What does everyone want?

Everyone wants to do what they want to do.

An individual’s ability to do what they please is largely determined by their access to money.  If my ideas will not only create more opportunities to make money, but allow people without money to create their own opportunities, and increase the quality of those opportunities, then these ideas are in the interest of all people.

A Center for Economic Planning is an institution created within a city or among a network of cities that allows people to decide what they will produce.  It operates with elected representation as well as direct input from the public.  Funded with a small sales tax, the Center for Economic Planning puchases and creates businesses at the direction of the public.

In addition to an ever increasing amount of job opportunities, because the CEP is owned by the people of the city, its aim is to maximize the satisfaction of its owners, meaning it is against the purpose of the CEP to maximize profit by reducing labor costs; or the opportunities created by the businesses owned by the CEP will be superior to opportunities created by privately owned businesses.

The United States is a nation where the representation of an interest is equal to the money behind it.  A Center for Economic Planning is a localized democratic instiution that owns and creates businesses on behalf of, and at the direction of the people that live within its jurisdiction.  The profit from the businesses owned by the CEP can be applied to any purpose the public chooses, including influencing politics.  People will be able to direct sums of money capable of competing against the class minority possessed of wealth represented through industry, which will allow people to have representation in government.

As a member of this species you should be interested in avoiding the imminent extinction of the species due to climate change caused by human beings.  According to the data, this is not something a 1000 years out, but is already upon us, with much of the earth becoming uninhabitable within the next 150 years on the present trajectory.  The changing climate is a great threat to you, your children, and your grandchildren.  An interest in the future of your children and grandchildren is an interest in climate change and the solution to it.

A Center for Economic Planning allows people to democratically decide what they will produce.  People will be able to accelerate the necessary transistion to renewable energy by directing investment towards this goal.  Additionally, as people become more prosperous individually, this prosperity will empower people to make greener behavioral choices and reduce their carbon footprint.

For the last few years I have traveled, attempting to network to promote ideas among seemingly like-minded groups, writing, explaining, and developing easily implemented ideas to achieve progress for humanity.  This website is dedicated to the promotion of material intended to educate people on political, economic, and social concepts, including liberty and its associated principles in discernment between good and bad.

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Liberty and Tyranny

The essense of existence, the nature of all beings,  of the creation, and thus the creator.  The beta version of the book is available by clicking the link above, which is equaivlent of taking the red pill or taking the blue as presented by Morpheous in the movie the Matrix.  Remember: All I am offering you is the Truth.

Centers for Economic Planning

I have already provided you a brief introduction for a Center for Economic Planning.  A Center for Economic Planning is my life’s mission.  Achievement of a Center for Economic Planning changes the world forever.  I see it has humanities best hope to achieve liberation and ensure the habitablity of the planet for furture generations.  I have a few final modifications to make to the first edition that illustrates how a Center for Economic Planning will function, including the role of the public and general responsibilities of personnel.  The first edition outline is available at the link above.

Poor Lives Matter

Poor Lives Matter demonstrates the disproportionate use of deadly force against black people has more to do with racial economic disadvantage than it does racism by police.

Poor Lives Matter also introduces the Criteria for Deadly Force and Enforcement, which establishes a simple criteria to conclusively gauge when a subject is an immediate threat and deadly force is necessary.

CDFE, in an effort to end the local as well as occupational bias that deprives victims families of justice, will create a regionally elected investigative prosecution team to enforce the criteria.

Finally, PLM examines 10 real life uses of deadly force and applies the criteria to each case.


The Orion page discusses my motivation for why I do what I do.  My outlook on life and a significant portion of my understanding of existence.

The Homeless Liberation Initiative

The Homeless Liberation Initiative appeared in the book Economic Despotism under the name of Fresh Start.  Due to the use of the name Fresh Start being made popular to describe other programs I changed the name.  The initative was created to address homelessness in San Francisco applying funds used to treat the symptoms of homelessness to address the problem of homeless people.  The initative would decrease homelessness in San Francisco by up to 78% and reduce the county budget by as much as 195 million dollars per year.


OPLE is the Organization for Popular Legsilative Endeavors.  It will be a non-profit, a 501c4 founded for the purpose of promoting and lobbying for the passage of legislation that serves a popular interest.  This will be the vehicle to achieve Centers for Economic Planning.


Although I am confident that you wouldn’t have made it this far on the page without being able to understand what the contact link is for, I felt the need to write something because the heading feels naked without it.  The contact page supplies contact information for those who are interested in contacting me.

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