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2/8/2020 New Sollicit Template

I am an unpaid author whose material relates to political, economic, and social function, and is suppressed by bias.  Bias Induced Denial is based on the understanding that people pursue what causes them to feel good and they avoid that which causes them to feel bad.  Information that challenges people’s beliefs causes them to feel bad so they avoid it and refuse to acknowledge such information. This is a detriment to our species because it means communication cannot take place and we cannot come to truth about things for which truth can be known.  Since all people are a product of their impressed biases my material offends all people.  

Despite not having a market, the material has a great deal of value to Americans in understanding the political, economic, and social systems we live within, as well as improving human intelligence, and providing comprehensive solutions to solving our problems.  The information has great utility, but the propensity to offend. I’m sending the book to civically interested people in an effort to create a market for my material, to improve the material, and advance the ideas, which will improve the human experience.  

The book is attached, I would appreciate for you to direct your attention to it as time permits and share it.  Questions and comments are always welcome.  


Orion Simerl

720 448 2846



Proud Boy’s Kentucky email exchange

Message to Proud Boy’s Chapters:

I am an unpaid author whose material relates to political, economic, and social function, and is suppressed by bias.  Bias Induced Denial is based on the understanding that people pursue what causes them to feel good and they avoid that which causes them to feel bad.  In the simplest of language information that challenges people’s beliefs causes them to feel bad so they avoid it and refuse to acknowledge it. This is a detriment to our species because it means communication cannot take place, and we cannot come to truth about things for which truth can be known.  This is also why many issues typically have two sides, and both sides are wrong, or one side is right but on a false understanding. My material is offensive because it is true, and therefore it offends all biases.  

Despite not having a market, the material has a great deal of value to Americans, in understanding the political, economic, and social systems we live within, as well as improving human intelligence, and comprehensive solutions to solving our problems.  My material offends all biases, and the biases of the Proud Boys will be no exception, but there are probably also significant points of congruence, which will contribute to a more thorough understanding of existing positions.  

For example, Proud Boys may be able to appreciate an article written about Australian Gun Control which compares the amount of mass murders in incidents and casualties in the 20 years prior to gun control to 20 years following gun control and there is no reduction in victims or casualties.  This reinforces the idea the article is founded on, which states, reducing the means available to kill people does not prevent people who want to kill people from killing people.  

Then your bias may be offended in an article called Immigration Overstated and Uncorrectable.  The article measures the amount of people taken into CBP custody each year, which amounts to about 180,000 people.  Even if CBP prevented no one from entering the country the US would only gain 180,000 people, which in a country of 330 million is the equivalent to adding or subtracting 1 dollar.  This isn’t an argument for open borders because that would cause a huge spike, it’s merely stating that immigration is an overstated problem for political purposes. You can take a video everyday of 1000 people in a caravan and broadcast it to make it seem like there is an invading army of immigrants when actually the problem is overstated.  Immigration cannot be solved because the same probusiness foreign policy that has created circumstances where people’s country is unlivable, is still going on and it isn’t likely to change. We’re fine to maintain the borders as we presently do with little or nothing in the way additional resources, aside from what is required to maintain adequate housing conditions.  

I’m sending the book to civically minded groups in an effort to create a market for information that benefits humankind.  The book is not limited to political issues and solutions, but also contains objective moral philosophy, a theory of the mind, and causes for the formation of popular perception.  It is a substantial document. When you have time if you will read and share it I would be greatly appreciative, and I always welcome questions, comments, and feedback.  

Kentucky Chapter Reply 2/9/2020

The Proud Boys don’t take what you call “offense”. That word is not in my vocabulary. Get over your fucking self and join the Proud Boys. I am also a writer. My shit is pretty good. I don’t advertise it by telling other people that I don’t know that they will be “offended” by it, and then just write a bunch of other shit that contradicts itself. That’s exactly what you did. Grow a pair and join a chapter in Colorado, which the number you gave indicates as your location. Don’t contact us again unless you intend to join our chapter or a friend or acquaintance in KY desires to join our chapter. I read at least a book a month, Levin, Paul Strang and Savage were the authors of my last three. Nut the fuck up and do better, laters Ricky Parks or Orion Simerl, you’re fucking weird dude.. And one of the main tenets of the Proud Boys is closed borders. We ain’t gonna budge on that for your socialist global agenda. MAGA4DAYS4LIFE PROUDBOYS4DAYS4LIFE 

Kentucky Proud Boys, welcome to the greatest fraternity on Earth.

My response 2/9/2020

It is  a different level of offense, where what you write is presumably intent on offending one bias by reinforcing another which is the bias of your organization.  Second, there are no contraditions which is exactly why you didn’t provide an example.  Your author lists speaks to you only consuming information that reinforces your bias.  The fake tough guy content is funny though (grow a pairk, nut the fuck up) I appreciate that, as well as confirming the stereotype about your group that it really is a bunch of ignorant rednecks without the comprehension skills to have an intelligent conversation.  At least how you’ve represented this gorup in this email.  Lastly, I dont’ have a global socialist agenda, and maybe if you read at a higher level, you’d be able to understand that pointing out that immigration isn’t a problem that requires as much attention as it receives isn’t the same as open borders.  I stated explicitly that I am not for open borders but you can’t read material that offends your bias because it hurts.  I appreciate the response, it was entertaining despite lacking any insight, substance, or traces of adult intellect.  
lol Orion Simerl 

Kentucky Chapter Reply 2/10/2020

You misspelled 3 or 4 words in your passive-aggressive diatribe and your syntax is just plain bad. Please do not contact us again. This is a group for men that love our country, who do not apologize for creating the modern world. Good luck with your endeavors bro.. Go cuck to someone else. We do not care.     

My response 2/10/2020

Why do you love your country?

Email to ACLU 2/13/2020

I’m contacting the ACLU concerning an incident with my daughter at school that represents a broader and frequent imposition on the rights of children by her school, and probably by schools more broadly.  Below is an email exchange between an officer of the West Allis Police Department and myself that describes the event and the implications of this event as well as the broader implications concerning the wording of a statute.

Email to West Allis Police Department  

I have quick question and a possible complaint.  I’m currently living out of state and I received a phone call from my daughter Ava Simerl who was upset because of an incident that happened at Lane Intermediate School (1300 S 109th St., 53214) where she attends 8th grade.  During her German class which is taught by Ms. Franklin, there is a period at the end of the class when children are finished with their work where they are free to do as they please, obviously so long as what they are doing doesn’t disrupt anyone else.  My daughter was on her phone during this period, and she has used her phone during this period, in this class, taught by this teacher in the past without incident. My daughter Ava told me during her German class, Monday, February 10th, at approximately 9:15 am as the period was concluding, that Ms. Franklin put her hands on my daughter’s phone and attempted to take it, telling her, “give it to me, it’s mine or it’s going to the office”.  My daughter pulled her phone away and said “no”.  

If school policy prohibits her use of her phone or if classroom policy has changed in regard to the enforcement of that policy the teacher may inform my daughter, ask her to put her phone away, ask or tell her to give her (Ms. Franklin) the phone, but she has no right to attempt to physically take or touch my daughter’s property.  My daughter has the right to be secure in her property, and even worse, my daughter informed me that this is not an isolated incident. She informed me that other children’s items have been physically taken by teachers, and it could be that their parents consent to their children’s property being touched or taken by the teachers, neither myself, nor her mother have waived this right.  Her mother (Holly Gilgenbach) told me that she informed the school that she does not consent to them touching or taking Ava’s property.    

I looked up the state statute for theft 943.20 (a) which states any person who intentionally takes and carries away… movable property without the owner’s consent with intent to deprive the owner of the property permanently of possession of the property”, has violated the statute.  This statute does not apply because the teacher does not intend to “deprive the owner of the property permearnetly of possession of the property” only temporarily. Still, there has to be a statute that prevents someone from temporarily depriving someone of their property to ensure people are secure in their property as guaranteed by the 5th amendment, otherwise, in Wisconsin it is legal for me to take people’s property so long as I intend to give it back.  I failed to locate the statute through a few google attempts and I figured it made more sense to contact the people who are paid to know these things. If I could prove my intentions were to borrow someone’s phone not to permanently deprive them of the property, and this person called to complain that I just grabbed their phone, tugged it, and said give it to me, what would I be charged with, again if I could prove my intentions were for temporary and not permanent deprivation?  Whatever that statute is, Ms. Franklin attempted to violate by putting her hand on Ava’s phone and attempting to pull it away to take possession of it.  

If no statute exists, I need to know this as well as it has other implications for my daughter and her mother’s constitutional rights and the failure of the state to protect and uphold those rights.  There is either a statute that protects my daughter from being deprived of property even if only temporarily, or the state of Wisconsin is failing to protect her federally guaranteed right to be secure in her property.  

The officer replied 

Mr. Simerl –  When a teacher attempts to take an item from the hands of a student in a classroom setting, I’m not quite sure the US Constitution comes into play.  It does not sound like your daughter was injured and I agree, it would not be theft. 

Based on the information you have provided, there was no crime committed by the teacher, therefore any complaint should be directed to the school’s administrative staff.

I sent a follow up question which he has not responded to: 

Thank you for the response.  I do have one follow up question I hope you’d be able to answer for me.  If you received a call that someone attempted to take a phone from someone, but they could prove their intent was to return it at some point, what would you arrest or charge the perpetrator with?  Or is the temporary deprivation of someone’s property lawful according to state law if you can prove temporary intent? If you require a scenario where proving this intent is possible, if for example, the person taking the phone took the person’s phone on other occasions and returned it, this history would be evidence of temporary intent.  Upon learning these details a responding officer wouldn’t be able to charge the perpetrator with attempted theft, since both parties would attest to the intent of deprivation of the property being temporary. I’m just wondering what the statute is, because it seems like it is permissible under Wisconsin law to take people’s property if you can prove temporary intent?

  • End of exchange

My daughter is not the only student who has experienced a teacher physically attempting to take or having property taken from.  If congress and states are prevented from making laws that violate the rights of citizens, schools must be prohibited from implementing policies that violate constitutionally guaranteed rights.  When is it okay to take someone’s property without their consent? This takes place on a regular basis at her school. She told me another child’s phone was taken out of his hand and the screen was cracked in the process.   

The other aspect of this situation is the wording of the Wisconsin Statute on theft which is why I asked the officer what he would charge someone with if the perpetrator could prove his intent was only temporary, which as I mentioned means the state of Wisconsin is failing to protect the property rights of its citizens since it appear to lawful to temporarily deprive someone of their property according to Wisconsin law, despite citizens of this country having the right to be secure in their property.  

I wanted to know what the constitutional basis is for a school policy that allows the rights of children to have property taken from them, and if the ACLU knows what Wisconsin statute protects citizens from being temporarily deprived of their property?  

I appreciate your attention on this matter and myself as well as the parties involved (Ava and her mother) can provide additional details including the impact this incident and incidents like it have on my daughters well being and education.  

2/19/2020 Communist Solicitation

I have a book I am trying to promote called “Truth Over Everything and Liberty is True”.  The scope is very broad relating to social, economic, and political issues and function. In addition to identifying problems the book presents feasible solutions to systemic and symptomatic issues relating to the liberty of the underclasses.  I present a moral philosophy that is consistent, true, and ideal at all times and in all settings that serves as the basis for analysis and assigning merit. The book also contains an irrefutable theory of the mind that reveals why communication cannot place which is at the heart of all of humanity’s problems.

Truth is offensive, which is why my work goes largely unacknowledged because people avoid and refuse to acknowledge information that challenges their beliefs.  The reasons for this a subject of the book called Bias Induced Denial. Although there are areas of convergence between myself and people of all political affiliations there are also as many areas of divergence, and this divergence causes people to avoid my material, for very artculatable reasons.  

I may be wrong, but my understanding of the communist parties in their modern form is generally intent on purposes related to labor laws, increasing minimum wage, benefits, union organizing and then non-labor and non-class based efforts like the promotion of racial, gender, and sexuality interests in an effort to attract membership and attention.  I am for the promotion of class interests, which includes labor in a nation where most of the population does not earn enough to afford the the average cost of living on their own. Fundamentally, we should be working towards the same goals, which is the empowerment of the underclasses which includes increasing people’s quality of life. I measure quality of life in terms of liberty.  Liberty consists not only of opportunities to acquire the means (money) to do, but also what a person does to obtain those means, how much time is required to obtain those means versus how much time an individual has to do as they please, a person’s opportunity to earn a living doing something they want to be doing, and also an individual’s ability to have his interests represented in government when those interests are consistent with the interests of a majority of the population.  I’m concerned with an individual’s opportunity to earn money, have time, to perform work they want to be doing, to have representation in government, and the sustainability of methods of production.   

I’ve sent out over 2000 solicitations to civically minded organizations for my book, many of which were of a generic nature.  The solicitation consisted of lamenting my isolation and providing the explanation for that isolation through Bias Induced Denial.  After receiving no substantive responses or any evidence that anyone bothered to read anything, I am adjusting my approach, and this more thoughtful solicitation is a product of that adjustment.  I’m slightly more optimistic about contacting communists than I am other groups, which isn’t to say my material will not be equally offensive to communists at different points, but my optimism is product of knowing that the comprehension skills of communists generally exceeds that of the general population.  Again, I also think conceptually, the political and economic organizational understanding of communists is probably closer to my own than that of other political ideologies.  

I would like to share with you a brief exchange of comments I had with someone who appeared to be a communist or at least was familiar with concepts of Marx.  The exchange allows me to introduce a few ideas in the book that may interest or be supported by communists. I am not a communist, but I don’t see how that would disqualify communists benefiting from insights of the book, or would prevent communists from supporting and promoting ideas that serve interests that communists represent.  I am also including a pair of emails I sent to the Poor People’s Campaign, that discussed a strategy to achieve an idea that the PPC seems uninterested in. If I can’t hold your attention here it is unlikely that you will be interested in reading and sharing the book, or supporting any of the ideas within it.  

Comment 1 Tinydave17 Don’t blame individuals for systemic problems. There’s no ethical consumption under Capitalism.

Comment 2 Orion Simerl@tinydave17 Systems exist by way of collective consent which consists of individual choices.  Individuals are to blame for systemic problems. Saying there is no ethical consumption under capitalism is an opinion not supported by any facts or example.

Comment 3 tinydave17@Orion Simerl Capitalism is not consensual. The working class has no serious political power. All participation in the system contributes to the exploitation of labor by way of Marx’s law of value. There is a very specific class of people responsible for the world’s problems and it is not the working class. (By the way I’ve said my peace. You can have the last word. Nothing you say will be of any persuasiveness to anyone who isn’t a bootlicker.)

Comment 4 Orion Simerl@tinydave17 Labor is only exploited because labor consists of people who do not have the means to create their own opportunity.  If people have money they become capable of creating their own opportunity. I describe a plan called a balance stimulus which ensures people without money have an opportunity with money.  People also have the capacity to pool their resources through taxes into collective entities, as I’m proposing with Centers for Economic Planning. This allows for democratic control of the means of production inside a free market economy, but more importantly it allows people to compete in political investment through local democratic institutions, which will create popular representation in government.  For more on these ideas my book Truth Over Everything and Liberty is True is Available at  orioncs.net

Comment 5 Orion Simerl@tinydave17 I returned to comment exchange as I intended to use my response to your comment as a solicitation for my book to communist organizations.  In doing so, I noticed that I didn’t point out the contradiction in your comment in the second sentence. Capitalism is non consensual, but all participation in the system contributes to the exploitation of labor.  Which means the participation in the system by labor contributes to the exploitation of labor, and it isn’t only “a very specific class responsible for the world’s problems”. I thought I’d bring it to your attention that your weak attempt at confronting the true assertion that systems exist by way of collective consent, is actually reinforced through comment and not weakened.  Although the general idea of what you were trying to assert about the exploitation of labor was addressed in my previous response.

Comment 6 tinydave171@Orion Simerl I don’t want to have a conversation with you. I thought I made that abundantly clear.

Comment 7 Orion Simerl1@tinydave17  It’s a lot less clear now that you’ve responded, since your response is the exchange of information which constitutes a conversation that you’re willfully participating in.  No one wants to have a conversation with me because the truth offends their biases. The ideas you cling to are a source of good feelings, and when you learn those ideas are false or not good, it takes away the ability of those ideas to provide you with those feelings.  I understand you don’t want to have a conversation with me. Self deception also compromises self interest, in the sense that people want to do what they want to do, and what they want to do is based on what they value, and what they value is based on what they believe is true.  Since people prefer what they want to be true over what is true they value things they wouldn’t value and do what they wouldn’t do if their beliefs were based on truth. Self deception also compromises know how, meaning an individual is less capable of fulfilling their purposes by self deceiving.  Finally, self deception prevents communication from taking place which is the root of all human problems. This is why the fate of humanity depends on human beings understanding “Truth Over Everything and Liberty is True” Orioncs.net  I shouldn’t be at odds with communists, my understanding of the world doesn’t differ much from some of Marx’s observations.  The difference is I understand the deficiencies of his solutions and how the deficiencies that communists think can only be resolved through a central authority planning production and distribution can be resolved through markets and using the government to empower people.

I was going to share a promotional effort of one of the ideas mentioned in the exchange, which includes strategy for achieving the idea through electoral politics.  Details available at http://orioncs.net/how-to-serve-the-interest-of-the-poor-through-national-elections/ I didn’t insert it in the email because it is somewhat lengthy, but the article (actually 2 promotional emails) also contains a distinction of class interests, which in itself may be of interest to communists: an outside perspective on what and where class interest diverge.  

Why are you a communist?  I presume you’re a communist because you believe communism will liberate the under classes and increase people’s quality of life?  Any ideas whether communist or otherwise that produce liberation (mind and circumstances), should be supported by communists, in fulfillment of the purpose of the communist choosing communism.  

My book is attached for free, “Truth Over Everything and Liberty is True”, when time permits I hope you will give it your attention and share it.