Liberty and Truth Summary

Liberty and Truth

The human constant is all people want to do what they want to do at all times. All people can do as they please so long as the exercise of individual liberty does not interfere with the liberty of anyone else. This means the basis for morality objectively is imposition.

There are two categories of imposition: direct and indirect.

Direct imposition is imposing spaitial limitations, physical harm, and imposition on property or means.

Indirect imposition consists of circumstantial imposition, deception, and imposition on time.

An individual does not control his or her own circumstances. Circumstances are a product of systems, and systems are created through collective consent and participation. Systems that impose trapping circumstances is collective imposition on those circumstantially trapped people. Circumstantial trapping is defined as the condition where a person’s income opportunities are roughly equal to their expenses. In this condition no accumulation can take place for a person to posistion themselves to have better income opportunities since a person’s ability to make money largely depends on the amount of money and time they have access to. provides the resources to bridge the gap between what is supposed, and what is, in an effort to achieve solutions to problems that obstruct individual liberty.

We live as a species that chooses their reality based on what they like. Self deception is great neutralizer of communication, and a people that cannot communicate is a people irreconcilably divided. Deception exists in abudance because it is demanded for the reinforcement of false perceptions.

Liberty cannot exist to any meaningful degree in an enviornment that is saturated with deception among people who prefer the comfort of their chosen lies to the temporary discomfort of the truth. A person does what causes them to feel good, but what causes them to feel good is often based on what they believe is true. Therefore, when a person deceives themself it causes them to like what they wouldn’t like and do what they wouldn’t do. Self deception creates false motivation.

Self deception limits intelligence, because people avoid and reject information that challenges their beliefs, so they can only learn what doesn’t significantly challenge their perception.

Deception prevents meaningful communication from taking place because when two people or two groups cannot acknowledge the facts that create deficiencies in their positions, it is impossible to reach compromises.

In this country there are essentially 3 groups. The 1st is consumed by their desire for entertainment spending each waking moment trying to position themselves for simple stimulation. They are unconcerned with the organization of the country and how that organization impacts their own opportunities or the opportunities of others. The other 2 groups belong to opposing factions who’s understanding of politics, economics, and social functions is formed by those who have an interest in maintaining their ignorance. These two groups have very strong opinions about subjects they have little to no understanding of.

Does truth exist? This is a question brought on by the idea that nothing is true because people choose their reality and therefore there is no truth. We are all subjective beings, meaning we like what we like. We are supposed to be subjective beings living in an objective reality, not subjective beings living our own subjective realities. Unfortunately we have become the latter but must realize the former.

All reality is objects in motion measured by time, space, and the feelings produced by motion within conscious beings. The truth exists in the observation of causes producing effects which is motion. In my material there is no bias, which is why the material offends liberals, conservatives, radicals, democrats, republicans, independents, and all variations and degrees of political perspectives.

My highest value is Truth Over Everything and Liberty is Truth. Liberty is truth because at all times all people want to do as they please. Morality, determining whether an act is right or wrong is based on whether that act imposes on liberty. Truth over everything does not mean the truth is always the highest value, because liberty is truth. Meaning that the use of deception is appropreate when it is A: required to advance the interest of liberty, and B: when the advancement of that interest through deception does not impose to any meaningful degree on anyone else.

The foundation of all human problems is self deception and inadequate opportunities for people to have money and time.

In the maintainence of liberty, the liberty minded impose consequences on the tyrants to deter their propensity for imposition, and we seek to remedy the causes that produce circumstantial imposition. On this website there are books that address misconceptions that prevent us from identifying problems that will allow us to realize liberating goals (See Solutions Summary Page). There are books dedicated to solutions to problems, social, as well as political and economic. There is also hats and clothing containing liberating messages.

I am trying to transition to sustaining myself through the sale of these items and hoping the time and resources this effort affords me will allow me to build a coalition to realize the liberating ideas contained in the material. With that said, I will not deny anyone with any interest the opportunity to benefit from the material because they cannot afford to purchase a book they may be interested in. If you are interested in reading one of these books you may request a free copy by emailing me at [email protected]

I appreciate your interest and all questions can be directed to the email above.