Why You Can’t Save the World

A friend directed me to this webpage after seemingly mistaking my ambition in life as the source of dissatisfaction. The webpage was entitled “Why You Can’t Save the World… and Why You Shouldn’t“. It was the typical bullshit eastern philosphy consisting of assertions like the title that are not true. Ideas that imply that results are achived through unseens forces that are mobilized by the mind rather than results being achieved through action. I’ve written about Buddahism and Hinduism on their main tenets in Liberty and Tyranny, the 5th and 6th sections.

The following is a comment I left which he probably will not approve concerning why you can save the world and you should.

There is an objective standard in regard to good, and that objective standard is liberty. Liberty is true because all the results that exist, exist because of the actions of the creatures on this planet and the interaction of the host bodies of the sun, the earth, moon, and other material in the solar system. Liberty is ideal because what is it that everyone wants? Everyone wants to do what they want to do.

Liberty is defined as the capacity to do as one pleases. All creatures are free to do as they please until they are imposed upon by another creature.

There are two forms of imposition, direct or personal and indirect or collective.
Direct imposition occurs when an individual or group who does has no respect for boundaries exercise their liberty to an extent where it imposes on the liberty of someone else. The fundemental difference between the tyrant and libertyite is a tyrant has no respect for the liberty of others where the libertyite understands in order for people to be free the exercise of their liberty extends to the point where it interferes with the liberty of another.

The second form of imposition is indirect or collective. An individuals ability to do as they please is largely determined by their access to resources. For the intents and purposes of the moder world we can say their access to money which is the medium used to mobilize resources. We live in a world where systems exist that trap people in circumstances where they are not free. Those who participate in, benefit from, are ignorant, or indifferent to the systems that circumstantially trap people are collectively imposing on these people by maintaining these systems. Beyond a moral or altruistic compulsion it is the collective responsibility of people and in the personal interest of all people to ensure the system and institutions that exist are a reflect liberty.

An interesting aspect of tyranny, the present chosen world order and the cause supported by your campaign of indifference is it leads to the destruction of the species that chooses it. Human beings will not exist on this planet on the present trajectory within about 150 years. That is their choice and they are free to make that decision.

To the assertion that you cannot save the world this is false. The world that exists is a product of liberty, and the exercise of liberty based on indivdual motivation and understanding can change. If it changes from an understanding that produces tyranny and the destruction of the species to an understanding consistent with liberty which is associated with the preservation and prosperity of the species this saves the world. As I stated, the assertion that you cannot save the world is false as the proliferation of the correct understanding has that effect.

The reason why should has a few explanations, the first of which is because it allows people to what they want to do. We should be on a trajectory towards ideal which is liberty not on a trajectory away from it. The second reason is speculative, but will resonate with a species that largely believes in the survival of consciousness after death. There is no punishment, but the essense of being is what they understand and how they apply it. Therefore the hereafter consists of being who understand and apply liberty and beings who understand and apply tyranny. Again, the main reason is because liberty serves the self interest in the verifiable, observeable, present.

Liberty is the essense of existence. For those who believe in a creator the nature of the creator is liberty, something evident by through the creation. Evident by the fact that human beings are completely responsible for all the happenings on this planet, and more so by the fact that there is no divine intervention. The creator cannot impose on his creation because it is against his nature. Liberty is unimposing.

As far as other assertions in your write up to improve on beliefs and the diversity of beliefs among different cultures they are irrelevant. There is one measure by which all tenets can be weighed, is it imposing or is it unimposing? Naturally, resisting imposition by imposing is justified but the point is to address the tyranny you’re promoting. You promote indifference through deception. The difference between your positions and mine, is mine are true based on empircal evidence, which is observation.

You write “set down your problems and watch your grandest vision begin to emerge”. If your problem is related to food or shelter because you are among half the world population who survives on less than 2 dollars per day how can they set those problems down? If you are among the next 30% who survives on less than 10 dollars per day there isn’t a whole lot of grandness emerging from those circumstances. Even if you were lucky enough to be born in the richest nation on the planet, the United States, if you are among the bottom 60% of wealth holders, while you’ll eat and have shelter with ample opportunities for cheap entertainment you still have no voice in government, you live by laws created outside of your desire and interest, and you probably work a job you wouldn’t work if you wern’t paid for it while struggling to meet your basic necessities. Doing nothing accomplishes nothing.

Show me a grand vision that emerged without action?

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