The Only Realistic Solution to the Israel Palestine Conflict

The aim of this idea is to improve the quality of life of Palestinians in both the West Bank and Gaza while completely satisfying the interests of Israel and the United States. There are no cards up my sleeve, no rabbit in my hat, no smoke, and no mirrors which is to say I’m not a magician as the claim may suggest.

The Palestinians have the support of nearly the entire international community for the creation of sovereign Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders. This solution cannot proceed because Israel is supported by the United States. The United States protects Israel through the UN and there is no nation or even group of nations that could force Israel to withdraw from the West Bank and forcibly lift the siege of Gaza. The two state solution being the minimally morally correct solution with overwhelming international support from governments and the people of the world will not succeed. There is 50 years and numerous UN votes in favor of the two state solution that attest to this observation.

The other solution is a one state solution. I don’t think anyone takes this seriously as it is unacceptable to nearly all parties involved. First Israel is a Jewish state and adding 4.4 million Palestinians to a Jewish state has the effect of diluting the essence of that state. Second it is unacceptable to Palestinians because they lose their right to self governance and rightfully understand their interests will be at best underrepresented as citizens of the Jewish state.

The United States and Israel justify the denial of a Palestinian state based on the pretext that Palestinians do not want peace. The pretext is if a Palestinian state was achieved Palestinians would use the fruits of unhindered economic development to wage war against Israel. This narrative has lost credibility among people globally and even among the population of the United States, but the US government is not moved by popular opinion. The US government is moved by the interest of its investors, and these interests are ensuring market access of nations for the exploitation of labor and resources and maintaining points to apply pressure from to remove obstructions to that end.

Israel in defiance of international law continues to build settlements in the West Bank. They maintain a military presence inclusive of check points that allow for the regulation of Palestinian movement. Israel seeks to annex and develop all worthwhile land in the West Bank and there is nothing to suggest they can be stopped in accomplishing this objective. Gaza is kept on life support with the most minimal amount of basic goods being allowed to enter its borders.

The United States has no interest in the creation of a Palestinian state. There is no benefit for a nation to exist that is opposed to the interests of the United States. There is no historical example where the US has acted against its own interest to serve a moral or principled purpose, despite moral or principled pretexts that coincide with their interest.

Activists and intellectuals point to events and changes in public opinion in regard to Israel and offer overly optimistic assessments in the progress towards a two state solution. I think Palestinians know better, but these assessments are the equivalent of an optimistic prognosis for a terminally ill patient. The only opinion that matters is the opinion of a few hundred people in Washington DC. The two state solution is not a realistic solution.

The Palestinian cause is not hopeless depending on the goal of that cause. Is the goal to retain the land of their ancestors? If this is the goal that cause is hopeless moving forward. If the cause is to improve the lives of Palestinians, for them to have the opportunity to life without being arbitrarily murdered, imprisoned, tortured, and routinely bombed and invaded this could be achieved through the abandonment of the first goal.

For most intents and purposes a Palestinian is a stateless person meaning all Palestinians could be given refugee status by the UN which could help to facilitate migration from the West Bank and Gaza. There are additional designations they could qualify for.

Being poor in a country that is not under Israeli occupation or Israeli siege certainly has its benefits but the goal isn’t to trade a great hardship for a more moderate hardship. A mass migration of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza is in the interest of Israel.

Leave but don’t give it away. The Palestinian governing bodies can agree to sell the 2300 square miles that constitute the West Bank and Gaza to Israel. This money can be divided by house hold based on an wealth mechanism. Of course the sale of 2300 square miles is unlikely to produce a sum substantial enough to provide each impoverished family with a new beginning. This sum will be supplemented by an international benefit drive to provide Palestinian families with the money they need to establish themselves in the nation they choose as their new home.

The choice for Palestinians amounts to what is of greater value to them: their land, which they can maintain with their presence for another 50 to 80 years. Or their quality of life, liberty, the potential for prosperity, and the safety of themselves and their children.