School for the Advancement of Liberty and Truth (SALT)

The School for the Advancement of Liberty and Truth (SALT) is beginning as a group interested in learning about liberty as the basis for objective morality and understanding political, economic, and behavioral functions.  It is one part teaching of material, one part forum for conversation on political, economic, and social topics, another part the creation of new material, and another part strategizing to achieve goals related to advancing human interests in creating a freer world.   

The Material

My material is located at .  It consists of 6 books and I’m also creating promotional items like tee shirts and hats.  The preview of each book is available for free but members of the group will have free access to books.  Join the group and send me a message including which book you would like to read and I will send you a pdf copy of the book.  Most of the planned lessons are contained within these books.  

The Forum

After a lesson has been taught and we’ve had an opportunity to share our thoughts and ask questions about the lesson we’ll open the floor up to conversation about whatever topics political, economic, or social in nature people are interested in discussing and getting the perspective of others on.  This is not liberal, conservative, radical, democrat, republican, progressive, socialist, anarchist, nationalist, libertarian, or any other predefined leaning group.  It is inclusive but not limited to all of these perspectives, and the merit of each person’s positions will be judged according to liberty and truth.  Not liberty and truth in vague undefined concepts, but defined according to what these words mean in definition and function.  Which is defined in the books Liberty: The Definitive Moral Truth, and in Assignment, Sequencing, and Comparison: The Organization of Objects and Prioritization of Objectives by the Subconscious Mind.  

I want SALT to be a forum for expression of opposing views to help isolate the real points of contention.  This can serve as an educational tool, and we can also know where the position stands against the function of the truth and the morality of liberty.  It’s also a means of everyone staying informed about current events from different angles of coverage.  

Creating Material

This group as it will begin is not intended to be a one way street as far as the creation of material is concerned.  We’re beginning with my material to serve as the foundation for the advancement of liberty and truth, and once I begin to attract attention I have other projects I will begin, but I see the potential for members of the group to contribute to material.  Annually or biannually, or whatever period seems to be the most beneficial the group can release projects similar to an academic journal, but with each article also containing criticism from other interested members.  

This can work in a variety of different ways.  For example, a person may read one of my books and want to write something about it.  In return I write something about what they wrote and it becomes an article included in a compilation release.  Members will also be able to write their own essays about subjects they are interested in or believe are important and other members can respond and the creator can rebuttal the responses to create articles for inclusion in compilation releases.  While understanding and abilities may vary, a bad essay can gain inclusion because it creates an educational opportunity that sometimes will be better than a good essay.  Better because it expresses something that someone thinks or misunderstands that others probably think and misunderstand and this creates opportunities for the misconception to be addressed.  Another way material can be created is in lesson and forum settings, where conversation and debate can be compiled into articles.  

When we reach that point where we begin creating material as a group and compiling, everybody who makes a contribution will receive credit for their contribution and a portion of the net proceeds from the sales of that compilation.  


SALT is not a group intended to serve only as an instrument of social function and source of entertainment for its members.  SALT is education intent on addressing popular misconceptions, proliferation of the ideals and understanding of liberty and truth and bringing subjective beings living in subjective realities into an objective reality.  But It’s also intent on achieving tangible goals that create better opportunities for individuals to have time and money.  As those ideas are understood by people within the group the hope is that people within the group will contribute to ideas to create promotional strategies to achieve those goals. 

The achievement of legislative goals associated with SALT purposes has been separated into The Organization for Popular Legislation. If interested click the hyper link on the organization name or go to  

If you have any questions about participating in the group send me an email at [email protected]