Doug Stanhope PETA Promo

(Upon revisting the video from my history I discovered the video was 8 years old but the points and counter points are still relevent)

I’m a very big fan of Doug Stanhope. I consider him to be one of the greatest comics of all time. When the following video appeared in my recomended videos, where Stanhope is being used to promote the agenda of the people for the ethical treatment of animals I watched the video. While I don’t believe Stanhope knows these excerpts have been taken to create this video nor do I believe he supports the cause, I did respond to the comments he made. My issue with PETA is their agenda deprives animals the right to ethical treatment and the purposes animals serve, as well as distracts from the prioritization of human interests.

This is something I wanted to comment on after hearing a commercial on the radio about saving Orangutans, and considering that effort against the backdrop of human suffering on this planet.

I respond to Stanhope’s comments on animals involved in entertainment like at Sea World and in circuses, and comments on wearing animal fur.

Doug Stanhope for PETA (

The bit about the killer whale eating the trainer was hillarious, but fuck Stanhopes opinion about using animals to entertain or wearing their fur. 

If you’re an animal in captivity performing for people there is 1: the attention inherent to the act which some animals may receive positively.  There is also the relationship with the trainers (not the sea world trainer) the same as having a dog as a pet where the animal feels good for doing what the trainers wants, feelings derrived from an increase in self worth which is evidenced by the praise and rewards of the trainer. 

2: there is food, shelter, and safety from other animals when animals are trained to perform.  I don’t know if anyone watches animal videos on youtube but the jungle is not a great place for most animals.  Food and water is scarce, evasive, and can be impacted by weather.  I can’t imagine starving or dying of dehydration being a good time.  Of course animals eat other animals, which from the videos I seen also doesn’t seem like a good time.  Even animals that are not eaten by other animals have animals that will attack them.  I’ve seen elephants kill other elephants.  You don’t have to worry about any of that shit when you’re a monkey riding a tricycle in the circus. 

When an animal dies in the wild it is either eaten by another animal or starves.  There are no tigers on their death beds surrounded by tigers that care about them as they slowly die from some disease like the flu or covid that their bodies can no longer fight off.  Starvation, or being eaten.  When circus animals are too old to perform they retire to reserves which is like a resort.  Animals in captivity also have better health care than most humans have access to. 

3 the highest and most relevant purpose an animal can serve is to be perceived by and contribute to the lives of the most advanced species on the planet. 

4: Now Stanhope says why don’t they go on a trip to see these animals.  Well everybody isn’t selling out 500 person venues across the United States and Europe.  The median household checking account has less than $3400 in it.  Not half the people, but half the households have less than $3400 in their checking and much of this money is already allocated to bills.  Presumably that same half of people is the half of American’s that don’t have any savings, and the nearly 40% of the population that has negative wealth.  Everyone isn’t a piece of shit PETA supporter who has money to spend on frivilous causes.  People cannot afford to go on safaris and cruises to see these animals.  Rid the world of Zoos and circuses, and only the wealthy PETA supporters and higher ups in the organization will be able to see these animals.  Fuck poor kids is what Doug and PETA are saying. 

On the subject of wearing animal fur, have you ever felt chinchila fur on your skin?  1: It feels good and this animal causes a person to feel good, the same as watching or interacting with it except that it requires no effort from the animal.  Highest purpose an animal can serve. 

2: Style is subjective, and many people think it looks good.  A person feels good when they perceive themselves as looking good regardless of whether others share the opinion.  Again the animal causes the person to feel good without having to expend any effort.  I know personally, if I see somebody with snake skin boots or gator boots that mother fucker is typically killing shit (looking good).  A lot of leather is going hard and so is fur inside and around the collar.  These animals that are harvested for their fur typically die much more humanely than they would in the wild. 

The other day there was a commercial about saving fucking Orangutangs.  (Fuck you I’m not looking up how to spell it you know what I’m typing.)  It said up to 20 a day are disappearing.  Meanwhile tens of thousands of humans are dying poverty related deaths everyday, most people have little money, and very few opportunities to get money so they are living in systemically imposed trapped circumstances.  Trapped circumstances mean that an individual’s opportunities for income is roughly equal to their expenses, including emotional upkeep to maintain what income they do have existing within those cirucmstances.  You have people across the world who are trapped, much of which is the product of over a century of US imposition in the affairs of these countries, or the United States support of despots who sacrafice the interests of their people to serve the interests of the US.  Children whose fathers go out to get food and never return because they’re killed by a suicide bomber because the US has destablized the country they live in, or fathers and mothers are killed in a drone strike because someone purchased the phone of someone affilitated with a terrorist organization. 

As demonstrated in this comment you’re wrong about the treatment of animals who entertain people being unethical.  Sure, in some cases probably, but in most cases their lives are much better than they’d be in the wild.  PETA and animal rights advocacy is really just people who are too ignorant to understand the world they live in and accept their responsiblity for consent to, participation in, and the benefit they derrive from the systems that produce tyranny and consequently human misery and dysfunction.

There is a problem when people are dedicating time and resources to animals when billions of people around the world are trapped in miserable circumstances.

After this I clicked on a video that Doug participated in a protest within his town to maintain public funding for their animal shelter. I didn’t watch much of the video but I did have a few thoughts related to the effort. Mainly, that while people will get together to protest the defunding of something they claim is important, they often are not willing to make the sacrafices necessary to prioritize the funding of the thing they hope to preserve. Below is my comment on the choices that typically have to be made to preserve their animal shelter. I also don’t know the outcome of this effort, but I presume they probably kept the shelter open given the amount of people who showed up compared the amount of people in the town.

Bisbee Animal Shelters

I saw another video featuring Stanhope protesting for the city to maintain funding for the animal shelter.  This is actually a pretty easy fix.  If the animal shelter is necessary and important to the citizens of the town, they can either A: make small recurring donations to the animal shelter to fund it since these citizens claim it is important to them.  Or B: they can request that the city raise their taxes to fund the animal shelter. 

Otherwise, in asking the city to maintain funding for the animal shelter they must also choose what they want to defund since there obviously isn’t enough money in the budget to maintain the funding to the animal shelter.  Or C: they can ask the town to sell municipal bonds to maintain the funding and hope the city’s annual revenue increases to pay back those bonds to keep the animal shelter open.  Instead they yell and hold signs with puppies on them, which is a child’s expression of a grievance.  Yelling in the backseat we want McDonalds, we want McDonalds.