Responding to George Floyd Protestors

On the afternoon of June the 10th I heard yelling and horns blaring from down the block.  There was a procession of George Floyd protestors.  As someone who studies current events and their causes, I wanted to express my dissatisfaction with their cause, believing it has no merit and is promoted to further the individual interests of the participants not achieve any general liberation from circumstance.  Frank Nitty II is the creator and administrator for the Whole Milwaukee Reloaded.  I recognized him among the protestors.  In consideration of him being among the people who were taking videos it seems possible one of those videos may make it to that group page.  I’m creating this post in the event that it does to allow people to understand the motivation for my behavior.  

I came outside with my middle fingers up first off, because you all are fake.  It isn’t about the cause, it’s about something to do and there are good feelings associated with social interaction, group inclusion, and moral affirmation gained through ideas of justice.  

I was shouting what’s your grievance and what’s your redress.  I did this because if you’re protesting, what that is is publically petitioning your government for redress of grievances.  The first reason I asked was to see if anybody yelling no justice no peace had any idea of what they were doing other than participating in a parade.  The young guys looked at me confused and said what?  I repeated, they repeated, and I said exactly.  They’re looking at me like I’m wrong because they don’t know what it is they’re doing.  

The second reason is because if someone said our grievance is the police receive too much funding and we want them defunded, then I would have asked you where you’re from?  Even if that is your grievance and the redress, if you’re not living in West Allis, what makes you think that our police department needs to be defunded?  So the only thing you’re doing is having a parade to scare old white women, because we don’t have any influence over the municipal government of Milwaukee and appropriations for MPD.  That’s the same inept politicians that you’ve been supporting for the last however many decades who are not elected by people in West Allis.  You probably don’t have any business over here so fuck you for throwing a parade for your own pleasure on my block.  

Let’s say I’m wrong, and some of the demonstrators, or fuck it, one of the demonstrators was from West Allis, maybe someone required to procure the permit.  You’re using George Floyd’s death as a pretext to advance the myth of systemic racism, and the normative excessive use of force by police. (   The first issue you have is you’ve failed to show how race has influenced the way an officer treats a suspect.  For those of you who believe George Floyd died as a result of the officers restraining him, that is not treatment exclusively used on black people.  Last year Tim Timpa died after being restrained while the officer joked about it. He was white, but I also don’t think the officers acted inappropriately.  The jokes were a product of having no reason to believe that he was at risk for any harm, the same as the officers present when George Floyd died. (  

Without an example of treatment that is exclusive to black people you have to show why something was motivated by race.  Did he make a racist statement?  When Floyd resisted coming out of the car were the officers overly forceful with him?  No.  They used as much force as was required to gain his compliance to be removed from the car and handcuffed.  Even if you disagree with the autopsy, and believe the officer’s used excessive force, you have no basis to make it a racial issue. 

 If you’re generally talking about race being a motivator in treatment because white people don’t know what black people experience in treatment, I’d ask you how you know what the fuck we experience in treatment when we resist.  I had police pepper spray me while I was being restrained and in handcuffs.  When I was 14 in Milwaukee Juvenile Detention I had 5 staff members run up in my cell, put me on the floor and had all of them with their weight on my body including my neck.  When I was 15 after trying to run from an officer when he grabbed my arm I was handcuffed and seated.  He told me to shut the fuck up and I didn’t want to shut the fuck up.  He kicked me in my chest.  And I have many other stories of the use of force applied during and after an act of resisting.  Maybe some of you are familiar with Jeremy Cunningham (Big J), he died in MSDF, while his cellmate told the COs he was having a seizure.  The point being, there has to be something within the event that leads you to the conclusion that an act was racist.  An interaction between two races does not mean that an act was motivated by race as opposed to the behavior.  Otherwise, where was the response for the two black officers who shot Arial Roman, an unarmed white man who violated a subway ordinance and whose resistance was not violent but evasive?  We’re not talking about race, because you can’t show racial motivation.  Not in the acts you cite, and not generally.  

Do you know how many police contacts there are in the United States each year?  50 million.  You have a handful of questionable uses of force out of 50 million MF contacts.  Even if these cases are evidence of the excessive use of police force, do they represent exceptions or do they represent the norm?  I’ll give you a hint, you need more than a handful out of 50 million to be representative of the norm.  

My problem with you is if you’re concerned about the excessive use of force by police you should be concerned with crime itself.  If you’re concerned with crime you’re concerned with what causes crime, which is poverty and economic inequality.  Nobody gave a fuck about George Floyd before his death gave them a reason to vent their own frustrations, which is the result of economic imposition not racism.  You activists don’t know shit, so you’re stuck on pre civil rights act problems in a post civil rights act world.  Meanwhile, I’ve been writing and trying to interact with groups who don’t want that back and forth action because for one, they don’t understand the moral and principle basis for what they’re trying to be down for, much less the systems that produce individual behavior and individual opportunity; and you can’t propose solutions without an understanding of the problem.  For two, they want to believe the narrow lies that cause them to feel good.  

You would know things I know and support the ideas I propose if you were really concerned with people’s liberty.  That’s what we’re talking about when we’re talking about righting what is wrong.  Everyone wants to do what they want to do.  In the absence of physical imposition every person can do what they want to do which is ideal.  It also requires the absence of economic systemic imposition, because you’re only as free as you can afford to be.  I’m not talking about socialism, I’m talking about the issues of capitalism, where if all people have money or are able to exercise control over money all people can create their own opportunities.  Second, it’s mostly about the money but it isn’t all about the money it’s also about the time.  What difference does it make if you can afford a Benz but you can only afford to drive it once a month because you’re putting in 60 hours a week working two jobs and you don’t want to be doing either of them.  It’s the money, its the time you have to put into to get the money versus the time you get back out with the money, and it’s about the job itself, whether it’s something you want to do, or if it’s something you’re only doing for the money.  1st we’re talking money. If you’re not talking about putting money in people’s pockets, you aint talking about shit but something to make you feel good, in social interaction, group activity, and false moral affirmations.  

You don’t want to communicate because the truth is not on your side.  The right is nearly as bad as the left where they accept different authorities and both sides’ understanding consists of opinions not supported by fact or context.  The right is much more open to dialogue whereas the left would rather ignore you and hide the deficiencies of their beliefs by only associating with people who will not challenge those beliefs.  The right also has delusions about the purity of US foreign policy and the founding intents of the delegates who created the constitution.  I’m going off track now.  The point is, I watch this idiocracy play out day after day and write about it while no one from the street sweeper to the professor seems to understand what they’re seeing.  You want to bring that bullshit over here?  Fuck you for that, because if you were about the problem we’d have conversations, sharing information, not putting forth solutions that are not solutions for problems that are not problems.  Anyone care to tell me the cause and effect relationship between the amount of money the department has, and how if they had less, there would have been a different outcome for Floyd, or any other person who you believe is the victim of excessive force?  You’re part of the problem not part of the solution.