Boulder Mass Shooting

In Boulder Colorado a young man shot 10 people at the King Sooper’s supermarket. The motive is still unknown but his family said he was not religious or political and he was bullyed in school and implied he had social difficulty.

Since an individual’s decisions are determined by their circumstances, individual circumstances are a product of systems, and systems exist through collective consent and particpation. I blame the pubilc for mass shootings.

In the exchange below I mention the word social systems. Socializing and relationships are a product of common values, and many values are a product of ideas. Social system describes the mass disemination of information that forms the basis for values that produce socializing and the formation of relationships. It also describes common mechanisms for behavior including social expectations. An itemization of the components and common features of the social system in the US is beyond the time I have to dedicate to this subject in this article at this time.

The cause of mass shootings is never actually discussed. In an effort to appear as if they are concerned democrats blame guns. The issue of course is that there are people who want to kill other people indiscriminately, and it doesn’t matter if they use a gun or some other implement because there are other implements just as effective at killing people. Additionally, some of the shooters like Nathaneil Berhow in southern California did not use guns they legally owned and purchased. Gun control legislation as demonstrated in Austraila doesn’t reduce the number of mass killings in incident or victim. (1)


Below is an exchange with a person who is antigun. I’m very pro second amendment despite being a felon and not being able to legally possess a firearm. I don’t believe that anyone should be without the means to defend themselves from a someone with a gun. Guns can be obtained whether an individual can legally purchase or possess a gun which makes gun laws irrelevant. In an event like what was experienced in Boulder, CO, had more members of the community been armed it is very likely that fewer people would have died if there had been people present in the store and area who had guns. The Texas church shooting in 2019 is an example of the protection of the community by members of the community where seconds after the shooting began a member of the congression neutralized the shooter.

I know if I was in a supermarket and someone began shooting people, I would want as many people armed in that store with me as could be. Because someone is going to see him who he doesn’t see and stop him.

People who feel like they are a part of the community who have producitive relationships and social outlets, and who have opportunities to make progress towards their goals in life do not indiscrimantely shoot people. People who are alienated from the species who are trapped economically or socially express their discontent by committing acts like the mass shooting in Boulder. The United States cannot address mass shootings because doing so challenges the myths of American goodness and the copacetic illusion that forms the foundation of most American’s outlook.

Brian Glasser So if he had an assault rifle or any gun at that then he didn’t get them legally.  She said he had a assualt charge on his record. You can’t buy a gun with that on your record.

Orion Simerl You can’t buy a gun with a felony, you can buy a gun with an assault charge.

Brian Glasser not in ohio you can’t even have a misdemeanor assault to buy one. If it isn’t like that in Colorado then it should be changed. It’s like that in most places.

Orion Simerl It shouldn’t be like that.  Even a felony shouldn’t prevent an individual from owning a gun.  The only justification to take away an individuals right to own a gun is if they commit a crime with a gun.  Otherwise the punishment has nothing to do the crime.  More importantly, preventing someone from possessing a gun who has committed a crime that doesn’t involve a gun does nothing to protect the public because the individual has not shown a propensity to use a gun to harm people or commit crimes.  It is the illusion of action to pander to stupid people who don’t understand why things happen.  It isn’t like that most places.  Most places only a felony leads to the revocation of an individual’s right to possess a firearm.  Ohio is fucked up.

Brian Glasseri agree that not all felons should not be able to buy a gun, but if it’s an assault charge misdemeanor or felony you shouldn’t be able too. An assault charge shows that a person can’t control their anger.

Orion Simerl It doesn’t mean a person can’t control their anger, violence is often morally justifiable but not according to the law.  There is a big difference between putting your hands on somebody with the intent to harm and resolve a dispute, and using a gun to kill to someone.  I’ve been in jail and prison for putting my hands on people, and in most cases it wasn’t a product of anger, but I’ve never shot anyone.

Brian Glasser Not every person that has assaulted someone is a killer but it’s a good indicator of who can control their emotions, and who i along with others would feel safe having a gun or not. Not all felons should have that right takin from them but anyone who can’t control their selfs from attacking someone out of anger or mental problems shouldn’t have that right. There has to be some type of indication that we can go off of to determine who is ok to walk around with guns. If someone has a assualt before they are old enough to have a gun then yeah let that slide, but if your grown n still don’t have a grip on your emotions then no u shouldn’t have a gun.

Orion Simerl Once again you’re equating violence with an inability to control one’s emotions which is not the cause of all or even most violence.  Violence is a means to an end and is often motivated to right some perceived wrong, or to protect or increase self worth. 

For example, the substantial battery I went to prison for had nothing to do with anger.  I was leaving with two friends from one of my friends’ houses.   As we were walking there was a man walking towards us as we passed the friend whose house it was said that’s my bitch ass neighbor, his guys be coming over there thinking they’re hard talking shit.  I walked over, confronted the man and hit him.  I wasn’t angry, or unable to control my emotions, I was merely imposing a consequence for what I perceived as him and his friends imposing on my friends quality of life at his home. 

Mental illness is not a science.  It is the categorization of behavioral tendencies labeled as an illness or disorder in how it deviates from the tendencies of most people.  While there are some disorders that are associated with the over or under production of certain chemicals, or certain groups of neurons not firing, most diagnosis of mental disorders or illnesses are far from exact.  Furthermore, mental illness is not a biological abnormality.  The biological abnormality is a product of ongoing circumstances that produce a pattern of thoughts and feelings that change the physiology of the brain.  Mental illness should only disqualify possession of a weapon if a person has a verifiable disconnect from reality, hallucinations visual or auditory, or delusions.  Mental illness is the scapegoat for the refusal to address the causes of why people in this country want to indiscriminately kill others en masse. 

Something else to consider is this: if the ease of access to guns is the issue.  Is it easier to get a gun today than it was 50 years ago?  Of course not, there has been a great deal of legislation passed in the last 5 decades.  Now, have incidents of mass shooting increased or decreased in the last 50 years? 

Finally, you or others not feeling safe is subjective and is not grounds for taking away the rights of others.  Using a commission of a crime that does not involve a gun to take away a person’s right to own a gun because you don’t feel safe, is tantamount to taking away people’s privilege to drive because they received detention in school, so you don’t feel safe with them driving because they don’t follow the rules. 

The cause of mass shootings is economic and socially trapping circumstances produced by the systems the people in this country consent to, participate in, and benefit from.  Social systems deal with the proliferation of information, the deception therein, and the propensity of individuals to consume information and deceive themselves to maintain a perspective that preserves their value of objects.  Value of objects being the things people like to make them feel good which relies on a false perception of the world to produce those good feelings.