Why Do I write About My Personal Experiences?

Today it appeared that something I thought happend did not happen. The thing in question did happen, but the purpose of bringing up a subject without explaining it, is to explain the origins of what I am about to write.

First, objective reality is objects in motion measured by time and space. All motion is the effect of some cause producing it. I perceive my enviornment through the mechanism of motion and therefore in observance of motion, I’m always looking to know the causes that produce an effect. Of course I consider the likely motion and range of motion that can take place based on the circumstances and how my interests are affected.

In the thing that happend that I thought did not I realized another reason why I write about my experiences. It isn’t a new revelation, I understand that there are lessons in these experiences, but I didn’t realize it in this language. That language being that my life experiences are the evidence of my assignments of cause. Not only in individual interaction and behavior, but in how ideas and systems collectively, produce the general results of our species. I’m very aware of points of action and accurately remember or can deduce feelings and thoughts responsible for my own action based on the circumstances and the behavior produced. My theories are proven through experience because my theories are the framework for how human beings percieve their enviornment through sequencing, comparison, and the only assignments to objects available to be made by a concious being in a shared multibeing space. All experience takes place through SCA and therefore any experience is an example and evidence. And therefore writing about my experience is example and evidence.

I created 2 more lessons that I haven’t created questions for or posted. I created the 4th first which was going to be the 3rd, and may now be the 5th. I do want to post the third because it explains the likely causes of motion within an event that probably wouldn’t make sense to a lot of people. I should be doing that this weekend when I rent a hotel room.

The other reasons I write about my experiences, one of which is it allows me to inventory my present circumstances to better understand my opportunities available.

In darker moments, those moments when I have no weed to impede a sober assessment of how fucked I appear, it is relieving to write about it, and the contempt and resentment I have for this species for subjecting me to the stupidity they subject me to. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what people should understand to have an accurate picture of the world in the relevant sense, it takes honesty, pride, and maybe the objective morality of liberty to gain the honesty in understanding how deception and self deception is immoral. Then again maybe this will prove to be a failed intelligent species. Failed in the premature extinction and failed in the sense that most will choose the tyranny that suits them and feels good in the moment, to the passing discomfort they must experience to be honest with themselves and be morally acceptable to liberty.

The previous explanation is to say when my future seems dim, there is some relief in looking at the species generally and know what it is.

These are the reasons I write about my personal experiences. There are probably others as well.