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The Survival of Consciousness After Death


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Orion Simerl

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    John and James die in a car crash separating their consciousness from their bodies and entering spaces that reveal all the mysteries of existence and their fate beyond.


The Survival of Consciousness After Death applies the principles of liberty as the basis for objective morality to a life after death scenario.  The human constant is that all people want to do what they want to do at all times.  This means any act that imposes on one’s ability to do is wrong, and all acts that do not impose are right.  Of course imposition is not only direct and physical, limited to person’s and property, but also indirect since an individual’s circumstances and determined by the collective through systems, and deception from without and from within has consequences for the individual and the liberty of others.  Morality is motivating and prohibitive.  People are motivated to act by feelings they associate with righting a wrong, and prohibited from committing acts they believe are wrong because of the negative feeling associated with losing self worth for doing wrong.  Morality is a determinant of motion.  In the survival of consciousness after death there are likely two different spaces to accommodate those who impose and those who do not impose.  This movie draws from the observations of the book Liberty: The Definitive Moral Truth.  A self published moral philosophy book written by the screenwriter Orion Simerl.  


John and James die as the result of a fatal car accident caused by John’s negligence where John is attempting to retrieve an IPAD he knocked to the passenger floor to reference data during a phone call.  Their consciousness survives death and upon seeing themselves they are drawn into a light where they are encountered by different beings.  These beings take them to separate settings to brief them about the purpose of life, morality as a determinant of motion, and the spaces they’ve been assigned to.  


The briefings begin semi ambiguous as to who is where.  Upon discovering where they are James learns how to interact within the space of eternal liberty, while John attempts to resist The Tyrant in his space of tyranny.  


John’s resistance begins with asserting his faith and challenging The Tyrant’s claims but The Tyrant refutes the popular notions, religious and otherwise, that John asserts.  When John realizes he cannot win an argument against The Tyrant  he runs into the forest that is part of the setting The Tyrant has taken him to.  


While in the forest he encounters the image of his deity who explains his ministry was largely a traveling magic act  orchestrated by those in his inner circle and he relished the celebrity that accompanied the show.  


When the deity disappears John is brought to a brick room standing across from The Tyrant.   After asking The Tyrant what he wants and The Tyrant stating his demands John reasons he beats the Tyrant by denying him what he wants.  He attempts to attack the Tyrant but is unsuccessful.  This attempt ends with the Tyrant disappearing, filling the room with water causing John to experience the sensations of drowning, then the walls close in for John to experience the sensation of being crushed.  


After being crushed John is transported to a park where there are other people.  John is brutalized over and over by this group.  Each time he experiences injuries that would kill him he is transported back to the bench he begins at.  John learns the people in the park are reliving the experience of a day in their lives but are freed by John’s presence.  Each time he resets they reset.  John uses this knowledge to leverage control over the others in the park.  With this control he persuades the others to bind the three who did the worst things to him to exact his revenge. 


After accomplishing this feat The Tyrant appears to John and they continue the briefing at a home of The Tyrant.  The Tyrant assigns John a day of his life to relive over and over again.  The day the Tyrant assigns is John’s final day alive where the audience learns the nature of John’s phone call and his profession.  


The story flows back and forth between John’s experience and James’ experience contrasting the low horrors of John to the awe inspiring highs of James.  


James’ briefing begins in a bar where the mysteries of life and the universe are revealed to him.  James learns he can do anything he wants to do at the speed of thought and desire.  When the briefing ends and The Greeter departs, James chooses to go to a setting he’s been invited to.  The setting is a house where is welcomed by his wife.  James and his wife exit the house into the backyard that is filled with people James knows.  He meets his grown son who was only 8 years old when he died.  He reunites with his mother and father.  


The final scene shows James creating a setting in a forest, with a lake, where he, his dad, and his son go fishing.  


The Survival forces the audience to critically examine popular ideas about the nature of existence and the application of morality.   


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