the other counties I was charged with issuing worthless checks that I did not issue. I couldn’t bail out before I went to court so I would be picked up by a county, go to court, and then I would have to wait for the next county to pick me up.

I was given an invitation by an acquaintance from Milwaukee who lived in Colorado Spring to visit. I heard his woman left him and he was going through some difficult times but I was also eager to leave Milwaukee. The situation wasn’t a good fit as I was trying to make money and promote my material while he was more concerned with partying which I think included meth although he didn’t do it in front of me.
There was potentially serious altercation I was involved in while staying at his house. He was outside with his dog and his dog was barking. Someone told him he better shut his mother fucking dog up. I heard the argument, came out side and approached the individual aggressively. He backed up and pulled out what I originally thought was a gun but was actually a holstered hatchet with a hammer head. We talked shit back and forth momentarily while I was just out of striking range, thinking about the movements required to close the distance and knock this dude out. We ended up parting ways where he walked up the street and I went in the house.

I was angry. This person just threatened my life and probably thinks he scared me. I grabbed an aluminum bat and raced out of the house down the street after him. I said something to him and he pulled the hatchet back out. I wasn’t worried about him hitting me with the hatchet but I was concerned about him throwing the hatchet. I began swinging the bat directly at him and when he put his hand up to block it I changed direction with the bat and hit him in the head. He immediately said he was done. I think someone yelled to call the police and we dispersed.

When I returned to the house the person I hit with the bat was talking to the people who were living in the garage. They knew him and so it seemed like it was just an interesting way to have met.

We brought him in the house, offered him a drink, and we were all talking. He started talking shit. He commented how stupid it was to hit someone with a bat. Later I thought how stupid it was to use a lethal weapon as the subject of intimidation with no intent to use it. He had a lighter in his hand and I pulled out a cigarette and asked to use his lighter. He said no. Then he said fuck you mother fucker you hit me in the head with a bat and stood up. I stood up and hit him and he fell. The person I was there with and myself were punching him primarily in the body because he balled up. I hit him with a hard liver or kindey shot that caused him to pop up allowing a better opportunity for the other participant to land more effective shots.

I grabbed him and dragged him towards the door. He grabbed his lower back where I hit him and said wait, wait. I continued dragging him towards the door and onto the porch. In the process I noticed his hatchet fell out near the doorway. He surprised me on the porch by lunging and grabbing my leg but it didn’t have much effect. I kneed him and then kicked him which dropped him on the porch. I walked into the doorway to grab the hatchet and put it up. I told him if he’s still on the porch by the time I come back out I was fucking him up some more.

I walked to the bathroom and put the hatchet on the shelf. The hatchet looked like a murder weapon because he bled on it as I was dragging him out of the house. I walked back to the porch and the individual was in the street. He was asking for his hatchet back which of course I refused because I’m not whooping someone’s ass and giving them a weapon after doing it. I could be facilitating my own murder. Maybe he hits me with it, I survive, and they charge me with aiding and abetting an attempted homicide for giving him the weapon and knowing what his intents should be. Lol.

The whole situation could have been handled better. I’m sure being under the influence of alcohol played a role, but more so the individual who chose to initiate the hostilities by making a disrespectful demand and introducing a weapon bears the brunt of responsibility. This was nearly two years ago and the last physical altercation I was involved in. Changes in my interpretation and priority of value have contributed to me being fight free for the last two years.

We talked about business but he wasn’t serious about making money at that time. I went to Denver where most of the gig work I was doing was located. I worked CL gigs and days I couldn’t find work I went to the Iron Man labor hall.

I received a call from a friend in Milwaukee who told me his dad was going to hire him and would hire me to work on some investment properties in Florida he purchased with a settlement. He told me to call him about the third week of August.

I posted an ad on craigslist offering ride share for the third week of August to Florida and points along the way. I received a response from a woman who would pay me $250 to bring a Rottweiler puppy from Colorado to Naples, FL. The issue was I had to leave around the 10th. I figured $250 was probably as much as I would get even if I found 2 or 3 people looking for rides and decided to leave early. Getting to Florida was something of an ordeal in itself but the situation I found myself in was a rough juncture.

The engine on my car was in very bad shape. I called my friend from Milwaukee who informed me that he injured himself and would be significantly delayed for the work.

My car wasn’t going to last very long.

I was either going to ride my car out and try to find work in Tampa or I was going to junk my car and go back to Denver and work day labor. It was dreadfully hot in Tampa in August. I couldn’t sleep in my car because even at night the heat wouldn’t allow me to fall asleep. I also didn’t know if I could find work in Tampa. I decided to junk my car and return to Denver with a duffle bag full of clothes and a back pack with my laptop and a few possessions. My clothes were stolen the first day back as I left my clothes bag hidden but unattended while I made purchases at Walmart. Shelter was a combination of renting a room to sleep in and sleeping on the street while going to work every day.

Eventually I rented a nice RV trailer on a lot for $150 per week.

I saved enough to purchase a car about the time I was going to be kicked out. There was a dispute between how much I should pay for the propane and because of this disagreement I had to leave without so much as 24 hours notice. It was the day before thanksgiving meaning I had at least a day in my car without any work. I purchased the car but I didn’t have enough money for insurance or registration. It was a stressful few days while I worked CL gigs to earn enough money for insurance and registration. The stress was related to thoughts of knowing I was a traffic stop away from being back where I was 3 months ago when I arrived back from Tampa.

I spent the next three and a half months writing, working CL jobs and working out and showering at the gym. I was working a job that had steady promise through a labor broker to a few construction companies. I hated the work. I started to think given my expenses how long it would take me to save $10,000 dollars and it was going to take in the neighborhood of 4 to 6 months. On a lunch break I browsed the gigs section and seen an ad looking for a driver for a box truck for an interstate moving company. I responded and committed to at least 2 weeks on the road. The first trip lasted 23 days.
I went from driver, to foreman, to partner in a few months. I worked almost non-stop, trips lasting for over 30 days. Everyday drive, pick up, and deliver to storage. I had periods I wrote about where I slept 7 hours in a 96 hour period completing 7 pickups, and a multi-stop delivery while traveling from West De Moines, to Ames, to Cedar Rapids, to Minneapolis, to Olathe, KS, to Junction City, KS, back to Olathe, KS, and finally to St. Louis.

The money was nice. I was sending a decent amount to my daughter and it felt good to be able to support her again. I was able to pay for security deposit and first months rent on a new place for her and her mom and be able to provide them good amounts of money.

I took time off on two occasions. The first I met my daughter in Chicago and we went swimming at the lake. We drove to Michigan City because a website claimed there was a cave nearby in northern, IN. There are no caves in northern Indiana so we went to an escape house. The next day we went to the aquarium in Chicago. The second time I met her in Chicago and we drove to Mammoth Cave in KY.

I was able to save money and I wanted to use that money to take a break and work on material. Unfortunately jobs started coming slow at the end of the season which was costing me money, compounded by having two jobs near the end of the season that had to be delivered, but couldn’t be delivered until certain dates. It left me in a limbo of sorts where I spent a lot of money on hotels waiting to deliver these jobs. One of the jobs was headed to Milwaukee and I had a dispute with the customer over payment. He threatened to call the police when I arrived which there was no basis for, but as I mentioned I have warrants in Wisconsin. I had to rent a trailer and pay to have the items taken to Milwaukee on a bill that was probably $900 short. I made an effort in a few locations to find an apartment. I had money but I had no proof of income and bad credit.

Once I stopped bleeding I was going to rent a trailer in New Mexico on an emu farm. It seemed like a decent place to write and consider a plan. I didn’t feel good about the area, Las Cruces, it was a very small dusty place, much better in idea than it seemed like it would have been in act.

Eventually I decided to go to Florida to avoid the winter. I drove from Blue Springs, MO intent on Tampa or Ft. Myers, having been to Tampa when my engine blew and having been to Ft. Myers when I was 19 and remembering how beautiful it was in December. I seen a number of hotels with weekly rentals as well as month to month vacation properties online but I didn’t bother to make accommodations before traveling. You can’t view a place from 1400 miles away.

I drove straight through to Gainesville. It was hot compared to what I was used to and I rented a hotel for two nights to recuperate from the drive. I checked out and proceeded to Tampa. I used to not wear my seat belt largely because it is my decision and Ill take the 15 dollar ticket to do what I want to do. A seatbelt law serves no purpose other than to increase the breadth of officer authority. It is so a state trooper can use it as a lawful pretext to pull over a vehicle with Colorado plates and search it. It poses no threat to public safety and is imposing without justification.

After stopping for fuel I was pulled over by Florida State Troopers which probably had as much to do with my Colorado plate as it did with not wearing my seat belt. He called the K-9 unit that was with him on the island when I drove past and the K-9 alerted for the presence of drugs. I wasn’t worried, I had a marijuana pipe, less than 3 grams of marijuana, and 4 edible gummies with the combined potency of about 1.5 grams of marijuana. I figured I was looking at a ticket. In Florida, despite recently legalizing medical marijuana I am facing 14 years on 2 felonies and 4 misdemeanors. I have a plea agreement for probation without adjudication which I may beat on appeal, but I didn’t know that at the time.

My car was towed and as it was being pulled up the flat bed I wondered if I would ever see the car or its contents again? My greatest concern was my laptops which contained source material and written material accumulated over the last 5 years. I had cash so I wasn’t lamenting my situation, confident I could bond out and retrieve my car from impound. It is what it was, my focus shifted from finding a place to getting out of jail and getting my car out of impound.

It took a majority of money to pay my bond and pay to get my car out of impound. The impound fee alone was almost $500 dollars for 4 days. When I got out I had less than a $1000. I found work in Charlottes Port and then a few jobs in Ft. Myers before finding a pretty regular job for a company doing in home assembly for Amazon orders. The money was good for the first few days which coincided with the end of Christmas, but after this, jobs were fewer and further apart. Not further apart as in the frequency of days, but in terms of distance. I was paid by the job and driving certainly reduced the value of the pay when I was considering time invested.

I finished Liberty and Tyranny while I was in FL. I spent a lot of nights in my car in Walmart parking lots along I75. When the money no longer made sense I asked permission from my bond woman and returned to Wisconsin.

A few paragraphs on points of key changes and mentioning the general circumstances I was living under does very little to explain the day to day challenges, but it does inform of the general circumstances. I still attended a few political meetings during this period and promoted when time permitted.

I have had no responses, nothing critical about anything I’ve written, and outside of hiring a publicist and marketing firm which I am not possessed of the means to do, I exist in my vault reviewing my treasures and adding to them.

My entire life has been struggle. I began in instability, lacking means, isolation, violence, jail, prison, a 5 to 6 year relative calm when I focused on music and selling drugs, and then intellectual development which has led me through what I have generally described.

There was a time when I was trying to transform myself into something more palatable for the general public but it didn’t work. It can’t work. Because what I would conceal from or accentuate to the public conceals my values and suggests values that are contrary to my values. I cannot do it because I understand my values to be correct, all positive value is associated with the absence of imposition unless justified by precipitating imposition.

I need to know what you don’t agree with? Why you don’t agree with it? What part of my analysis is wrong? What facts do you contend are not factual? What questions do you have that will help me to facilitate your understanding? Anyone who is even the most remotely interested in politics or even improving society for that matter, should not only be interested, but enthusiastic about my material.

What is the purpose of government in the understanding of liberty? We form a government and agree to rules that cause us to be freer than if we had no rules. Government is a medium to pool resources to apply towards a desired effect. It is an institution that should be intent on protecting the citizenry from imposition, both direct and circumstantial, both within and without, and also from those who occupy policy making decisions. It should exercise this principle in decisions regarding interaction with foreign nations, so long as other nations exercise the same respect. Most importantly, the decisions made by a government, should reflect the unadulterated informed will and interest of the public that constitutes its jurisdiction.

A government should not be an institution created intent on obstructing democratic process for the purpose of allowing the few to create advantage over or impose on the many. More important than the rule of law itself, is that the laws reflect the desire of those whom agree to be governed by them. A government should not be used by industrial interests to impose on other nations for the purpose of gaining access to, or market advantages.

Every example of government the world over and throughout history has been more of what a government should not be, and less of what a government should be in the eyes of liberty. It is a product of a desperate people and a people who have been indoctrinated into authority based thinking. Both people content on reasoning that associates blind obedience to thing desired, where the process of cause and effect is short. People do what they’re told to get the thing they want, without processing and deeper cause and effect concerning the motivation, intents, actions they are performing, the possible results of those actions, or any associated purpose of the process. Not efficiency, ethics, truth, or their own subjective values which would otherwise be applied outside of authoritative assertion. Which applies not only to order acts but also information accepted on the merit of authority, popular or expert.

Below are some pictures associated with the stories in the above summary. 


Left to right: 1: In thought outside SF Main Library, phone in hand didn’t know camera was on snapped picture. 2: Picture of van broken down in Daly City parking lot.  Probably took this picture to sell it.  3: Stab sound.  Took pictures of wounds to send to freind.  Wound was too deep to stich. 4: Slash wound.  5: Soaked through dressing.  6: I didn’t have the paper of my original reservation, this was the paper I was given when my bed was changed at the shelter by the staff, the night of the fight described in the intro.  7: Pre-surgery papers for knee.  8: Discharge papers for fight bite for fight at shelter.  9: Discharge papers for stab wounds.  I’ve included the papers to substantiate the events.     

Left to Right: 1: I was working in I think it’s greenwood village a southern suburb of Denver helping with an office move. I was supposed to meeting this woman later but the job was taking a lot longer than anticipated and she thought I was bullshitin. I sent the picture to show her I was still working. I ended up driving a Uhaul and towing my car on a car dolly to Detroit because they needed another driver. 2: I was as sick as any time I can remember but I needed money. The job began in Loveland, CO where we transfered the items from a semi trailer to a uhaul truck. Then we delivered the customers items 30 or 40 miles from that point. I didn’t know how large a water buffalo head was and took the picture to remember the proportion. 3: Picture of the puppy I picked up in CO and delivered to Naples. 4: Puppy picture sleep in arm rest while driving. 5: Ford Taurus I bought in Alemeda, CA outside of Magic’s auto salvage in Clearwater, FL. The owner offered me 300 if I drove it in and if it runs. I drove it in and it ran but then he told me the engine was blown and would only give me 200. I pulled the car out and responded to another prospect. He offered less. I caught the owner as he was leaving and we settled at 225. 6: Picture of a Peacock, thought it was strange, I never seen a peacock prior to that outside of a zoo, and didn’t expect to see one in a junk yard.

1: Picture by a freinds house when I returned to Milwaukee in 2017. 2: After going to court in Freindship, WI for a marijuana charge my exhaust became disconnected. I used the strapping I purchased at the Ace Hardware to secure it for the 2 and a half hour ride home. There were prymarks where it became disjointed. 3: I dont’ rememer why I took this picture but it was outside of a job I was working for Wisconsin Foundation Speacialists, where we reenforced block structures with beams, replaced draintile, and tuckpointed. 4: Colorado Springs. Probably the most natural picture, I’m usally sprawling or leaning when I’m stationary to enhance my comfort. 5: I worked for a guy who had an ebay business selling primarily army gear. He was about 25 miles north east of Colorado Springs. I cleaned and organized the material he had outside which eventually spilled over into storage areas. I took the picture because of how sun burnt I was and the contrast to the unaffected areas. 6: My guy I was visiting in Colorado Springs had a fainting goat. He built an enclosure on the side of his house but sometimes let the goat in the house. 7: Tooth mark from Co Springs fight. 8: hatchet possessed by subject of the altercation in CO springs. 9: His blood on my hand and Lovesack. Took the pictures to send to a freind in Milwaukee.

Left to right: 1: Picture at trailer I rented. Needed a new picture probably FB photo. 2 and 3: Took picture of the front area and bed of trailer because when you tell someone you rented a trailer that can mean a lot of different things. Probably had chairs and kitchen but I didn’t have it saved on computer and I’ve been through a few different phones in the last few years. 4: Worked through day labor service for JR butler installing windows on new construction with I think 40 floors. 5: picture on job site through labor hall. 6: I was with my Denver chic at a motel 6 off of Federal near I70. Or it may have been the Motel 6 in Montebello.

Left to Right: 1: I was beginning to think there was a crisis in the manufacture of scales because for months every scale I stepped on was off by at least 20lbs. Then I seen this picture and realized I gained weight. Chicago lake front. 2:My daughter Ava and her mother Holly at lake front in Chicago. I kicked water in their face as I took the picture because I wasn’t satisfied with their poses. 3: My daughters mother Holly. 4: Ava’s friend Aaliyah, Ava, Holly, and myself at xcape quest in Michigan City, IN. 5: Ava and her mother leaving Chicago Aquarium with Pina Colladas in pinnapples. 6: Me Mammoth Cave. 7: Ava in Mammoth Cave taking a picture of etching on inside of cave. 8: Ava outside of Mammoth cave somewhere near resturaunts or ticket plaza. 9: Rodeway Inn in Waukegan where I stayed before and after we drove to caves in KY. Obviously I rented us rooms while we were down in KY.

Left to Right: I was looking through my old paper work and found these citations. 1: I was low on money either right before or right after I had to change my water pump. I was trying to sell some of my silk Nat Nast shirts which was about the only thing of any value I had at the time. I was given the ticket at North Hollywood station for peddling without a permit. I was lucky not to be taken into custody as the officer informed me I had warrants in LA for unpaid tickets. 2: I was even luckier with this ticket. I purchased this car proably within a week of when I received this ticket having saved for probably two month but I didn’t have insurance on it yet. I decided to see if I could make money on my day off by doing a trip Humbolt and back. I picked up a woman from I think Oakland going somewhere a long my 101 route and then a couple in Santa Rosa who were going to Eureka. Shortly after I picked them up I was pulled over by CHP. I had no insurance, I hadn’t registered the car (cheifly because CA plates transfer with sale so I didn’t need to register the car to get plates), I found out my lisence was suspended for a $15 seatbelt ticket in Wisconsin, and I was pulled over going over 20 over. I thought he was going to impound my car. Instead he said he didn’t think my driving privelleges should be suspended for a seat belt ticket, wrote the ticket for 14 over instead of over 20 and let me go. 3: I received this ticket when I still had the van and I know this because the only ink visible on the ticket anymore is the 15 on the date. I was pulling out of a gas station I think the exit on the 101 before the exit for the 299. I think it was a Mobil and there were fast food resturaunts in the area if i remember correctly. I pulled out of the gas station towards one of the resturaunts and I was pulled over I think for not using my turn signal.

Hotel in Denver. I know this is the Motel 6 at I70 and the Montebello exit. I would stay at hotels when I was working interstate moving. I would be gone for 3 to 5 weeks at a time and come back to Denver for a day or two. It didn’t make sense to keep an apartment at that time.

I visited my friend Yusuf who I know from Milwaukee but moved to Minneapolis. I picked him and his son up from day care. It was stop and go traffic. There was a woman at the bus stop bent all the way over with stretch pants on. Naturally I was looking. The traffic started to move so I took my foot of the brake and slowly began to accelerate. I looked back as I was accelerating at the woman at the bus stolp and Yusuf yell “O”, I turned and couldn’t stop before rear ending the car in front of me. I bought a new hood from a pull and pay in Denver and it looked fine.
Crazy looking picture from 2006 recently released from doing about 9 months in the House of Correction. Last two months I spent on the farm working in the Fish Hatchery which I think has been shut down now for while. People be like “O” you remember you had that perm? Yeah I do, my perm was killing shit. I was over due for a fade in that picture though.

Dash Cam Initial Contact Video Florida State Troopers

I was pulled over for not wearing my seat belt. Or the pretext for tivme being pulled over was not wearing my seat belt, I was actually pulled over for having Colorado plates.

Both officers were on the median and pulled out after they seen me drive past which is why the K9 unit was immediately on scene.

As you can tell from the evidence the contents of the container with the Marijuana was less than 3 grams. The officer tried to increase the amount by weighing the marijuana in the container. The report read that I possessed 15grams but the charge is the same under 20 grams so it isn’t worth the contention at court.

Fortunately I had enough money on me to bond out. Had I not, this incident occured on December 4th 2008. My first court date wasn’t scheduled until February 11th and I would have sat in jail the entire time for less than 3 grams of marijuana, a pipe, and 4 gummy edibles.

Worst part of the video is I bought a fresh pack of white Ts in the wrong size, had a L instead of an XL. I should feel lucky I wasn’t charged for wearing that little ass shirt.

More at http://orioncs.net/florida-horror/

Dash Cam Back Seat Video Florida State Troopers

There was a point in my life where I tried to change my image in order to better blend in. I was uncomfortable and didn’t value the style I adopted which I mention in reference to the officer saying “you sure did have a drastic change from this photo”. :55

I’m still not too concerned because I have such a small amount on me, I’m almost positive I’m getting a few tickets and I’m going to be on my way. Note my surprise when he tells me I’m being charged. 3:43

5:05 He say’s the concentrate of the oil in the edibles. Florida law does not distinguish between concentrates and edibles. A concentrate is oil or wax that runs upwards of 90% THC. Edibles are not made from the same substance as wax. In regard to the substances of wax verses edibles, as I said wax is usually over 90% THC. Each edible weighs roughly 9 grams. There is 10mg of THC per gummy. The marijuana I had is 27% THC meaning per gram there are 27mg per gram. The edible is 10mg per 9 grams, meaning there is .9mg per gram. I am charged with a felony for the edibles as a concentrate, despite the fact that the edible is less concentrated in regard to THC than marijuana itself.

13:24 He’s telling me my charges. First, he tells me the charge for my vehicle is like a paraphernila charge, when in fact it’s a felony and it’s the same charge as keeping a drug house. The actual charge is Maintaining a Public Nussiance Structure for Drug
Activity. He charges me with 3 counts of paraphernila, a count for the container the marijuana was in, and a count for the container the edibles were in. In the exercise of his discretion he proves my words at 6:15, that his career mobility is based on the charges he files which serves as an incentive for him file as many charges as possible.

As he said, he has discretion over the misdomeanors. Meaning he could have written me citations for everything with the exception of the edibles.

Not only did he charge me with everything he could, he even stretched the law to include a second felony. When I finally went to my arraignment in February, the drug house charge and 2 of the paraphernilia charges wern’t processed.

What did I do to caused him to want to be malicous towards me and pile on as many charges as he could? Is it because I’m walking around with a few thousand dollars in my pocket and a little over 1000 dollars in jewlery? Is it because he looked through my wallet and my business cards read revolutionist? Is it because I worked my ass off for 7 months to put myself in a position to go to Florida and write for a month? Or is it because when it’s time for his review and an opportunity for promotion, to earn a stripe on his sleeve these 6 charges will give him a better total than 1?

This is what he does. Everyday a person wakes up and goes out looking to impose on someone in a lasting way for a self serving benefit. The sentiment in my final statement is unchanged. Such an officer is deserving of a strip of highway in memoriam. Not for my own treatment only, but for the treatment of all others he has similarly overcharged, and all those who he will ambitously charge after me.

Who did I impose on? I was in possession of a benign substance. A substance which is not a hazard to the user and does not create behavior in the subject which hazardous to the general public.

As I wrote in the first video description, had I not been able to bail out, I would have sat there for over 2 months waiting to go to court. I was on the road for nearly 8 months non-stop, I stopped paying rent for the camper I rented in Denver. All of my possessions were in my car, clothes, shoes, and most importantly my laptops that have years of writing, and years of source doccument material that I would be unlikely to ever find again. My bond was $9000 when I got to the jail. It cost me $485 dollars for impound fees for only 4 days. What would the impound fee have been for 2 and a half months?

More at http://orioncs.net/florida-horror/