The work project in DFW is at a pause because we are unable to finish until work is done and furniture and fixtures arrive. I have a break from the funding aspect of my aspirations to apply time to those aspirations themselves.

The last week was difficult for me for a few reasons, not the least of which was having a roomate. He was almost completely accomodating other than some intended or unintended disturbances. One of which was eating cheez its while I was trying to sleep. It was more of an iritant that I didn’t have standing to say anything to him. How can I tell him he can’t eat if I’m sleeping? On another occasion he shut off the fan, and I asked him to turn the fan back on because I don’t want to listen to that do do do do doot shit, describing the sound the buttons on his phone was making and notifications.

Other than that and his spitting (chewing tobacco) he seemed to make every effort to be accomodating. Shower, lights, temperature, and the socializing we did do was typically entertaining. The last night we were there the Chief of Operations dropped a pair of underwear by our door. Using a Panda Express napkin and after melting a herseys almond candy bar on it I placed it in front of his door. It was much funnier thinking about than doing it, but I couldn’t not do it after enjoying the idea that much.

There was a coworker who I socialized with that I had a falling out with so to speak, or we fell out of one anothers favor is more accurate. It was about work. Towards the end he began to half ass it which creates more work for me and I joked about initially, and then I got on him about it as I saw it. Yes, we all make mistakes and over look things, but I’ve seen the way he works, so I know he’s capable of greater consistency, so the poor performance seems intentional. Regardless of whether you saved me money on contacts, or I paid extra for small sacks which helped out both you and me, I don’t work with you when your intentionally creating more work for me. After thinking he was damaging the window opening trying to fit tight sills when we can cut them to fit, I told him to go see the Chief of Operations about caulking. He didn’t damage that particular opening the way I thought he did because I saw the same damage in another location and I texted him that. I told him he could still go see Chief of Operations because he was slowing me down. Yes I’m paid hourly but I wanted to get to this break.

The last two days I was somewhat distracted by this situation and trying to consciously understand his value. We were cool though, blowing trees, looking out on beverages, joking talking shit, and he kind of reminded me of people I’ve grown up with, no one inparticular just his general values and mannerism.

Over the course of that job it was like 90% cool people there. The whole 1st week crew was solid, even the one who had quirks and paranoia but worked hard and was cool to be around in short durations, which suited a work environment that consisted of a lot of motion.

My car shakes at higher speeds, but strangley, it will sometimes not shake at some higher speeds. Under 65 I’m usually good and at low speeds there is no shaking. I thought it may have been a wheel bearing. My strut was also bad so I had the strut replaced, and the following morning I had them replace the other strut and the wheel bearing. Same issue.

I initally thought he changed the wrong wheel bearing. Since the new wheel hub comes with the studs I removed a lug nut to see which studs appeared newer. The old studs looked newer because the new spindle wheel hub had black studs. I went back furious and he showed me the new hub was installed on the correct side.

He did point out that I had an oversized tire on the back. I asked if he had a used tire in my size.

What’s fucked up about this is the day before when I had them change the strut, I also bought a tire from Walmart because the front right tire was badly worn. I asked him if he had a used tire to replace the oversized one in the back. He said he had one he’d sell me for 35 dollars. I didn’t look at the tire because to that point he had installed everything on my car correctly, and gave me a deal on the price, while I had just created something of a scene at his shop and suspected him of doing something incorrectly. I didn’t feel bad because I had reasons to suspect it, but I did want to acknowlege that I was wrong, so I was very apologetic.

The point being, I looked at the tire after leaving and stopping for gas and thought damn, I should have looked at that tire. Today I thought what if that mother fucker only had 1 in my size because he was reselling that worn out tire? I went back out and inspected the tire and it is the same Mitchellen tire I paid $5 to have disposed of that he sold back to me for $35. I don’t know if he knew this since he wasn’t the one who did it, but that’s what he did.

I already gave him a 5 star review with the comment Great prices, great quality, and fast service. I’m not going to add the tire to my review because outside of this I think the description is still accurate. And I feel deserving for the way I expressed my suspicion.

I’m going back to Vegas because I haven’t received my title so it is the only place I can register my car. Hopefully I’ll pass emissions. No check engine light but my service air bag light comes on periodically.

I stopped for gas in some rural area in Texas. I heard a brief conversation between a man and the clerk. The man I believe in some reference to doing something unsafe commented to the clerk “don’t tell my wife though” and implied there would be consequences beyond her worry and concern if she found out. It bothers me a little that people relinquish their being to others, and then use deception to exercise their liberty.

I may not have noted the previous observation had I not been bothered by the woman in the store telling me to have a blessed day and me saying “you too”. It’s an easy trap for me because the sentiment is to have a good day, but by saying you too I’m not only reciprocating the sentiment, (which is my intent) I’m reinforcing the idea that there is some father figure deity who is controlling what happens on this planet, handing out good days, and her telling me to have one may persuade him.

That is major distguisher of people by perception. That human beings are free to do within the natural laws of space and time which is observably true, or that some tyrant deity is creating results, despite not a single result that can be attributed to the deity. Naturally these people see their undesirable outcomes as punishment, a lesson god was teaching them, or he had something better instore for the individual that requires this setback. It’s really insane because it is a refusal to acknowlege reality, assigning causes to results that did and does not produce them.

I thought for a moment that these people are a problem (Country Folk). Then I immediately thought about how the other side is a greater problem and these people are largely what is preventing the opening of the flood gates on tyranny, despite their superstition.

They’re not right, but they do resist the otherside, whose religion is not prohibited from influencing the state. Their religion is not science, it the isolated use of academia and implying false causation to support a narrative that engages people emotionally. Their religion is deception, not only to others but to themselves. Although both sides are guilty of self deception, so philosophically, everyone’s religion is deception. I exclude myself from everyone because although I’m sure I deceive myself at times, especially in moment, I don’t do it consciously and tend to realize when I do.

The point is that stupid restrains stupid, and the right is the stupid restraining the left from imposing further on our liberty.

The only difference in political parties is how they are supported by industry. Which industries interests will be prioritized.

I began reading a draft of the Clean Future Act. In what I’ve read it is cap and trade legislation. There will be a gradual decrease in the amount of allowable emissions and companies who invest in renewable energy generation, storage, grid, or carbon capture will recieve credits that can be sold to those who exceed allowable levels. There are some subsidies in the bill but the spending is insignificant. I suspect if it passes there will be follow up bills with much more spending to line the pockets of industry.

1st, the goal of a carbon free economy by 2035 is not realistic. There are limits on manufacturing capability if it was a top priority which clearly it isn’t, and there is an ever increasing demand for energy including fossil fuels. Is the transportation sector considered part of the economy? A modest effort to address climate change isn’t much of an effort at addressing climate change. If we reach 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, the impact will be about the same as if we avoided 2.3 degrees Celcius through cap and trade.

I supported Sander’s 2 trillion dollar idea to build all the infrastructure and place it under the management of the power marketing adminstrations. My twist was to sell the power to the utility companies 1: because they have the highest level of expertise in the maitenence and distribution of power. 2 because it prevents the government from controling the price of power. 3 because it is a public asset, the proceeds of which may fund the public interest.

The second reason I don’t like the bill is because it still offers grants and subsidies without creating any public revenue generating assets. As it is now there is very little money in it, much of it for research and development, but there will be follow ups that will fund what comes out of this bill.

Under Obama there was about $300 billion spent on renewable energy subsidies. If Obama would have applied that to the Sanders plan, $300 billion covers about 16% of the cost of generating all power to renewable energy including upgrading the grid and storage. Had those funds been applied to the Sanders plan the public would own 300 billion dollars worth of power generating assets, and those power generating assets could have made money in the last 5 years that could have been reinvested into manufacturing and installing more renewable energy power generating assets.

Both R&D and construction projects the bills states can be used to justify raising rates. The public is going to pay, the same as the public is presently paying in states that have used a similar approach to reduce emissions. If you google cost of electricity by state, you’ll find the consumers who pay the highest for electricity are in the states that are most committed to a regulatory approach to producing renewable energy.

My main concern is the creation of this new carbon credit market and how it will influence the production and distribution of energy.

The value of the carbon credit will be determined by amount of emissions. To lower the value of the carbon credit emitters can reduce emissions. Imagine a situation where fossil fuel generators cut people’s power citing the regulatory environment in an effort to drive down the cost of credits? That’s one example of market manipulation and a potential consequence. I’ve only ready about 70 pages, I’d like to read the rest of the bill and write more thoroughly on the subjects and include citations for energy demand growth, and manufacturing constraints. At some point I should, but I’m too preoccupied with other shit.

I’m going to drive and get a hotel for 2 days before I go to Vegas to smog and register my car.

I’m most concerned with finishing up my SCA presentation, practicing it, and finding people to try to teach and record.

Right now I’m at the worst fucking rest stop in New Mexico. There are roundabouts at the off ramps and the rest area is hidden 3 turns after the round about. I had to piss just about as bad as Ive ever had to piss. I finally find this mother fucker and the bathroom I pull close to is closed. It’s actually pretty nice, New Mexico has nice landscape, and this rest area has nicely seperates picnic areas with grills.

I saw the word ego painted on I believe a rock in blue driving along I40. The word is generally associated with a person’s degree of pride in themself, what I refer to as self worth. People who appear egotistical are often viewed negatively. Eastern religions attempt to break their egos and western religions promote the value of humility.

The ego cannot be broken only channeled and hidden. The outward apperance is masked but the ego remains. The individual takes pride in outwardly denying their self worth and these acts fuel their self worth since the denial is a valued act by themselves and others. The buddahist who fasts and meditates for 24 hours feels pride in himself (ego) for enduring what he has endured even if he doesn’t express that pride outwardly. The same as the Christian who does a good deed in secret, this fuels his ego even if it isn’t outwardly expressed. (Although some of this is an increase in self worth through image promotion, where the idea that being obedient to their deity causes the deity to like them more which causes them to feel to good about themselves.)

The ego is never broken just channeled.

I don’t know if I’ve written this elsewhere but I explained what meditation is to a woman who responded to one of my CL ads to learn my material. Mood describes our general feeling at an given time. How we feel is a product of what we perceive in our enviornment, our thoughts, and our feelings and the cycle between these.

What we think about determines how we feel, but the introduction of something into our enviornment changes our feelings while bypassing our thoughts. Finally, how we feel influences the kind of thoughts we have and how we perceive our enviornment. It is a cycle but the chief among these these three is our thoughts.

Meditation that involves efforts to focus on breathing or to think about nothing, or to focus on tranquil ideas is essentially resetting mood by blocking out concerns about objectives and impediments.

Other meditation such as prayer influences mood by producing positive feelings in the false belief that the effort represents progress towards achieving objectives.

I may have already wrote about this more thoroughly elsewhere, but thought I’d touch on it since I mentioned the buddahist in talking about ego. Meditation may be comforting, refreshing, and bring about feelings of peace until that peace is interupted by interacting with the world, but there is nothing spiritual about the act.

Lastly, the embrace of the ego if it is rooted in the value of truth is key to breaking free from self deception. It is self honesty, acknowledging what you are, how you perceive yourself, and asserting your values and worth. The concept of ego is pride in self or self worth. To deny your ego is to shift your self worth into something that is not overtly observable, but it is still present.

I changed the CV axel. I wasn’t going to but I need to know that this wasn’t the problem. Since I know the wheel bearing and axel are sound at least I don’t need to worry about losing the wheel itself should one of those parts fail. I have a vehicle that I shouldn’t exceed 70mph in.

My daughters mother just received my title in the mail. She overnighted it to me which gives me a new option to consider and also means I don’t need to go to Vegas. The question is, do I sell the car because it shakes over 70mph, or do I keep it?

I didn’t go to Vegas. Instead I returned to DFW. As I drove back I began to notice the source of the vibrations was coming from the drivers side but must have been vibrating across the drive train to make it feel as if it was coming from the passenger side. I was optimistic because I still had the wheel bearing I ordered from

That part sat at a fedex location for 4 days and didn’t move. When it arrived late a representative from the company said it was a pleasure doing business with you. That comment pissed me off because it was not a pleasure for me. Since the package did not arrive prior to me leaving for Vegas I bought a wheel hub from the part store that retailed for $137. I paid to have it installed because I was in a hurry, and instalked it on the wrong side because the vibration seemed to come from the passenger side.

I responded to the email telling the representative fuck you and your family. I wanted her to feel some of the anger and discontent I experienced from her response where she was seeminly indifferent to the issue with their shipping arrangement that cost me money. Second, since her family is the closest people to her, they bear some responsibility for her cuntish ways, molding or drawing out such behavior. So fuck them to for their contribution to her character.

With that said it was fortunate for me that the delivery was delayed. I arrived in DFW last night and stopped at the hotel I was staying at and picked up the wheel hub.

After picking up the wheel hub I went to see my friend in Temple. I needed a drink, relaxation, and to redeem my previous sexual performance. I achieved all three of those feats seeing her.

This morning before I left I asked her if I could change my wheel hub in her driveway. She said I could but I decided not to. 1st because it was 8am on a Sunday and I didn’t know how much banging would be involved in knocking the axel through the hub and breaking the hub loose from the knuckle. It’s some asshole shit to be banging at 8am on a Sunday. 2nd, I didn’t want her to think I only came to hang out with her because I needed a place to work on my car. I enjoy her company and sex with her. I didn’t want her to feel used for anything other than that, which should be a mutual exchange. This time I got to feel her cum, then she wanted to take a break, and fell asleep promptly after that.

I went to the northbound rest stop on I 35 about 20 miles north of Waco. Pulled the tire, removed the caliper, the mounting bracket for the caliper, the abs clip, the axel nut and then drove the cv axel spline through the hub. I went to loosen the hub bolts and snapped my socket converter. The converter changes the 1\4 inch drive to fit a 3\8 ratchet. My 1\4 inch ratchet was fucked up so I had to put it back together and go to Walmart.

At Walmart they don’t sell single sockets. I was going to steal a 13mm 3\8th inch drive socket from a set. I didn’t want to spend $20 on it but in hindsight I probably should have because I need another 3\8th drive ratchet. Instead I bought another pack of converters.

I could furnish more details but the point is I changed the hub in Walmart’s parking lot. When I got on the freeway most of the vibration is gone. I do probably still need to replace the balljoint\control arm on the passenger side, but the wheel hub on the drivers side was the main culprit.

I was fortunate to receive the package late because had I received it on time, I would have put it on the passenger side. After it didn’t correct the problem and I replaced the cv axel on the passenger side it’s very unlikely that I would have bought a wheel hub from the parts store and replaced the driver’s side.

On my phone news feed I saw a headline that read 4th stimulus. My first thoughts were the consequences to the value of the dollar within the United States, where the 3 previous stimulus due to the broad distribution already promise to drive inflation in the coming years. Ilan Omar and AOC have proposed recurring $2000 per month monthly payments.

1st, this is campaigning by career minded politicians to stimulate their base, where they can have appearance of being radical progressives for proposing such a preposterous allocation. They make a living proposing ideas they cannot pass that often have insignificant consequences to the people they claim to represent and sometimes, as is the case here, negative consequences. For their supporters they can use these press releases to tell poor people Omar and AOC want to give you $2000 per month.

The level of negativity on the first point is determined by the qualifications for such a stimulus. Is it anyone making 80k or less individually, couples making 160k, or single parents making 120k, qualifications that represent 90% of the population? These were the qualifications for the Biden stimulus. If it would be the same this would drive inflation the same as the stimuluses, because it doesn’t change the proportion of money held by the bottom and the top, it just changes the proportion of money in circulation to the amount of goods and services, which causes money to be less valuable.

2nd, if a person can count on $2000 per month, they’re less inclined to pursue income opportunities. It isn’t as if this $2000 is going to be used for much else other than consumption. This is why I support the balance stimulus. The balance stimulus provides a 1 time lump sum that an individual can use to improve their income opportunities, and the qualifications will not significantly add to inflation because it changes the proportion of money held by the bottom 50% compared to the top 50%. Enabling access to the market by the bottom 50 they didn’t previously possess including becoming producers, where the sum is large enough (between 10k and 30k) to start a business. Among other income increasing facilitation.

The other consequence is that many people will quit their jobs. That isn’t altogether bad. In the short term it is bad because it slows growth if companies are looking to expand or create new business and they are unable to find employees. However, for the poor this can be a good thing because then companies will increase wages to attract workers. This is the same rebuttal to the criticism of the balance stimulus when it is suggested that low income people receiving a lump sum will quit their jobs.

The progressive stupidity of giving people $2000 a month isn’t prevail and the supporters of the idea know this. It’s for campaign purposes only and if it did pass it would not be a good thing for the economy or for the poor.

I was extremely angry earlier. I entered an onramp and as I was entering the truck in the right lane did not reduce his speed so I could safely enter the freeway. It required nearly every bit of acceleration my car possessed to enter. I was entering from a rest stop so I also already was moving too fast to slow down and let him pass.

When I got in front of him I slowed down and made him go around me.

We exited at the same exit and I said “fuck you and your mama faggot”. No sexuality attached to the word in the context I was using it, just a word I used in anger to say he was a bitch. I sat there very angry. He was a few cars behind and I wanted so very badly to pull him out of that truck and beat his mother fucking ass. He’s deserving, if my timing chain was still loose like it was before I wouldn’t have been able to make it on the ramp. The consequences would have been me being crushed between whatever part of the semi I was at and the wall, possibly decapitated if it were the trailer.

He or I was saved by the consequence phase of the decision making process. The value of whooping his ass was there, as well as the investment of energy. My thoughts related to being arrested, losing my car, and having to move forward from an even more difficult set of circumstances than I’m already facing.

Afterwards I go to Whataburger, and this cunt is sitting just behind the menu and speaker while myself and others are waiting behind her. I didn’t know she was behind the speaker so in the moment I wasn’t too upset. I figured it didn’t make much of a difference if we were a car length back in the line if the ordering area was ahead. I was pissed off when I found out she was sitting a few feet back from the speaker, was indeed the next person to order, and the bitch was just sitting there doing whatever she was doing in the car while the line was getting longer, fucking us and the staff. I wasn’t going to engage her eitherway because she had children in the car. I did say possibly in earshot towards the end as she appeared impaitent with the staff at tbe end of the order that she was inconsiderate and now she wants to be impaitent with the staff. Not that paitence is valued, only that you shouldn’t be frustrated when something is only taking as long as it takes with no conscious intent to delay.

I’m still bothered by my lack of response to something the CO said in one of the last days of the job. He said of himself something that is a near quote of what I wrote in an edition of Liberty and Tyranny. He said he tells people if something offends people to let him know and he won’t say it, saying he respects peoples stated boundaries. He said it differently, near a first person verbatim expression of what I wrote awhile back but have since discarded.

I discarded it because I’m for freer speech. Previously I wrote that there is an incumbency on the hearer to state their boundaries and for others to respect those boundaries once they are known. Reasonable boundaries and then an explanation of what reasonable means in that context. The idea being that words can produce undesirable feelings in others, so if someone says something offends them it should be respected.

The issue is those feelings cannot be objective produced. Better said words cannot objectively produce feelings. 10 people may hear the same word, sentence or paragraph, 3 offended, 3, indifferent, and maybe 4 experience positive feelings. The point being, it is the hearers values and perception that produces the feelings, and it may not even be the intent of the speaker for them to feel that way. If the hearer doesn’t want to feel that way they can avoid the presence of the individual (says perhaps the most alone person on this planet lol), or they can change their values and how they percieve words. Sensitive ass mother fuckers.

Of course there can be consequences so the speaker has to be prepared to deal with those consequences when one of these sensitive mother fuckers is offended. I’m not immune to being a sensitive mother fucker in some contexts, but often those contexts occur because a situation is escslating from some moral offense. Still, morally there is no obligation to censor to prevent offense.

I recently sent my daughter a blanket and a small sandstone carving from an Indian gift shop near the border of AZ and NM. I scrawled out a quick note including that I wanted to get her some petrified wood but that the shop advertising the sale was closed and the sign made it seem covid related. The advertising of covid and the mask wearing was near total in those states.

I wrote to her that people in AZ and NM are ignorant as fuck about Covid.

I handed the ups lady the bag with the blanket, the figure and the note. I asked her to put the figure in the blanket to protect it. I imagine she probably read the note. I might out of curiosity if I was in her position. I also imagined what she might think about me swearing in a letter to my daughter.

My daughter is 15 and at times with her friends swears enough to make sailors uncomfortable. Partially because even when she was a child and even when I was very ignorant I told her that there were no bad words, only words that people think kids shouldn’t say. I don’t think her mother or myself have ever told her she can’t say a word.

Swear words tend to convey emotion. When I say people in AZ and NM (and all across the country) are ignorant as fuck I’m expressing my frustration with that ignorance by comparing it to the word that expresses that emotion.

A mask is the greatest reminder of human stupity in this country. Using data that is not in dispute I’ve demonstrated that the same people who have a risk for severe outcomes for the flu have a risk for severe outcomes with covid. With about 20 minutes of time, a critical mind to ask the right questions, and a simple understanding of basic arithmetic, a person can arrive at the correct conclusion. Now yes there are risks for the extremely sick and extremely elderly, and the ultra rare anamolous deaths of healthy people the same as with the flu. Instead of people developing an understanding of the virus they allow vague opinions that imply great danger to form their perception of the virus. If you don’t wear a mask, social distance, and isolate yourself during flu season, there is no reason to do so for the protection of self and others for covid.

I thought about that because of how the ups worker may view the language in the note in a note from a dad to his daughter. This isn’t a new spin on swear words, I’ve written and spoken this elsewhere, that those words are used to convey emotion.

I read through my presenatation so far and even in 50 some points, examples and exercises I’ve written it all requires more examples if there is any hope of it being understood. I didn’t do much today. I’m going to need to get a hotel for a few days to work on this.

I was excited to see a weekly available for 239. When I called they have extra fees where it comes out to over 350 per week. It’s hard for me to spend that kind of money. I was also upset because they charge you a $150 deposit, and then keep $50. If you’re keeping $50 put it on the front for the cost of the room. I guess 4 or 5 dollars in taxes on it but it’s bullshit. $50 cleaning fee when you’re paying somebody probably $12 an hour to spend a halfhour or less cleaning the mother fucker.

It’s just very hard for me to spend money I don’t have money coming in. Yet I don’t think I can achieve the productivity I want to achieve in the next 2 weeks trying to prepare my presentation living out of my car.

I’ve responded to an ad or two about people renting rooms and posted an ad looking for a room with no responses yet. I can pay 150 to 200 a week. I don’t want to pay 350 per week. If I do that I’m going to have less than a thousand by the time I go back to work. That’s one week of work and I don’t know when the next job is going to start.

I haven’t written in here for awhile. I did spend 335 dollars on a hotel for a week. I thought it would increase productivity and it did. I registered my car and this cost me about $350 dollars. When there was snow on the ground I knew my ball joint was bad. Instead of changing the ball joint I fixed things that did not need to be fixed. Well I guess the struts were bad and so was the left wheel bearing although when I took it off it didn’t seem bad. But the passenger wheel bearing and CV axel did not need to be changed. I’m lamenting that cost. As well as the cost for not looking at the tire I paid $40 for which was the $5 I paid to have it disposed of and the $35 I paid to buy it back a day later when he pointed out that my back tire was too big.

I finished the presentation. Actually I half started over and then added to it. I anticipate that nearly every point will require an explanation. I already have ideas for going off the script.

I was camping in Oklahoma for 4 days playing poker. There was a lot I considered while playing poker and for the first 3 days most of it was very dark. I wrote some of it here but deleted. A lot of woe is me fuck the world type shit that isn’t very beneficial to what I hope to accomplish. However, if I count the emotions produced by these thoughts and general stress as contributors to an idea I had then it was a productive outing. I had to say come on “O” being on that bullshit. You’re stressed because you’re always trying to move faster than you can move with what you got, and lack of progress and difficult circumstances conspire to paint this dark picture. It’s true that the conclusions you’re reaching in the moment are an honest assessment of your present circumstances, it isn’t productive to dwell on that. Some of that is just what I’m telling myself now, but I realize I can’t launch myself without some degree of stability. In the moment I felt like “O” you’ve been acting like a real bitch the last few days. This was in the Walmart parking lot after the woman at check out caught me trying to steal a 4 pack of Rock Star. I didn’t intend to steal the Rock Star when I put it in the cart, but when I got to the check out I’m like fuck it, let me save 5 dollars, my wages from Walmart for having to check myself out. If I intended to steal it I would have grabbed a 12 pack of red bull.

A few days ago I saw a clip of a video. It may have been old but the content is what is relevant. It was a farmer in AL seemingly complaining about a shortage of illegal immigrants. He said when white people work for 75 dollars a day they didn’t work as well as immigrants. This farmer whatever his income actually is didn’t look like he made much more than $75 a day.

In considering what seems like a genuine situation where the price of tomatoes is too low to support livible language I thought of an idea to a market a product to increase cost and gain the favor of the consumer. The idea is to put the dollar per hour amount of the lowest paid employee by the company. If you have someone earning $75 for a 10 hour day, you have a tomato marked 7.5, or you have another tomato that’s marked LPE 15 or 20, but the tomato is 20 cents more which tomato will most people choose? Most are going to pick the tomato that costs more, because they know their purchase is contributing to better wages for the workers to take care of their family. It’s an easy solution to increasing income in the country. That doesn’t replace the need for Centers for Economic Planning or a Balance Stimulus, but will increase workers wages, lead to a greater market share and profits for the companies who employ the tactic and will lead to greater economic growth by increasing the purchasing power of the consumer.

I arrived at the hotel and the staff was on some bullshit. I’m not going to go into the details because I don’t want people to think if they throw some bullshit at me I’m going to write about it. Not that it’s an issue now but it could become an issue.

I was extremely tired when I arrived. I wrote a few pages of the proposal but I’ve lost interest in it because I have no outlet for it. It also doesn’t make much sense to put it on here because no one who views these articles ever replies with any comments, interest, feedback, or evidence that anything viewed was understood.

This morning I woke up and began reading through articles to edit these articles. My website requires a make over that requires a lot of time on my part. In editing and revisiting articles as well as visually and organizationally.

As I was reading these articles I began to read outloud. I did buy a cheap podcast mic from Burlington. I intended to use this mic to record presentations of Assignment and Comparison which would give me the opportunity to teach the material, possibly gain the interest of some people, and have something I could write a paper on to introduce Assignment and Comparison. I will still do this at some point but right now while I’m about to be working over the next week I think I’m going to begin recording myself reading my material. Creating an audible website.

After my initial enthusisim for the LPE wage marketing idea, I thought maybe I would go to Alabama because that is the location of our next job. Perhaps I would pursue the realization of this idea through the Alabama farmer. The farmers bring the idea to the distributors, the distributors bring this idea to the companies who buy their produce, and the companies introduce an ad campaign to inform the public that they are printing the LPE on the product, to allow the consumer to support the wages of the farmers and the pickers.

If the effort is tried and the company that tries it gains a much greater share of the market than they had previously, other companies will follow suit.

Maybe I’ll try to find some of these farmers in Alabama to learn about how they distribute their produce and present the idea of how they can earn more money for themselves and the people who they employee or contract to do work for them.

It may not work for produce. There are other industries that I believe there are much better ideas for increasing employee income. For example, I was at a Subway in Fort Worth, TX near I360 south and Trinity blvd. When I went to pay the customer can add gratuity to the purchase. After someone has been pleasant or efficient in making your sandwich it’s pretty easy to give them something. Not that I always did at that location but I think probably more often than not depending on my circumstances. In service based industries where wages require increases the option to tip is probably more effective than LPE wage disclosure marketing.