Truth Over Everything and Liberty is True is the correct value of the truth as it relates to self and the collective interest in respect to liberty. Liberty is the capacity to do as one pleases. Liberty is true because at all times all people want to do what they want to do. This means if every individual’s liberty doesn’t extend past the point where it interferes with what someone else wants to do, and people have opportunities to acquire the means to do, all people can do what they want to do. That is the human ideal.

What is the purpose of government? We agree to rules that prevent peoples liberty from being imposed on because we are freer with the rules than we are without them. Imagine we didn’t agree not to steal from one another and create an agency to enforce it? Most people’s lives who posessed would be spent defending their property. We are freer with laws than we are without them presuming the laws are created with the consent of the public.

Unfortunately, in our republican structure of government, government is delegated to a small group of individuals who although are elected by the rest, are first selected by the money that enables them to be competitive in elections. The rules created and the allocation of resources goes to benefit the interests of the selecters, not the electers.

Governments first purpose is creating the rules of conduct and commerce that should cause us to be freer. Governments second purpose is using oiur collective resources to provide the public with services and projects that improve peoples lives that are generally beyond the scope of private parties to accomplish.

The root of our problems is not the democrats and it is not the republicans. The root of the problem is people choosing opinions about subjects that they don’t have any understanding of. They accept opinions as facts and their minds are molded by the media and politicians. These people, which is the vast majority of the country, democrats, republicans, radicals, liberals, conservatives, and the apolitical, have functional understanding of the systems they live in. This is where the problem begins, the failure to communicate.

Psychological basis is quite simple. What people believe is based on what they like. What they like is determined by how that thing makes them feel. Information that reinforces beliefs feels good. Information that challenges beliefs causes them to feel bad. It feels bad because learning something you thought was true is false, or something you believed to be good is bad, takes away that beliefs ability to make you feel good.

In the broader context, it is always in one’s self interest to know the truth. Why? What is the universal constant for conscious beings? In all settings and at all times every being wants to do what it wants to do. If you like things that you wouldn’t like if you knew what was true about them, then you’re not doing what you want to do, you’re doing what someone else wants you to do i.e. people who benefit from you believing what is false. Second, to navigate our circumstances to do what we want to do requires a true understanding of our enviornment. Self deception harms motivation and know how.

I just finished a project called Covid-19 Media Project. It establishes the risk of being infected with Covid-19 in consideration of health and age. In the project I analyze popular media stories to show how risk has been exaggerated and why half the population is afraid of dying of something that cannot kill them.

Covid-19 Media Project

If you prefer a PDF copy see the link below.

Free Copy of Covid-19 Media Project

I recently finished editing the book Truth Over Everything and Liberty is True.

Truth Over Everything and Liberty is True Introduction This page is the introduction of the book Truth Over Everything and Liberty is True.

TOE and LIT Excerpts is a page that features excerpts from chapters of the book Truth Over Everything and Liberty is True

Free Copy of Truth Over Everything and Liberty is True

On top of each page is a menu showing the articles on the website. The log is a log I keep to detail the work I’m putting in on a daily basis in an effort to create and promote material. Log summary is where I keep a record of some material, primarily solicitation mentioned in the log. The author page features my contact information, and I will be adding articles as I’m able to. I have 60,000 words of outtakes from Truth Over Everything Liberty is true I may post soon.

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