This is more or less an assessment of my circumstances and reflecting on the last few weeks I haven’t been posting. There was a few days where I was recording very dry readings of my webpages. This was a waste of time in terms of the product but the exercise had value in editing and refamiliarization with the content. In that refamilarization I recognized opportunities to insert (haven’t yet done) as well as opportunities to abridge. For example, in Balance Stimulus I can create a version where I exclude my criticism of other ideas that purport benefit to the poor.

One article I began to reread is Centers for Economic Planning. In doing so I found the introduction to be very repetitive. Sometimes this happens as I’m referencing features to make other points about them. I’m sure there are many articles that could benefit from another look.

As to the title of this page I’m coming off a rough weekend. Alcohol use is very enjoyable in the moment but the following day, and then drinking on sequential days amplifies the lingering negative. The lingering negative is much less about the physical recovery, and much more about the time wasted, and the time wasted not feeling good enough to do anything productive.

On Sunday I had to do something and began looking at the customs and border patrol numbers to see how much of the socalled surge is really a surge. The numbers are higher than in recent years, much of this a product of lower than normal numbers due to Covid-19 in 2020, and the perception that Biden’s policy will be friendly to illegal immigrants. If we go back to March of 2006 there was 160k enforcement acts in March. They’ve been calling this March a surge, embellishing it as if the US will soon be overwhelmed by an endless throng of illegal migrants. March 2021 there was 168k. February was eclipsed in numbers by many other Februarys in recent history.

I was about to write a short article echoing the conclusions from Immigration, Overstated and Uncorrectable. Immigration is still a product of US foreign policy towards latin america past and present. That policy cannot be reversed because US policy is a product of industrial interests and industry’s interest in Latin America requires the maintainence of impoverished conditions to take advantage of low labor costs and facilitate the exploitation of resources. You cannot create policies to support independent economic development because such development that creates prosperity for the population is against the interests of those who direct policy.

In the coming decades climate change may create an actual surge in migration through the southern border but we’re not there yet. I support illegal immigration. By that I mean I wish the people who take the risks to enter this country in search of opportunity luck, but I don’t support open borders. It has to stay illegal as a deterent, otherwise illegal immigration could become a problem. As it is today and as it has been in the decades that it has been a boogie man summoned by the right to engage the rank and file, it isn’t a problem.

By it isn’t a problem I’m saying even a greater absorption rate does not affect the lives and opportunities of American citizens. In Immigration Uncorrectable and Overstated I used the example of if we absorbed every immgirant in CBP custody for a year, it is like adding 1 to 1833. If you think about it as in you have 1833 dollars, one dollar added or even taken away isn’t significant compared to the total amount of dollars. In actual dollars the amount spent on whatever social services this 1 out 1834 require is grossly insignficant compared to the overall money spent on social services.

I have Lowest Paid Employee Wage Disclosure article which is short that I haven’t published as well as a point by point abridge version of Assignment and Comparison. I haven’t posted this. Why post it? On a few different occasions I’ve seen hits on every SCA article I have. I haven’t received a single comment or question about the material. I don’t see the value of sharing anymore about this without any interest. This of course effects my productivity, and not being productive feels bad. Productivity is impacted by the idea that I everything I write has no outlet, so why write it?

The title of this article expresses where I’m at and the probable trajectory of where I’m going. The idea that in a month I will be working for 3.5 months straight is daunting. I already feell how I anticipate I will feel during the period. Most of my time will be focused on the menial tasks of this job and I’m going to feel like shit because I can’t do anything else during this period. That is part of the fuck.

The other part of the fuck is being able to really take the first step with this shit. How do I gain enough attention from a person to be able to teach and promote this? The biggest obstacle is people’s views are not based on an understanding of function, and revealing function destroys their positions, beliefs, and carries with it negative feelings.