How to Change the World

I propose solutions to various problems both systemic and symptomatic.   

The great question is how do I realize the reforms and gain the attention of people to allow me to teach Sequencing and Comparison?  

I have time, I need money.  

First I need to be able to sustain myself and remove myself from my current location and environment which is an obstruction to all I hope to accomplish, for reasons too numerous and too complex to list here.  

Second, I need to be free from the stress and the demand on my time of meeting my expenses for a few months.  

Third, I need to hire at least one person to teach sequencing and comparison to.  A salary to gain serious enough attention and interest from an individual to be able to teach and test them.  I don’t think the market for the position will be very demanding.  Most people would rather earn $15 an hour to learn and perform Seq Comp exercises for 8 hours a day than doing most other jobs where they’d earn $15 an hour.  SeqComp doesn’t require any special knowledge, it deals with the identification of subconscious processors and the organization and assignment of basic detail that everyone perceives. 

 I’m repulsive in the sense that in any serious setting and conversation something I can show to be true is going to invalidate some important belief or opinion.  It feels bad and people avoid sources of bad feelings.  Although I haven’t been actively engaged and promoting in any meaningful setting for the last few years, when I was active I still wasn’t able to attract any interest in what I was proposing.  Despite the clarity and implications of those arguments that invalidated through function and fact the position of others, no one was interested.  If I’m paying a few people to learn it, the money not only secures their attention but motivates their effort to learn and understand it.(1) I’d need about 36 weeks worth of salary for three employees.  

1:  If we wanted to see students pay more attention in the school it makes more sense to reward the students than it does to dump money down a hole teacher salaries, administrator salaries, and resources.  Not that the state has to pay the students, but it would be a good corporate sponsorship idea.  Corporate sponsorship where a company sponsors a school to reward every A with a $50 gift card to the store.  8 subjects, 250 students, that’s $100,000 sponsorship.  See how many more students get straight As if they can earn $400 a semester to do it.  It’d be $400,000, plus probably something for B’s, but it would definitely increase the efficiency of learning.  A good study for anyone with a half million dollars in funding.       

Beginning with a group could prove more conducive to better results.  A group creates an opportunity for people who are exposed to the same information to share what they understand and do not understand with one another which produces better feedback.  Better feedback facilitates timely adjustments and modifications of the material that promotes efficiency in learning.        

Fourth has a few different aspects.  With other people understanding seq comp I presume on a continuation of the professional relationship but under changing terms.  There is no way a person can understand it, and not be excited, enthusiastic, and aware of the potential to bring about human enlightenment and liberation.  I don’t think it will take 36 weeks to teach someone seq comp.  I think it will require maybe a week to learn and a few weeks to develop the conscious application and recognition of it.  It may take a few weeks to grasp systemic functions, and possibly know our points of controversy on civic issues.  A person understanding seq comp doesn’t mean they will agree with all my positions on political issues and have the same value of solutions as I do.  What it does mean is two people who understand seq comp who have different opinions will both have a valid basis for those differing opinions, and will understand that their disagreement is based on an  unknowable fact, different expectations of efficiency, dispute of function, a subjective value difference, or an admitted bias.  The two can cooperate on general purposes of liberation while recognizing and promoting their differences through this common purpose by emphasizing their opinion in the various roles they perform.  For example, this other person may not like the Criteria for Deadly Force and Enforcement.  If they accurately explain the details of the program they can express their criticism of the idea if they present it.      

The 4th step requires refinement of the curriculum for delivery into a group setting, and also the creation of a fundraising presentation.  We’ll begin marketing for a free class as well as schedule presentations to donors.  Obviously celebrities would be the most desirable market for fundraising.  Not only because they have deep pockets, but because introducing them to these concepts will allow their influence over the public to create public awareness and interest in the material.  

5th, those who have the most enthusiasm and grasp of the material are invited to serve in furthering the cause.  With a quality nucleus of participants who are interested in furthering the cause of truth and liberation we establish two non-profit organizations.  The first a 501c3 for the educational program.  The second, a 501c4 or 527 to lobby and promote the legislative ideas to further liberation.  Preliminary names SATL and OPL.  School for the Advancement of Truth and Liberty, and The Organization for Popular Legislative.  

From there different opportunities will be assessed by merit.  Setting up educational outpost locations as demand can be created or is required.  A for profit company may need to be formed once the public recognizes the value of the material so outposts can exist that are for profit.  When I say outposts I really mean schools, but I’m using the word outpost because I don’t envision these schools to be permanent.  Eventually the material and the results it produces will draw academic attention, and even the strong biases that constrain this species in the academic world will be forced to endorse it.  Core elements could be incorporated into the public school curriculum once the merit is established.  The material itself, beyond the core elements can spawn small businesses creation.  Where any individual or group of individuals who understand the material and can teach it to others can develop their curriculum and have it certified by SATL.     

SATL will also be creating outposts.  Obviously no one should be without the opportunity to learn SeqComp because they do not have the money to pay for the class.  SATL fundraising will consist of presenting the SeqComp to philanthropists, largely foundations who offer grants to pay for free classes for the public.  The for profit company will be created to sell the service for those who have the money and do not want to wait for a public spot to become available.  

I have various ideas to be promoted through OPL.  OPL will build coalition support for legislative ideas it is promoting.  When a solution addresses a problem that is recognized by other organizations interested in addressing the problem those organizations can be briefed on the idea, incorporate it into their platform, and assist in the effort to create public awareness and support for the idea.  Ideas will be promoted, refined, developed, and new ones created to address issues that can be solved legislatively.  OPL will be working with legislators and candidates to help them understand the problem, the solution, the amount of public support behind the idea, and how the support for that idea will impact public perception of the candidate or representative should they choose to be indifferent or adverse to it.

Teach people how to think objectively and to understand themselves, and  pass legislation that creates opportunity for time and money.  

I see myself serving a fluid role, setting up and passing along, and contributing to organizing, strategizing, and problem solving towards whatever end is most in need of my attention, and also what I am most interested in doing.  Once one phase is in trusted and competent hands I’ll move onto something new or something that requires my attention.  For example, once SATL is established: there are people who understand SeqComp, are capable of teaching the curriculum, as well as teaching others to teach the curriculum, fundraise, market, and create outposts, I’m free to move probably with others to begin establishing OPL.  New developments or goals will create new opportunities.  For example, if a Center for Economic Planning is understood and sought after in an area, I would run for executive planner or public interest manager for the Center for Economic Planning because of how important the success of the first one or one of the first one’s would be.  I don’t intend to build something and preside over every aspect of it.  Build a functioning component of liberation and allow competent and ambitious people to maintain the functioning of it, as I move onto another component.  

I could elevate this species for several hundred thousand dollars.  Peanuts compared to the billions of dollars pissed away on causes promoting problems that either do not exist or solutions that fail to address the problem.  What I have substantively challenges people’s perception of reality, by making clearer the observations that invalidate their opinions and beliefs.  I won’t go further into the explanation that’s what the 100s of pages of material on my website are for.  I bring it up because I can’t crowdfund something people don’t understand, people do not want to understand it because it invalidates their beliefs, and the material cannot be promoted through buzzwords used to attract the attention of bias reinforcing consumers of information.  No outlet for this information through friends or family.  I’m unwilling to adjust my values or appear to adjust my values to gain acceptance in a group.  It defeats the purpose of group inclusion since the purpose is advancing truth and liberation, and it is those very values that have to be changed in order to gain acceptance into a group.  As far as working a job to raise the funds what do you think my opportunities are to earn money?  I have no plug and no clientele.  What can I expect?  $500 a week probably less?  If I save half of every paycheck and I’m able to manage my expenses in 8 years I’ll have $100,000 to get started.  LOL.  Presuming I could find a job I’d do for 8 years without quitting or killing myself.    

It can be done, I can do it, but there is no way for me to do it based on the priorities and behavioral functions of this species and my opportunities to earn money.  I wake up everyday trapped by circumstances that exceed even my limited opportunities to make money.  I observe this arbitrary and dysfunctional species.  By dysfunction I mean, the functions produce undesirable results.