I’m starting this page more for myself to chronicle my promotional efforts.

1/6/2019 Created Log Page. LOL

1/6/2019 Created submission of book to Democracy Now to inform of criticism.

1/6/2019 Created notification for Noam Chomsky to inform of criticism.

1/6/2019 Created request to allow quotations for Thomas Ferguson.

1/6/2019 Edits in Optimism, Youtube Comments/Debates, Centers for Economic Planning, Introduction, and Founding Intents.

1/7/2019 Updated introduction on my website.

1/7/2019 Created 1st book excerpts page.

1/7/2020 Sent notification to Democracy Now

1/7/2020 Sent notification to Noam Chomsky

1/7/2020 Sent request to Thomas Ferguson.

1/7/2020 Penned outline for Seq Comp lite.

1/8/2020 Sent notification to Robert A. McGuire

1/8/2020 Edits in Optimism

1/8/2020 Received reply from Noam Chomsky.

1/8/2020 Edits in The Founding Intents of the United States of America

1/8/2020 Started Sequencing and Comparison Lite

1/9/2020 Created and sent notification of criticism to Andrew Bacevich

1/9/2020 Created and sent notification of criticism to Joe Rogan Podcast

1/9/2020 Created and sent notification of criticism to William Barber II

1/10/2020 Created conclusion for Chomsky response

1/10/2020 Created conclusion for Bacevich response

1/10/2020 Sent Chapter Founding Intents of the United States of America to McGuire for review.

1/10/2020 Published log page

1/10/2020 Created and published log summary page.

Click Here to view log Summary 1/6/2020 to 1/10/2020

1/11/2020 Created and sent notification of criticism to Jimmy Dore Show

1/11/2020 Created and sent notification of criticism to Greg Palast

1/11/2020 Created and sent review request of Popular Myths of Tax Policy to Emmanual Saez.

1/12/2020 Finished editing Optimism

1/13/2020 Worked a job seperating lead from rubber at the gun range.

1/14/2020 Completed acknowledgements

1/14/2020 Completed bibliography

1/14/2020 Finished preliminary formatting

1/15/2020 Created PayPal donate button

1/15/2020 Created free book page

1/15/2020 Expanded Acknowledgements

1/16 to 1/17 2020 Completed Seq Comp Lite

1/16/to 1/17/2020 Created sollicitation.

1/16 to 1/17/2020 Edited Climate Change 101

1/16 to 1/17/2020 Transfered file to different word processor, aligned format and exported to PDF.

1/18/2020 Finished excerpt page.

1/18/2020 Began final proof read.

1/19/2020 to 1/21/2020 Finished final proof read and editing.

1/23/2020 Sent 89 Sollicitations

1/24/2020 Sent 176 Sollicitations total (265)

1/25/2020 Sent 172 Sollicitations Total (437)

1/26/2020 Sent 191 Sollicitations Total (628)

1/27/2020 Sent 67 Solicitations Total (695)

1/27/2020 Finished article “Seeing Reality Through Sequencing and Comparison”.

1/27/2020 Added article to TOE LIT 2nd January Edition

1/27/2020 Submitted Article to Huffington Post. Not on the expectation of the article being published due to it propensity to offend, but the article itself is important as well as my other material and it was a spur of the moment idea that has some potential benefit. Will begin media sollicitations once I finish my currrent list.

1/27/2020 Removed Orion 2020 from book title.

1/28/2020 Sent 156 Solicitations Total (851)

1/28/2020 Finished rough copy of class interests in the election and the identification of the poor interest and choosing the candidate of the poor.

1/29/2020 Edited class interests

1/29/2020 Post class interests on my website

1/29/2020 Sent class interest to 36 Poor People Campaign Chapters

1/29/2020 Added Seeing Reality Through Seq Comp, MSDF, and Class Interest to TOE LIT.

1/30/2020 Wrote article Anticipation, scrapped it.

1/30/2020 Sent 108 Sollicitations Total (959)

1/31/2020 Sent 333 Sollicitations Total (1292)

2/1/2020 Sent 298 Solicitations Total (1590)

2/2/2020 Finished List Sent 370 Solicitations Total (1960)

2/3/2020 Created and sent Youtube exchange regarding PETA to PETA. Posted to log summary.

2/3/2020 Responded to email sollicitation reply and reviewed the repliers report. Included it in log summary based on insights provided.

2/3/2020 Posted sollicitation to log summary.

2/5/2020 Compiled Proud Boy’s email list for solicitation.

2/5/2020 Compiled Poor People’s Campaign list for follow up.

2/5/2020 Posted email exchange in Log Summary 2

2/5/2020 Created correction to statement in TOE LIT. Correction available at Correction Page.

2/5/2020 Sent correction criticism solicitation to Jennifer Eberhardt.

2/6/2020 Created Proud Boy’s email message (in Log Summary 2) sent TOE LIT to 68 PB Chapters. Total (2028)

2/6/2020 Finished Poor People’s Campaign Balance Stimulus follow up, sent TOE LIT to 33 chapters. Posted follow up to poor interests artcle. Total (2051)

2/7/2020 Discovered correction was unneeded. I didn’t state what I thought I stated in the description of the video, meaning I didn’t make the error I thought I made. I still kept the correction up because it is a valuable piece of analysis and information.

2/8/2020 Culled additional Youtube Comments from 2019 for TOE LIT inclusion.

2/8/2020 Created new generic solicitation email template. Posted in log summary 3.

2/8/2020 Returned book related message posted to Dad FB Exchange features a quality articulation of BID, and also expresses motives and frustration.

2/8/2020 Sent 46 solicitations. Total (2097)

2/9/2020 Sent 72 solicitations. Total (2169)

2/9/2020 Responded to Proud Boy’s email, posted exchange Log Summary 3

2/10/2020 Worked gig separating lead from rubber.

2/11/2020 Read and replied to message will assemble tomorrow.

2/12/2020 Assembled and added commentary to message exchange and posted Dad Facebook Exchange to website.

2/13/2020 Sent email to ACLU regarding Ava school incident, email in Log Summary 3.

2/12 to 2/16/2020 I neglected the log, but I rewrote SeqComp lite and added it to TOE & LIT.

2/17/2020 Worked gig separating lead from rubber.

2/18/2020 Final TOE and LIT edits. Added preface, adjusted order.

2/19/2020 Created communist solicitation see log summary 3.

2/20/2020 Compiled email list sent 14 solicitations to communist groups. (Total 2184)

2/21/2020 Compiled and added to 2020 Exchanges

2/22/2020 Edited and posted 2020 Exchanges, available here.

2/23/2020 Edited FB guncontrol exchange posted to new 2020 exhanges.

2/24/2020 Worked gig, seperating lead from rubber.

2/25/2020 New direction of promotion. Creation of video presentations, audio files of book chapters, and academic solicitations.

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