TOE and LIT Excerpts

Excerpt from The Popular Myths of Tax Policy

There are two things to understand about the position of the republicans and the democrats concerning taxation. 1st, lowering taxes has no impact on economic investment and economic growth. 2nd, there is no tax rate high enough for the government to tax the rich and produce any meaningful redistributive effect. For clarification on the second point, income and wealth inequality cannot be solved through taxation, and reducing the tax rate has no impact on investment.

Exerpt from 3 Most Important Issues

When we hear about median income we hear it in terms of household income, and the average household size in the united states is 2.6 people. (5) People hear $60,000 and for many it seems like a high number, but only because the number typically represents more than 1 person’s income.(6) The individual median income is only $31,000 per year. (7) There are few places in this country a person can live comfortably on $31,000 per year, which is of course why people have roommates or remain in committed relationships. The lowest cost of living in the United States is New Mexico, which has an average cost of living of $41,300 per year. Half the people in this country cannot afford to live on their own in New Mexico at the average cost of living.(8) This cost of living figure represents the state average, and there are of course ghettos across the country where people live on less, but it does establish that poor can probably be considered more than 50% of the country individually. Based on the fact that at least half the people in this country cannot afford to live alone in the state with the lowest cost of living.

I came across a study from the Brookings Institution which claims 44% of workers are low wage workers, earning less than 10.22 per hour. (9) The 44% is somewhat misleading, because the study excludes self-employed people from the study, for valid data comparison reasons, but it does inflate the percentage of workers who are counted as low wage. 53 million workers meet their criteria of 10.22 an hour or less. Which represents about 1/3rd of the workforce, and 1/4th of the adult population. I include this statistic because it provides a picture of the income below the median. Half the people in this country earn 31k individually or less, and 25% earn between 18k and 31k, and 25% earn less than 18k per year individually.

5: Arcgis 8/5/2019 “2019 USA Average Household Size” by Esri

6: United States Census Bureau 9/12/2018 “Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States 2017 ($61,372)

7: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 9/13/2017 “Real Median Personal Income in the United States”. Source: US Census Bureau $31,099 Individual Median Income

8: USA Today 5/10/2018 “Cost of Living: The Purchasing Power of the Dollar in Every State”, by Michael B Saunter.

9: Martha Ross, Nicole Bateman, 2019 “Meet the Low Wage Workforce”, Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings.

Exerpt from The Green No Deal

“It begins:
“it is the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal—
(A) to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions through a fair and just transition for all communities and workers;
(B) to create millions of good, high-wage jobs and ensure prosperity and economic security for all people of the United States;
(C) to invest in the infrastructure and industry of the United States to sustainably meet the challenges of the 21st century;
(D) to secure for all people of the United States for generations to come—
(i) clean air and water;
(ii) climate and community resiliency;
(iii) healthy food;
(iv) access to nature; and
(v) a sustainable environment;”

Nowhere in the text is there a plan to accomplish any of this. There are goals associated with other goals, but again no plan on how to achieve these goals. For example:

“(E) By upgrading all existing buildings in the United States and building new buildings to achieve maximum energy efficiency, water efficiency, safety, affordability, comfort, and durability, including through electrification;”

How are you going to upgrade these buildings to achieve maximum efficiency? What technology, at what cost, is going to save how much, have what impact, and how will it be implemented? Will the owner be incentivized to make the upgrades? Will the government mandate the owners make the upgrades through regulation? Will the government pay for the upgrades outright? Is it an efficient use of public funds in an effort to reduce emissions or is there other areas where the money could be spent better to achieve the intended purpose? Where does it rank in priority to other spending to reduce emissions and transition to renewable energy?

The goal itself serves no purpose since increasing energy efficiency is meaningless if all energy is derived from renewable sources, and if all energy is not derived from renewable sources efficiency will not avert a climate catastrophe.

Exerpt Bernie Sanders Green New Deal

As I previously expressed, Sanders can include anything in his GND because even if elected, it will not pass congress, but in the same paragraph as weatherizing and retrofitting homes he is promising houses to over 20 million Americans. (2) Sanders plan calls for replacing all mobile homes with modular homes. The average size of a mobile home is 1500sqft conservatively. (3) The average cost per sqft of a modular home is $150. (4) The average cost of replacing each mobile home with a modular home is $225,000. Multiplied by 20 million is 4.5 trillion dollars, and Sanders has allocated only 2 trillion dollars for grants for retrofitting and weatherization, and to replace 20 million mobile homes, which does not include the cost of demolishing 20 million mobile homes and disposing of the debris. Again, you can claim the cost of promises you know you cannot keep is whatever you want it to be because the rubber will never meet the road. A good pitch if he’s trying to flip Oklahoma.

2: BBC 9/24/2013 “Why Do So Many American’s Live in Mobile Homes?”, Tom Geoghegan. “Estimated 20 million American’s live in mobile homes”. (

3: Mobile Home Sell 11/17/2017 “Mobile Home Sizes and How to Choose the Best One for Your Family”, by Bryceadmin. Single wide’s range in size from 600 square feet to 1300 square feet, double wide’s range from 2000 to 2500 square feet. The average of 1500 square feet is a conservative estimate for ease of math, as the average between 600 square feet and 2500 square feet is actually 1650 square feet. Additionally, there are triple wide mobile homes as large as 4500 square feet but were excluded from the average based on the presumed rarity of these structures. (

4: Home Advisor “How Much Does it Cost to Build a Modular Home?”. “This breaks down to a price of $100 to $200 per sqft…” (

Excerpt from Climate Change 101

The situation is actually much worse than what we can expect from manmade emissions. Beneath the permafrost is ancient plant and animal material frozen in the soil which prevents it from decomposing. Plants and animals release carbon during decomposition. If the permafrost melts this buried organic material will decompose and release CO2 and methane into the atmosphere. How much? “1460 to 1600 billion tons of organic carbon”. Which means what? That amount of carbon represents “nearly twice as much carbon stored in the atmosphere”. Presently there are about 400ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere, so the permafrost contains the equivalent 800ppm of carbon (minus ocean scrubbing 30%). (14)

How much permafrost is expected to melt between now and the end of the century. the IPCC estimates that by mid-century 20 to 35 percent of permafrost will melt, and by 2080, as much as 50%. This is an additional 160 to 280ppm of CO2 by mid century, meaning in 30 years, the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere could double, and we could have 800ppm by mid century. (2064 total 570ppm, minus (3.44 (5 decade average annual increase) x14 years) = 522 + 280ppm 35% permafrost melt =802. By 2080, if 50% of the permafrost melts we should see a carbon concentration that exceeds 1000ppm. (2064 570ppm, plus (5 decade average annual increase 7.35 x 16 years)= 698 + 400ppm permafrost melt =1098ppm, by 2080. (15)

14: Andrew Freedman, 12/09/2019, “The Artic May have Crossed Key Threshhold, Emitting Billions of Tons of Carbon into the Air, in a Long Dreaded Climate Feedback”. Washington Post

15: Source: Philippe Rekacewicz, 2005. “The Effect of Climate Change on Permafrost”


In the main class distinct areas of representation, the republicans are for lower taxes, minimum social spending, and deregulation. Many democrats do not deviate greatly from the positions of republicans concerning action in the representation of these interests, although nearly all of them represent the interest of the middle and lower classes in speech. The other area of class distinction is not an area of party distinction either in platform or action. Neither party talks about government contracts, but both parties work to ensure their sponsors are rewarded with business.

Illegal Immigration: Overstated and Uncorrectable

It is interesting how much attention illegal immigration receives considering how few illegal migrants are actually crossing into the United States. There are roughly 15,000 people in CBP custody on any given night. Presumably some are on their second attempt or more, meaning there is probably a portion who are not new migrants. (1) The average stay of a migrant in CBP custody is about one month. (2) Meaning if CBP did nothing, the United States would gain only (15,000 per month x 12 months) 180,000 illegal immigrants per year, which isn’t likely to have a perceivable impact on the lives of citizens.

180,000 people, joining a population of 330 million, is the equivalent of having $1833 and adding $1 or losing $1. That is the extent to which illegal immigration is a problem. The conditions in which migrants are held in detention facilities has become a source of concern, but as a problem itself, in regard to how illegal immigration impacts the lives of Americans, illegal immigration is overstated.

1: Vox, 6/25/2019 “The Horrifying Conditions Facing Kids in Border Detention, Explained”, by Dara Lind. Vox cites CBP reporting to congress on number of migrants in custody. “between May 14 and June 13, US Border Patrol facilities were housing over 14,000 people a day — and sometimes as many as 18,000.” (

2: Freedom For Immigrants “Detention by the Numbers”. “In FY 2017, the average length of stay at any one immigrant prison or jail was 34 days, compared to 22 days in FY 2016 and 21 days in FY 2015.”( Source: National Immigrant Justice Center “November 2017 ICE Facility List”

White Gold Coup

Matthew Eisler draws attention to fact that lithium has been over supplied and lost more than 50% of its value in the last two years falling from $25,000 a ton to $10,000 a ton. He references an uncertain electric vehicle market as the reason why the price is unlikely to recover anytime soon. The statistic itself is a little misleading, because the price peaked in 2017 at $25,000mt, but in 2014 lithium prices were only $6000mt, meaning demand drove up the price, the market responded and over supplied, and the drop in price is the correction. (6) JP Morgan projects a surge not only in electric vehicles but also in hybrid vehicles which is consistent with nearly every other market prediction. (7) Batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles are only one use for lithium and demand will increase as nations seek to transition to renewable energy, where lithium is used for grid storage systems and many other products.

Eislers’ article goes on to point out how the coup harms development of the lithium resource implying US support for the coup, and whatever role the US may have played in facilitating the coup is not motivated by lithium. Lithium is a finite resource. Elon Musk has plans to create about a dozen gigafactories, which are plants to assemble lithium batteries. Musk estimates it will require 100 gigafactories to power the world with renewable energy. (8) There is enough lithium resources on the planet to supply 100 gigafactories for about 70 years. (9) Bolivia’s lithium resources are estimated to be about 16% of the world’s supply. (10) The importance of lithium cannot be overstated in the next few decades.

6: Matthew Eisler, 11/15/2019 “Bolivian Lithium: Why You Should Not Expect Any White Gold Rush in the Wake of Morales Overthrow”. The Conversation.

7: JP Morgan, 10/18/2018 “Driving Into 2025: The future of Electric Vehicles”. “The growth in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) is climbing and by 2025, EVs and HEVs will account for an estimated 30% of all vehicle sales. Comparatively, in 2016 just under 1 million vehicles or 1% of global auto sales came from plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs).”

8: Sean O’Cane, 11/30/2018 “Tesla Will Live and Die by the GigaFactory”. The Verge

9: Tam Hunt, 6/2/2015, “Is There Enough Lithium to Maintain the Growth of the Lithium-Ion Battery Market”? Gtm Since this article was written, an additional 15 million tons of resources have been discovered (see note 10), which moves the projection from 50 years, into the neighborhood of 70 years with 100 gigafactories, which still speaks to the scarcity of the resource in consideration of its importance as an element required to store energy.

10: US Geological Survey, Mineral Commodity Summaries, February 2019. Bolivia’s lithium resources are estimated at 9 million tons, the world resources of lithium are estimated at 55 million tons. Meaning Bolivia’s lithium resources represent about just over 16% of the worlds known resources.

A Self Propelled Coup

If Maduro resigns the people of Venezuela suffer at the hands of a regime that will prioritize US interest above that of the underclasses. If Maduro stays, the people of Venezuela suffer at his tied hands. There is nothing he can do with the sanctions in place to improve the quality of life for Venezuelans. Without the ability to sell oil, and without access to assets held abroad the noose tightens around the neck of the Venezuelan economy.

Prior to the sanctions, in 2017, Maduro signed the national budget which was 8 trillion bolivars, roughly 8 billion dollars. (4) Venezuela is a country of 32 million people. To put that into perspective, Chicago is a city, not a country, of 2.7 million people with an annual budget of 8.6 billion dollars, with a population much less dependent on the local government than the population of Venezuela. Another way to put the number into perspective, Amazon had annual profits in 2018 of 10 billion dollars. You cannot run a country of 32 million people on 8 billion dollars a year, and this was 8 billion dollars two years ago prior to the economic siege imposed by the United States where the country is greatly limited in its ability to access the global market. 73% of the 2013 Venezuelan budget went to social spending.

Maduro should resign for the good of the Venezuelan people.

Maduro is not going to resign.  If he hasn’t understood what a revolution represents yet, then he probably never will.  A revolution has never been about a system, it has never been about an individual, and has never been about which group is in power.  Chavez said “Chavez is the people, and the people are Chavez”, because his actions to the best of his ability always represented the interests of the people, in priority of their need.  The reason Chavez is the people, and the people are Chavez is because there is no difference between their interests and his. A revolution has always been about elevating people’s quality of life, increasing their ability to be free and do as they please.  Anything else is not revolutionary. Chavez is a once in history level figure, possessed of pure intent, extraordinary intelligence, and commodious gusto. Yet it was the people of Venezuela who created the Bolivarian revolution and Chavez was only the catalyst.  Maduro has to trust that the people of Venezuela are capable of restoring the revolution after he allows this coup to succeed. The same way they restored Chavez after the US supported coup in 2002.

4: Reuters “Venezuela’s Maduro Signs 2017 Budget, Bypassed Congress Cries Foul”. By Eyanir Chinea, and Alexandra Ulmer. 10-14-2016

Australian Gun Control Fails to Reduce Incidents of Mass Murder, or Mass Murder Victims

In Australia, in the 20 years prior to the 1996 mass shooting there was a total of 95 people killed in mass murder events. In the 20 years after 1996 there were 96 people killed. Meaning gun control has not prevented the amount of deaths resulting from mass murder. Peters disingenuously states that because of the gun control measures Australia has never seen another mass murder event like what was experienced in 1996. It is disingenuous because with the exception of the Coniston Massacre in 1928, which was a murder of indigenous people, Australia has never seen anything like what happened in 1996 in terms of the volume of casualties prior to 1996.


Social Mobility and the Deficiencies of Measure

Moving from the bottom 20% to the bottom 40 or even the bottom 50% is mobility of very little significance. The bottom 50% possess 1.2% of wealth which tells us people in the bottom half of income earners are without an adequate amount of income to meet expenses and have money left over. The bottom 40% possess negative wealth, meaning their income is not sufficient to meet their expenses and have what most consider to be necessities they go without. 2 out of 3 people who begin in the bottom 20% of income earners are going to stay poor, as even achieving mobility to the upper echelon of the next bracket at 40% still leaves you without the ability to accumulate wealth. The bottom 50% possess only 1.2 % of wealth, while the next decile (60%) possesses only 2%.

2/3rds of the bottom 20% remain poor, and only about 12.5% (movement to the top 80 to 100 and ½ of 60 to 80, counting 70 and up as half) or 1 in 8 will reach the comfort class and  potentially become capable of creating their own opportunity to a meaningful degree.

A Crisis of Demand: An Insider Account of the Opiod Crisis

This idea that doctors unknowingly prescribed medication because the manufacturer hid the dangers of the medication is an effort to bring something to blame other than the failings of American society. It is the economic, political, and social order that produces circumstances of dissatisfaction that lead to drug dependency. But the American myth must be preserved. The American myth consists of the intents of liberty, justice, and opportunity with which this country was founded on and operates under, inclusive of the idea that the US represents these values in foreign policy. The problems have to be compartmentalized. Drugs are the problem, suppliers of drugs are the problem, Purdue Pharma and the Sackler’s caused an opioid crisis, not the circumstances that created a demand for drugs, and not the doctors who knowingly prescribed the drugs for their own financial gain to a people who knew the effects of the drug. Critique of “the American way” is outside the spectrum of the acceptable “limits of controversy”.

The Poor White Sasquatch

The exclusion of poor white people from existence is held in place by the propensity of human beings to interact with people at their own socioeconomic level. The same as there are few white people in black and brown communities there is few poor white people living in middle and upper-class white communities, and few middle and upper-class white people living or interacting with poor white communities. Meaning the perception of many advantaged whites is that all white people are advantaged, and the perception of many minorities is that all white people are advantaged. The reality is that white people are the majority of disadvantaged people in this country.  The poor white male has no advocacy groups, and like the sasquatch, there are no credible accounts of his existence in the media, from social justice advocacy groups, politicians, or from any medium of mass impression.

If I Was Black

Since I am not black, I know none of the events that took place were racially motivated, but as I drove, I became acutely aware of how a handful of events can serve as the basis for the formation of stereotypes and prejudice.  My thoughts were related to all the negative experiences I’ve had in the region, those mentioned as well as others I did not mention, and my anger was directed at all the people of the region itself. I quickly recognized that these interactions were not representative of the values and attitudes of millions of people in the region, but many people are not as privy to the formation of their views as I am.  Again, if I were black, every one of these incidents may have seemed racially motivated, and living in a climate in the United States where race, gender, and sexuality discrimination is over emphasized, these experiences, would have left impressions that led to the conclusion that white people are racist, and caused a black person to be racially prejudice against white people in response.

LGBT Tolerance and Promotion

Children considering gender identity is evidence of LGBT promotion.  It is evidence because a child absent the suggestion, would never consider am I really a girl in the body of a boy, or am I a boy in the body of a girl. These are questions of external origins, through the promotion of the LGBT agenda, that promote under the disguise of tolerance and equal treatment. That is what I’m contending and what I have an issue with. Tolerance and equal treatment exist in abundance for LGBT people, but what they are promoting is their sexual preference.

The previous point leads into my next point but I have to address the anticipated leftist, PC, LGBT criticism of the word preference. They may contend I am making sexuality a choice and people are born predisposed to their attraction. Recently, a study was published where hundreds of thousands of people’s DNA profile was mapped out, and they responded to a survey that asked if they had a same sex experience. There was a lack of genetic consistency between those who identified as gay, as well as those who had a same sex experience.  A comment summarizes the conclusion of the findings “the authors say that the genetic similarities still cannot show whether a given individual is gay. “It’s the end of the ’gay gene,’” says Eric Vilain, a geneticist at Children’s National Health System in Washington, D.C., who was not involved in the study.”(1) Preference is the correct term to describe LGBT sexuality, despite same sex attraction and arousal not being a choice, but it also isn’t genetic. Attraction and sexual arousal towards the same sex is developed.

The Option

There is no benefit to either the United States or Israel in the creation of a Palestinian state, and these are the only two nations on the planet capable of birthing Palestinian statehood. This is why a Palestinian state will not happen. Activists and intellectuals who think public opinion or international opinion becoming more supportive of the idea, is progress towards achieving the idea, neglect the fact that the deciding states are not persuaded by popular opinion. To lead the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza to believe a state of their own is any closer, or at all possible, is like a doctor giving a positive prognosis to a patient he knows to be terminally ill.

YouTube Comments and Debates

12th Comment: Christopher Sabionski@Orion Simerl What cult killed your compassion?

13th Comment: Orion Simerl@Christopher Sabionski The cult of impartiality.

14th Comment: Christopher Sabionski@Orion Simerl Wrong. Your selfishness is propped up by some dark age religion that you have twisted to suit your apathy. never for a second should you consider yourself a good person.

15th Comment: Orion Simerl@Christopher Sabionski Not only do I consider myself a good person I can objectively demonstrate that I am a good person. The human ideal is liberty, evident in the fact that everyone wants to do what they want to do. All creatures can do what they want to do in a multi-being setting so long as they are not imposed upon, and possess the means. Means consists of money and know how. Systems determine circumstances. Systems that leave people circumstantially trapped exist by way of collective consent, meaning a lack of opportunity is collective imposition. Not only am I unimposing, but I’m also the creator of realizable solutions which are drowned out and suppressed by the very kinds of ignorance expressed in this channel. Meaning my conduct is unimposing and I am attempting to remove collective imposition. I am good. 

As for selfishness, all human beings are wholly selfish. A selfless act is motivated by the feeling associated with the sacrifice or idea of the sacrifice being greater than the substance being sacrificed.  It is a value determination. For example, I often give money and cigarettes if I have em to people who hold signs for money. The reason I do this (although not consciously thinking about this during the act) is because the feeling associated with giving the person something exceeds the feeling I could get from the money itself.

The Founding Intents of the United States of America

…Ellsworth also forecast the economic realities for most people in this country with the following quote arguing against southern states importing slaves: “As population increases, poor laborers will be so plenty as to render slaves useless”. (13) No need to import slaves, because the system we are creating will lead to a mass of poor people who will be desperate for work. 

The labor market will be so advantageous, that it will cost less to pay a man wages for work than it will be to take care of him.  Something that is literally true today, as many working poor people receive state benefits because their wages are unable to provide for their needs. (14).

13: Slavery and Sectional Strife in the Early American Repbulic, 1776-1821.  2010 Gary John Kornblith

14: Bryane Keith-Jennings and Raheem Chaudhry, 3/15/2018, “Most Working Age SNAP Recipients Work, But Often in Unstable Jobs” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (

Government as the Facilitator of Money to Power

The free speech idea is a candidate has values and solutions to problems.  People as well as businesses see the candidate as the representative of their values and their interest in the candidate’s ideas.  If this was true, no firm would ever support both candidates, because if both candidates represent your interest it doesn’t matter which candidate is elected.  It also shows the actual differences between candidates who in speech seem so contrasting, yet are similar enough for business to support both candidates, which means in the eyes of business, people are divided about candidates on superficial and non-substantive issues.    

Why would a firm waste money by contributing to the campaigns of rival candidates?  Are corporations, who have an obligation to their shareholders to maximize profit wasting shareholder money by funding the campaigns of rival candidates?  Or are they investing in policy with insurance? They do have a preference, so invest 2 to 1 on their preference, maybe 30k on one candidate and 15k on the other, where enough of these promotions may contribute to an edge to their preferred candidate, but they will still maintain good standing with the other candidate should he or she win. 

Centers for Economic Planning General Outline

Thomas Ferguson, the foremost authority on investment politics, wrote the following “…political action is far more costly in terms of both time and money than classical democratic theories imagined. As a consequence, popular control of the state depends on the extent to which ordinary citizens can bear those costs. Nothing metaphysical is implied here: to control the state citizens need to be able to share costs and pool resources easily. In practical terms, this requires functioning organizations – unions, neighborhood organizations, cooperatives, etc. – in civil society that represent them without enormous expenditures of time and money. There is one and only one guarantee of this: those organizations have to be controlled by and financially dependent on them.” (4)

4: Thomas Ferguson, Paul Jorgensen, and Lie Chen, January 2018 “Industrial Structure and Party Competition in the Age of Hunger Games: Donald Trump and the 2016 Election”, pp 22, and 23. Source : Golden Rule: The Investment Theory Of Party Competition And The Logic Of Money-Driven Political Systems, Chicago, University of Chicago Press 

A Center for Economic Planning creates ownership on a progressively major scale from among those who own little or nothing. This provides a majority of the population the resources to compete in politics and have their interests represented in government even if those interests are opposed to the interest of industry and wealth. A Center for Economic Planning is an “organization…that represents them (populous) without enormous expenditures of time and money. (which is)…controlled by and financially dependent on them”.

Poor Lives Matter: The Criteria for Deadly Force and Enforcement Act

The first issue with regulating the use of deadly force is the arbitrary nature with which deadly force can be justified. An officer can be justified not based on what was taking place, but what the officer thought could take place based on the circumstances. It is completely arbitrary. To remedy this issue, we establish a concrete criterion, where a suspect must be an immediate threat, and we define that threat as a situation where there is no step for an officer to intervene before a subject can create a lethal result.

The Homeless Liberation Initiative

San Francisco spends over 165 million dollars on homelessness per year,(1) and all it has to show for it in terms of results is an increase in the homeless population of 259 people, from 2013 to 2015. (2) Supervisor Scott Wiener (2016), while acknowledging “the county’s failure to provide adequate housing/shelter and assistance for those who want help,” finds the visibility of homelessness “unacceptable”, and cites public health and safety in this statement. Homelessness is unacceptable, and current programs are ineffective as demonstrated by the results. HLI aims to reduce the homeless population by 70% by providing the homeless with the means for opportunity. HLI will also eliminate the visibility of homelessness in San Francisco while reducing the county budget by over $100 million per year or more.

(1): 1: San Francisco Annual Expenditures on Homelessness $165.7 million: The amount of money SF spends on homelessness per year

(2): KQED “S.F. Supervisor Scott Wiener: Homeless Tent Camps ‘Need to Go Away’” 1/25/2016 by Ted Goldberg,

The Florida Ordeal

I was gripped by reoccurring cycles of surreal anguish. Sighs and disbelief. Because I was in another state intent on being a seasonal transplant, no bond person would bond me out. It was immensely frustrating to have the money any other person in my position would need to bond out, but being unable to do so. I wasn’t going to get out. One day I’m driving in a car, and the next, I’m in jail with 2 felonies and 4 misdemeanors, possibly about to receive somewhere in the neighborhood of a 2 to 5 year sentence or more because of my mouth, for possessing less than 3 grams of marijuana, a pipe used for marijuana, and 4 edible gummies possessing the equivalent potency of 1.5 grams of marijuana. Marijuana a benign substance that does not create behavior within its users that is adverse to public safety, property, or liberty.

You can’t escape the question of why? Why did this man want to do this to me? Was it the appearance of wealth and freedom I had, even though I possessed very little? Did he see the word revolutionist on my business card and did this stir up some zeal within him to feel justified in harming me in the interest of preserving his myth? Did I look like a criminal to him, and so even though the potential punishment didn’t fit the crime he felt I was deserving? I know what it wasn’t. It wasn’t based off of my attitude which was friendly, up front, and compliant.

It is difficult to escape the narrative, driving on my way to work on material in a new area in good spirits, pulled over, arrested, vehicle seized, along with years of accumulated documents, research materials, written work, clothes, shoes, hats, all meaningful possessions, and then released maybe 3 years later, with nothing but the cash I went in with and the clothes on my back

The Just Law Amendment

The public has very little input and oversight over the laws they are to be governed by.  For this reason, jury nullification is an important part of ensuring the morality of law, where all laws are subject to samples of popular oversight to ensure the laws represent the will and the interest of the people, so law doesn’t remain the instrument of powerful minority interests to impose on the rest of the population.  There is no difference between a king decreeing a law that is adverse to the interests of most people, and a group who has an interest in people being incarcerated, business or federal agency, who lobbies, promotes, and passes laws that do not serve the interest of the public. Either way, it is subjecting the wills of many to the tyranny of the few, and in both cases, the public has no standing to challenge the fairness of the law outside of constitutional framework.  A jury nullification amendment would act as safeguard against unjust laws.  

Just Law Amendment Preliminary Text: 

Any person accused of a crime has the right to inform a jury of the jury’s power to nullify law on the basis of net liberty.

Sequencing and Comparison Excerpt

People’s value of subjects, what they like, is largely the product of associations.  For example. When I was about 8 years old near the time of the presidential elections I asked my dad why he was a democrat?  He said because his dad told him the democrats are the party of the working people. Which was probably certainly truer when his dad told him than it was when he told me, but not because of the principles of the party, it was based on the fact there was greater union participation, more money, and more influence in a government where the representation of an interest is equal to the money behind it, verses the money behind an interest the represented interest harms.  The point is, his value of the democratic party was tied to the value of his dad and is tied to his value of himself. It wasn’t based on any understanding of actual policy. This gave value to anything associated with democrats, and his understanding of politics was largely based on what they said. His understanding essentially consisted of what value they ascribed to subjects he had a minimal understanding of.  

This is why Trump doesn’t have to say much more than it’s very bad or it’s very good because his supporters value of him, is based on other values, and the value he attributes to subjects give value to subjects for his supporters.  Trump is the best example of this in the sheer volume of these kind of statements, but associative value is the basis of the American public’s political understanding, and is an individual’s general basis for value across all subjects.  Other associated value is only slightly deeper, the value of statements, or the illusion of knowledge based on statistics with limited context.  

Sometimes value forms or is reinforced through mistaken causation.  My dad injured his back working and was out of work for a few years as  a result. He benefited from a computer skills class that allowed him to reenter the workforce after being on AFDC for probably 3 years, if not longer.  The Clinton Administration through The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act which was largely the product of Republican efforts, gave states greater control over welfare implementation, among other provisions reducing benefits and the duration with which one could receive benefits.  The class he participated in that led to a career in IT work, was actually the work of the republican governor Tommy Thompson, and even if the Act may have provided the funds for the program, it was largely a republican creation Clinton signed after vetoing two previous efforts at such reform. Meaning had he vetoed a third it could have been construed as Clinton not being serious about welfare reform.

This isn’t an effort to praise the republicans, I can assure you, I am confident that both parties almost equally do not represent the interests of most people in this country, with some “small differences that impact the lives of some people”.  The reason I mentioned the event is to highlight the creation of value based on subjective conditions and false causation. Clinton is a democrat which gives him value to my dad based on the associative value of democrats to his dad, and the identification as working class with the idea that the democrats represent the working people.  Of course Clinton was very articulate and accrued value based on what he said, as well as through personality characteristics people value in leaders. Because Clinton was in office and my dad was consuming his speeches, he credits Clinton for contributing to his success and it is his gauge of Clintons overall performance as president. If you ask him why he doesn’t like Reagan he mentions that he knows how hard it was to find a job under Reagan.  His position in life reinforces his political views, despite the fact that his situation in the 80s would likely have been the same under Carter or Mondale, and his situation in the 90s the same under H.W. Bush, or Bob Dole.  

Before I understood anything about politics I identified as a democrat, and I would say things I had no understanding of to defend or assert the value of the party.  Among those things I can remember, I would say Clinton presided over the greatest economic expansion in US history, the boom between 1990 and 2000. Of course this boom would have taken place regardless of whether or not Clinton was in office because it was largely the result of the emergence of the tech industry through the commercialization of computers and other innovation related to telecommunications and the microprocessor.  Or I would bring up budget surpluses under Clinton, ignorant of the fact that the budget surpluses were the result of a surplus in the social security balance of payments which are then used to purchase treasury bonds. Of course the surplus is the result of general economic conditions described in cause in the aforementioned, verses the number of people being paid benefits.  

I didn’t understand anything about these issues, those were go to lines to promote my value of the party which began through the association of the value of my dad, his dad, and myself.  My political understanding was largely the product of speeches from politicians and my preferred mainstream media interpretations. I didn’t know enough to have a political conversation, but in the right setting I could say one of those lines and seem like I possessed an understanding to other people who also didn’t possess an understanding, which is most of the population. 

I imagine there are studies that confirm this kind of associative value, and if not, research can be conducted to gauge this kind of associative value, but more importantly, associative value in general.  Suggestive evidence that political understanding and affiliation is largely inherited is attributable to the fact that most areas vote for the same party in every election, most notably in presidential elections.  This can be ascribed to other causes, mainly the collective values of the geographical area are more consistent with one party or the other, but under any kind of examination those values can be shown to be associative, with the great majority of people having no understanding of how policy will effect their lives, and they are unable to provide any explanation beyond something they are parroting from a pundit or politician.

Not limited to marketing, not limited to politics, not limited to being from family, but most of the value people attribute to subjects has nothing to do with the inherent value of the subject in regard to the sensations it produces, or understanding its value in purpose.  Most of what people like, which focuses their attention, is on subjects they probably wouldn’t like if they understood the true value of these subjects in adequate context, and it has profound effects on producing the world we live in as well implications for states of mind on an individual basis. 

9 Points Excerpt

The fear, authority, and superstitions preserved in the gods of religions is intellectually destructive.  God is a tyrant or god is liberty, and presuming on the survival of consciousness after death, god will not be one but many.  Liberty is the absence of imposition and any being who does not impose, is on equal moral footing with all others. Any single god’s only advantage would be in knowledge, but god is prevented from imposing on beings who do not impose, and is prevented from circumstantially imposing on other beings by denying them the means to do so long as they do not intend imposition.  You have to prove liberty wrong, to open a hole in this reasoning.      

I theorize that the universe is an egg where conditions exist for life to evolve into conscious and intelligent beings, and the purpose of the universe is to populate dimensions occupied by consciousness, dimensions of liberty, and dimensions of tyranny.  Each consciousness is unique based on its values, and freedom from imposition allows each to explore, accumulate knowledge, and create according to those values. 

 It isn’t an idea I promote, but it makes the most sense to me, since as far as we know, the universe’s sole purpose is to produce life, some of which has an opportunity to develop into intelligent life.  Imagine a non-material existence, something you experience maybe during a dream. How do you populate that space to ensure enough diversity where existence and creative endeavor’s don’t become stale? Maybe they drop an egg into a vacuum, a big bang, that they monitor, study, and produces conscious beings.  Looking at the universe, it isn’t something that exists for some other purpose and the byproduct of that purpose is life, it is intentionally designed to produce life, consciousness.        

The main purpose of me addressing god or gods as an authority, is the role it plays in prioritizing the mind.  People need to expand their reasoning, where dictates are based on the personal interest of the one being directed, whether by parent, pastor, teacher, boss, or peers.  Where things are not accepted as being true simply because they are in line with what a person believes to be true, or accepted as being true without an adequate understanding of the subject to determine if said thing is true or false.  Where the morality of liberty is considered in policy, institutional structures, and conduct. Where people consider the full relevant sequence of cause and effect when judging the results they see, and the anticipated results of actions moving forward.           

Nothing is complicated, everything is the assembly of basic details in cause and effect relationships, and anyone with an interest in a subject can understand their subject of interest.  People have to get smarter for this species to survive and be free, and it isn’t an issue of varying ability, it is an issue of application, and the organization, inclusive of social systems.


Is there any room for optimism?  I’ll tell you what makes me feel optimistic or when I feel optimistic.  When I’m reading what I’ve written I feel optimistic, because I know the beginning of something seriously impactful could result by people understanding what I’ve put on these pages, that we’ve produced.  We being all those whose work and the impressions they’ve left has led to me understanding these things, that go unrealized. If not for the purity of my motivation, these things go unrealized. So it’s a lot of people and it’s me, and whatever is despite other people, it’s still led me here, a contribution in that respect, but may all those who had ill-intents, operating out tyranny, still operating out of tyranny, get what’s due according their understanding and application.  Tyranny for the tyrant as he has chosen.    

My optimism is a product of knowing that all things reduce down to basic details, an assembly of components, and therefore, with the right amount of interest, all things can be understood by all people.  Meaning if the right people read this book, who exercise influence over others, and reach the conclusion that this information is important, which it is, then the history is irrelevant and change becomes possible.  It begins by understanding that what is true should determine what you like, not what you like determining what is true. It’s truth over everything.


I am not who I am today without my daughter Ava Kali Simerl.  As a father, for all my shortcomings which are unperceivable through my daughter, my approach prioritized honesty above all else, which included not only telling her the best truth I knew about a subject, but included objectively considering facts, including circumstantial facts when she disputed a decision.  Everything is open to debate. If she thought something was wrong, she was free to make her case, and when she was correct, she got the outcome she wanted, not because she wanted it, but because she was right. If I wanted her to do something or I was trying to correct her behavior, she didn’t do it or change the behavior because I was bigger and could impose a punishment, she did it because she understood it to be correct.  At 7 years old she was able to use premises explained to her as a governor of correct behavior, and recognize when her mother or I were contradicting it. If it was right when we said it to her, it was right when she said it to us so long as the context was the same. I trace my roots of objectivity to this relationship, which eventually I began to apply in my relationship to study, my relationship to others, and every aspect of my life.  Without Ava the concept of truth over everything, and the merit of the concept, is likely never discovered. 

To Truth Over Everything and Liberty is True Introduction

To Truth Over Everything and Liberty is True Free Copy