Until I was about 28 years old I operated a resale business and made music.

Below are a few of the many songs I made.

My lifestyle is much different than it once was and although the contents of the songs may be disturbing to some people the songs reflect the enviornment I came from and a snap shot of the person I was more or less during my youth.

There are few sentiments in the songs I disagree with.  Most of the songs have to do with disadvantaged people taking advantage of the opportunities available to them in satisfying market demands.

The player was the latest music I made, dated to as late as 2010 or 2011.

This Player below is a compliation I put together with local Milwaukee artists :Tone Burna (performed under the stage name Da Grimey Era during the production of this compilation), Anonymous, Snake Byte, Slug Da Hot One,Dirty Work,Anthamatic, and Flawless. The compilation dates to 2008.