Orion Simerl

I cannot provide a concise background where the interested party will benefit from the synopsis.  I write to promote human liberation, and I recognize how the truth without bias serves that interest.  My goals are to promote material that provides people with an understanding of the subjects that are important to their lives.  Through the promotion of the material which includes solutions I intend to start a non-profit: OPLE “The Organization for Popular Legislative Endeavours.”  Probably a 501c4 which will allow me to promote the social welfare cause of sharing an objective civic understanding to improve civic function, as well as support candidates that will pass popular legislation.  Depending on the popularity of these ideas and an objective perception, I may start a political party, but there are many hopeful contingencies depending on progress.  Which is to say if there are opportunities to accomplish goals that improve people’s quality of life, or to further human understanding and intelligence, I’ll be investing my time and energy in achieving what can be accomplished as things develop.  So long as the accomplishment of one objective doesn’t compromise other essential liberating goals.


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