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 The first part prefaces the purpose of the camping trip with a short summary of circumstances followed by journal entries preceding the stunt that led to the camping trip.
It’s about a man who was born into disadvantaged circumstances who had questions about why he was as he was and why the world produced the unsatisfactory results that he seen.  Years of objective study led him to conclusions, solutions, and the development of an understanding of the subconscious mind, and an objective moral philosophy.  Efforts to promote have been ineffective because a people who are driven by biases reject information that is absent a bias.  The truth offends all biases.
His life has consisted of trying to position himself financially to have the means to effectively promote and some of that is a product of perpetual instability, caused by his circumstances.
His passion for advancing the morality of liberty and the truth of motion has driven a wedge between himself and those he’s known growing up. As one develops and his family and peers remain the same, the changing of values puts distane between the one who has changed and those who remain the same.
In 7 years, despite his best efforts among groups, submitting to academic journals, flyering, and other promotion, there is little evidence that anyone has ever read anything he has written.  No comments or support if agreed with, no questions about things not understood, and no pointed fact based arguments about anything not agreed with.  Just silence.  When someone shows someone that what they believe is not true or good, it isn’t incumbent on the one in error to correct him or herself.  They have the option of ignoring the source and hiding with those you believe as they believe.
In recognizing the futility of his efforts and with the money he saved running low he decided to try something to create concern to attract attention to his material.  He would create a cause for concern through an email that legally isn’t a threat but could be misinterpreted as such and send it to 5 university presses then disappear into the 3.3 million acres that is the Gila National Forrest.
The email was constructed to force someone to read his material: 6 books attached.  The unintended consequence of the email being perceived as a threat could create interest in him by law enforcement, and this could attract attention to his material if law enforcement is unable to discover his whereabouts.
During his time camping he had opportunities to address the content of leftwing and rightwing talk radio showing that the modern political narrative across the mainstream spectrum is not consistent with reality.  He also applies his material to the content and to day to day occurrences.
After two weeks he leaves the forrest where his critique of political content continues.  He suffers a bilateral pulmonary embolism that could have been fatal spending 3 days in ICU.  He believes this was caused by sleeping primarily in his car for the last 4 months, driving long distances, and driving for work.  Without the means to rent shelter, he buys a tent and air mattress and goes camping again, believing it is his only option to prevent the formation of new clots that could travel to his lungs, or the clot remaining in his leg to break off and travel to his lungs, his heart, or even worse to his brain.
After finishing the journal he discovers that the content could be a decent introduction for his material and decides to use the book as a free promotional tool to attract attention to his 7 substantive works.


The current version contains an epilogue not included in previous versions.


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