The appearance of innumerable contradictions, but the substance of complete consistency.

My favorite colors are white and blue.

Blue represents Liberty, since the sky is blue, and beneath it we are free to do as we please.

Liberty is the basis for objective morality, in that all people can do as they please so long as they are not imposed on directly or circumstantially.

White represents what is true and facilitates the ability of an individual to do as they please.

Much of what we like relies on ideas, our perception of the world and our percieved position in it. Our assignments of true and false serve as the basis for what we like. In this, people deceive themselves to protect the things that cause them to feel good. Choosing the reality that feels good to the reality that is observable.

What a person likes determines what they do as we are always pursuing objectives that produce positive feelings. However, if what you like relies on false understanding of yourself and the world around you, then you’re not doing what you like because you would like different things. Liberty is contrained by self deception.

Secondly, self deception obstructs the procurement of valued objectives, as a false perception of one’s circumstances causes an individual to be less capable of navigating those cirvumstances to fulfill their objectives.

Self deception produces fear, as the root of fear is uncertainty, and believing things to be true that are false and counting things false that are true creates inconsistency and uncertainty.

Self deception limits intelligence, because the rejection of information that causes you to feel bad to preserve what causes you to feel good means you cannot learn things that challenge your beliefs.

Finally, self deception is harmful to the collective because meaningful communication cannot take place when people are choosing reality based on how they feel as opposed to what is observable. This has consequences to liberty in preserving policy that produces gross inequality in the opportunities available for people to have money and time.

All human problems reduce to self deception and the unequal distribution of opportunities for time and money.

Individual happiness is a product of liberty, where if a person has opportunities to have time and money they are free to choose interactions that produce good feelings. The choice is to find work that allows you to make enough money to be free in the time you’re not working or to do work you like doing. I’m in pursuit of the latter.

I’m motivated by a number of ideas that produce positive feelings.

Understanding political, economic, and social functions, and the ideas to correct functions to produce a more equitable distribution of opportunities for time and money produces positive feelings.

Increasing human intelligence by helping people understand how they function is an idea that produces positive feelings.

A world where people’s reality is less a product of what they want it to be and more a product of what is observable, and the consequence this has for me socially is an idea that produces positive feelings.

I anticpate the feelings derrived from teaching and promoting my material will be positive, and this idea supplies motivating positive feelings.

As previously mentioned in part, the prospect of earning money through the refining, development, and promotion of my ideas produces positive motivating feelings. In addition, the removal of the negative feelings of having to perform menial tasks to sustain myself, and having more time to dedicate to the aforementioned ambition is an idea that produces positive feelings.

The pride I feel in years ago setting out to discover why I was as I was and why the world is as it is, understanding these things, applying corrections in one and being on the brink of applying corrections in the other is an idea that produces positive feelings.

Personally I’m at a very difficult situation in life. Covid 19 is more troublesome to me than it is to probably anyone else on the planet. Not only in the ridiculous restrictions, but as evidence of just how fucked up this species is.

Assignment and Comparison was discovered by considering the causes of my thoughts and feelings, and an effort to understand to overcome denial. Why do people choose not understand or acknowledge things that challenge their beliefs? It didn’t matter what I said or what I wrote, people will choose to believe something they should know to be wrong. Through assignment and comparison and memories when I was much different than I am today I understood that when a person is wrong, it impacts their value of objects that rely on that thing being true. They experience a negative feeling which is a warning that their value of objects is in jepordy, the same as when a person intends to violate their morality, at the point of intention, there is a negative feeling imposed because if an individual proceeds with the act they will experience a loss of self worth and possibly prolonged negative feelings as a result. Self worth is the value of self as an object.

It could be argued and I may be leaning in that direction, that it is all self worth, which is why image promotion is so strong, because the validation of self worth for most people comes through the perception that they are valued or perceived well by others. By validation I mean people feel good when they believe others have a high opinion of them, so they attempt to promote the qualities that are valued by collective, even if it isn’t sincere.

Denial is rooted in self deception, and I understood before I understood it, that the public at large has nearly no critical thinking skills. To look at something, understand its components, and recognize contradiction. To ask very basic questions before they accept something as true. At least if the thing they are accepting as true is something they want to be true because it reinforces their perception of the world that their values rely on.

Today I went outside of the hotel I’m staying at and saw a young man, late teens to early 20s wearing a mask. When I go out in public there is no shortage of people wearing masks, some outdoors, others in their cars driving by themselves. I’m not in California, I’m in Dallas, TX. Masks have become the visual reminder of how fucking stupid this species has chosen to be.

I saw a headline in the NYTs that read there was a study where words and sentences are categorized into neutral, negative, and positive, and researchers found that a great majority of Covid19 coverage was negative despite positive developments in the academic world. The study is fucking irrelevant. The reasons for the coverage being negative is relevant, and is as I stated a mother fucking year ago, and is the mother fucking business model of the media, the danger has been exaggerated because it creates concern and concern garners attention which means the media will earn more money. It isn’t anything more than that. Once an ignorant populus was convinced of the danger, certain industries saw it as an opporutnity to profit, and politicans saw it as an opportunity to serve their donors as well as to gain political advantages in public opinion.

The story, what I read of it mentions that the media’s reporting was negative despite positive developments in the academic community. Why was this? Another thing I wrote over a mother fucking year ago is the media selects experts basd on how their opinions advance the most profitable narrative. This of course incentives academics to support these narratives because it means exposure for their work. Even if the most serious research in the academic community is showing positive developments, none of that research is going to make it to the public. Of course even if it did, the public is going to choose what they want to believe based on how it impacts their perception of the world and their value of objects.

In the Covid-19 Media Project I wrote about the greatest misconception with Covid is the grand omission by the media. That omission is who is at risk for a severe outcome. The same people who are at risk for a severe outcome with the flu are the same people who are at risk for a severe outcome with Covid. It is ridiculous to take precautions for covid that you did not take for the flu, since your experience and everyone elses experience with covid will be about the same as it is with the flu.

It’s mind blowing, that in a years time people have not asked basic questions to understand something they’ve change their behavior for and that some fear. 94% of deaths are people with underlying medical conditions, with an average of 2.5 conditions present per fatality. At the same time, the survival rate of people who have underlying medical conditions is in the low 90s. Which means only people who have severely advanced medical conditions are at risk for death. Of the 6% who die who do not have underlying medical conditions, most of these people are extremely advanced in age.

This is why I cite like scripture the conclusion of the Berkely physicist Uros Seljak because to me it perfectly describes the data. “If you want to know what your chances are of dying are if infected with Covid-19, it is about the same as your chances of dying of natural causes in the next 12 months. It kills only the weakest segments of the population”. This was in an interview about research where Seljak was questioning the morality rate put forward by serology studies based on his experience with the Italian data. I disagreed with his conclusion on the mortality rate because since the virus only kills the weakest segments of the population, than the mortality rate represents the proportion of healthy people infected to the proportion of the gravely ill who are infected. If the sick are more isolated from the virus, even with a higher rate of infection there will be fewer fatalities because the consequence of healthy people being infected is sickness and recovery. Of course a population like Italy that consists of older people in poorer health than in most places in the United States, probably especially California, so just because the morality rate is at least x in Italy, that doesn’t mean it is at least x in California. This difference in opinion doesn’t change the fact of who is at risk for a severe outcome.

What was also interesting to me is prior to discovering the article from Berkeley News, I wrote that if those who died of Covid’s cause of death isn’t counted as dying of the underlying condition, like heart disease, COPD, or Diabetes, than there will likely be a great reduction in the number of people who typically die of these causes in a year’s time.

Things are extremely difficult for me. It begins with the fact that it isn’t just covid. Almost everything is covid to me. That is to say people do not know or understand much about anything that doesn’t have to do with their jobs. This is one of many social and professional barriers I face. It’s compounded by my understanding of human behavior, and my propensity for honesty and realness, which is the validator of my self worth. Unless it’s in the interest of some material purpose, compromising my integrity typically produces a negative feeling.

I’ve completed a short presentation consisting of some of the basic elements of Assignment and Comparison. I posted an ad in the gigs section offering 30 dollars for about a 2 hour recorded session. It may go terribly, but eventually it will take shape and someone will understand it. From there more people will understand it and enable me to promote not only AC, but also other material and ideas that will advance human interest thorugh a fairer distribution of opportunities for time and money.

If not? I’m getting old. I’m 38 years old and if I there is no telling how long I will be able to maintain from this isolated position. I’d rather not die broke with nothing ever breaking the surface, but if I am resigned to that fate, what I have done with my experience on this planet, or what I have gained as a conscious entity, is about as much as anyone can gain through a lifetime on this planet. I always have that if I have nothing else.