The Use of Causes to Advance Personal Interests

I was looking through the gigs section of Craigslist as I often do and saw an ad seeking political activist sorts. I read the first portion of the ad, skimmed the rest and replied.

I replied because no matter how wrong the cause may be, it is still a group of people who claim to be interested in advancing human interests. These are people I would like to meet and teach to advance ideas that further human interests, in intelligence, liberty and truth. Below is my reply, and below my reply is there ad.


It’s very unfortunate to see so many well intended people funnelled into groups and movements that serve no purpose.  

Not a critique of your platform for the sake of critiquing your platform but I am also seeking people who are interested in advancing human interests.  If that is the purpose of your group and that is my purpose, fundamentally we have the same purpose.  However, as I’ve found with most activists groups the primary purpose of groups with a political and/or social agenda is to advance the material and emotional interests of the organizers.  The purpose for the rank and file members are the positive feelings that come from social interaction, self worth in the attention and perceived admiration they receive from the group, and the moral feelings associated with contributing to justice.  The activities of the group are the true purpose of the individual’s participation in the group, not any real purpose of improving people’s lives.  Groups maintain themselves by ignoring information that challenges their positions.  

My name is Orion, I write about political, economic, and social functions.  I am unknown because of the function of denial.  Much of what causes people to feel good is based on what they believe to be true.  When a person discovers something they believed to be true is false it has consequences to all the things that rely on that thing being true that makes them feel good.  When confronted with challenging information they experience a negative feeling imposed by the subconscious to ensure those things that cause them to feel good will continue to cause them to feel good.  The truth literally takes people’s joy away.  Which is why they consume information that reinforces their beliefs and reject information that challenges their beliefs.  Naturally they also avoid the source of such information which is why I remain isolated despite the value of my material.  

What I’m going to do is provide criticism of the points in your ad which you’re welcome to provide a rebuttal to.  I invite you to view my website and provide any criticism of any point I’ve made at any place.   
The first false assertion you make in your ad is that the vaccines are untested.  They’ve been tested on 10s of thousands of people and articles on the testing has been published in peer review journals (,the%20age%20of%2065.).  These false assertions legitimize the official narrative by taking a position that is clearly untrue where all criticism of how Covid 19 has been used to further industrial and political interests is associated with those claims and marginalized.  That assertion serves the purposes of those you claim to be against.  

You claim the restrictions are illegal.  They are but that case has not been properly compiled and brought before a court.  Why?  The justification for restrictions relies on Covid-19 being a threat to the safety of the general public.  In the case of Jacobson v. Massachusetts which involved a person who was disputing a fine for refusing a smallpox vaccination Justice Harlan wrote the community has a right to protect itself against an epidemic of disease that threatens the safety of its members.  This is a justification that relies on a threat to public safety whereby the people can impose on rights such as in times of war to protect the greater interests of people.  The issue is that 94% of covid deaths are among people with underlying medical conditions with an average of 2.5 deaths per fatality.  More importantly, of those who were infected with Covid19 and have underlying medical conditions 93.5% survive.  The overwhelming majority of people who died without medical conditions are the very elderly.  As Uro Seljak of Berkely concluded, “if you want to know your risk of dying of covid 19 if infected, it is about the same as your risk of dying of natural causes in the next 12 months”.  How many people die of natural causes in a years time?  1.75 million, which represents .5% of the population.  .5% of the population cannot be representative of the general public and therefore restrictions cannot be imposed to protect the safety of the general public.  The restrictions are illegal, but not according to the perception of the courts because no one has presented this challenge.  The perception created around covid is that the virus is randomly deadly but some groups are at higher risk than others, when in fact, 99% of the population will experience varying degrees of sickness and recovery.  In stark contrast to smallpox which is randomly deadly and poses serious lifelong consequences like scaring and blindness to those it infects.  Covid is a threat to public comfort, not a threat to public safety.  All data above comes from the CDC and the citations are available in the article  

“…there are many deep dark layers of corruption surrounding it, and we need your help to expose all of these layers, and all of the players who executed these most Heinous Crimes Against Humanity! They need to be brought to justice, by an International Independent Tribunal, this is our END GAME.”  

Provide one shred of credible evidence for your claim.  There is no evidence for any of this.  If you were going to bioengineer a virus to unleash on the public you wouldn’t manufacture a virus that is essentially a more contagious version of the flu.  The idea that this virus was bioengineered to be unleashed on the public to cause mass harm contradicts your assertion that the lockdowns are illegal.  You would engineer a virus that is as dangerous as covid has been presented to the public as being.  It was presented to the public as being more deadly than it is because the media earns money by attracting attention and selling advertising.  The greater the danger, the greater the public concern, and the greater the ratings.  Once the public perception was created politicians and the industries they represent who could benefit from that perception advanced the exaggeration to serve their interests.  That is observably why we are at where we are at.  Not a globalist conspiracy.  

I feel a little foolish for responding to this ad before I read it thoroughly.  The beginning seemed like this was a legitimate cause but now that I’ve read it through it’s clear you’re people intent and content using conspiracy theories to further your own material interests.  To undermine a legitimate issue with how covid 19 has been used to advance the interests of a few at the detriment of the many so you can travel and party under the guise of a noble cause.  Repeating substanceless rhetoric and drawing from dubious sources and youtube to travel and party.  Pieces of shit.  I’ll be posting your ad and my response to it on my website