Orioncs.net is a resource for understanding political, economic, and behavioral function. The material consists of the identification of systemic functions that produces negative results and proposes soultions to remedy these issue to achieve a greater level of individual liberty.

The root causes of all human problems is self deception and the unequal distribution of opportunities for people to have time and money.

In addition to articles written about problem and solution, I also write about my personal experiences and how it relates to the concepts introduced through this material.

Material can be categorized as follows.

Assignment and Comparison describes how the subconscious mind perceives reality as objects in motion and makes assignments to these objects to create objectives to produce positive feelings. The headings on the website for this material is Sequencing, Comparison, and Assignment or SCA.

Liberty, the Basis for Objective Morality defines what objective morality is. It begins with the human constant that at all times in any setting all human beings want to do what they want to do. LBOM creates a static principle basis for right and wrong based on the maximization of individual liberty, which includes how liberty begins with circumstances, how circumstances are determined by systems, and systems exists by way of collective consent and participation. In otherwords, LBOM is inclusive of how individual decisions impact the collective enviornment that produces individual opporutnity.

There are a variety of articles that primarily address misconceptions associated with the present political, economic, and social narratives. These articles have titles related to once popular or popular topics, like Covid-19 Media Project, The Mass Dellusion of Systemic Racism, Gun Control Debate, Immigration Overstated and Uncorrectable, the Green No Deal, LGBT Tolerance Versus Promotion, The Popular Myths of Tax Policy, and many others.

Some of the solutions proposed on the website to correct self deception and the unequal distribution of opportunities for time and money are within other articles and some are within personal experience narratives. Others however are stand alone articles.

Balance Stimulus establishes the distribution of income and wealth, where wealth is often an indicator of how how much income people have relative to their expenses. The article identifies impediments to lower income people increasing their income and proposes that the bottom 50% of income earners should receive a lump sum to enable them to create and take advantage of better income opportunities. The consequences of the effort in the short and long term are considered in the article.

Centers for Economic Planning is an idea to create an entity similar to a corporation owned by all the people within a city or county that creates or acquires businesses. The purpose is for those without money to participate in decisions of production and to increase the quantity and quality of opportunties available to the public. The profits from the businesses the people own through their Center for Economic Planning can be applied anyway the public chooses, including competing against industry to finance candidate who will serve the interests of the public. Centers for Economic Planning operate through elected management and are chartered with mechanismsm for direct input and oversight by the public over investment strategies.

Lowest Paid Employee Wage disclosure marketing represents an idea for companies to promote their products by disclosing the wage of it’s lowest paid employee to motivate the consumer to purchase their products. The idea is that the consumer will choose to purchase products even if they cost more if they can be assured that the purchase is going to support living wages.

The Just Law Amendment would allow for a defendant to use the concept of net liberty to show that a law or its application is unjust. The necessity of the amendment stems from a republican structure of governemtn where the laws people are subjected to exist without the consent or input of most people. The Just Law Amendment allows the law itself to be judged by a jury based on net liberty, as opposed to only whether or not a defendant has violated the law.

The Criteria for Deadly Force and Enforcement establishs a simple criteria that a suspect must be an immediate threat to life for the use of deadly force to be justifiable. Within the criteria an immediate threat to life is established based on points of motions, where an immediate threat exists when there is no point for an officer to intervene before a suspect can cause the death of someone.

As previously mentioned there are other solutions within articles that identify problems.

Any comments, feedback, support, contention, or any attention pertaining to the content on this website is appreciated.

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