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I’ve been busy recording video summaries and working so this page has been neglected but the content is still relevant to understanding political functions and solutions to class disparities.

12/31/2021 Addressing the So Called Labor Shortage Through Immigration

I recently wrote an article about a job shortage in a labor market where there are more jobs than there are unemployed even with a generous assumption on the amount of people not in the workforce who would work if they could find a worthwhile job.  Headlines read labor shortage but this is a fundamental misunderstanding of the market.  

I provided three explanations, a lack of skill for the jobs that exist among job seekers, geographic imbalances where some places have many more jobs than job seekers, but other places have fewer jobs than job seekers, and inadequate compensation.  The 1st and the 3rd are essentially the same and that is what I wanted to focus on. 

If people in the workforce do not have the skills required for a job this is because the nature of the job lacks the value to draw interest for one to acquire the skills to perform the job.  For jobs that cannot be filled because people don’t want to do them there is a compensation issue.  A person will perform work they do not want to do if the work provides them with an adequate amount of money and time.  

In the consumer market, if a product cannot sell because the consumer has a low opinion of the product we don’t say there is a consumer shortage.  Jobs can be viewed the same way.  If you have 11 million job openings and people who want jobs are not filling those openings you don’t have a labor shortage, you have a job shortage because people who want to work do not want those jobs.  The same as if there were 11 million products that people wanted, but didn’t want those products because they were of poor quality or too expensive, we wouldn’t be trying to figure out what to do about the consumer shortage.  

Obviously filling those 11 million positions are important to production and the general health of the economy and some of them are essential to maintaining and expanding the products and services demanded by consumers.  What I would propose is a program that Americans received 1st priority in but would also serve as an instrument to facilitating legal immigration.  Companies who cannot find labor for low skill positions who are able to offer long term employment would post the position with the agency.  The agency would provide a loan for a prospective low skilled worker to apply to first months rent and security deposit and place people into these positions.  

As an instrument of immigration we would offer a work visa that after 5 years of employment could be upgraded to citizenship.  A person accepted into the program would be required to maintain employment for 5 years with no gaps exceeding something like 8 weeks otherwise they would be kicked out the program, have their visa revoked, and be deported.  And there would be provisions where job changes could be possible through the agency.  This serves the interests of industry in ensuring they have reliable labor, growing the economy through production and the migrants spending money into the economy, and ensuring the products and services demanded by consumers exist for them to purchase.  

Industry can also work with the agency to fill anticipated high skill positions where the agency offers Americans and potentially migrants training and job placement.  

Another purpose a program like this serves is in facilitating the balance stimulus.  Empowering the bottom 50% of income earners with the means to 1 improve their income opportunities through education, training, credit repair, licensing, transportation, and the means to finance their business could exacerbate the difficulty in finding low skilled labor for undesirable jobs.  In some respects it may lead to filling positions that few people are qualified for as some increase their human capital.  Although Round Up Gratuity or Lowest Paid Employee wage disclosure are tactics industry could employ to attract low skilled labor to undesirable positions by substantially increasing wages and creating better opportunities for people to have time and money.  But in the absence of these tactics an empowered bottom 50% of income earners would likely exacerbate the difficulty in finding low skilled workers for undesirable positions.  

We grow the economy and defeat inflation through production by empowering the bottom 50% of income earners to create their own businesses and increasing their human capital.  

We fill low skilled positions by implementing round up gratuity in industries that have a high volume of transactions.  This increases the wages of other industries that rely on low skilled labor by providing low skilled laborers with opportunities to make more money that will cause other industries to increase wages to compete for low skilled laborers with the high volume transaction sector.  

We fill the remaining low skilled positions by creating an immigration work program. 


I spent most of the day driving and listened to some NPR.  Could not find the right wing channel, maybe I need to check AM.  I’m going to address some of the things I heard and not necessarily in order. 

There are Starbucks employees voting to form a union for better training, more staff, and higher wages for seniority.  My first thoughts were that their demands better be reasonable if they are successful in forming a union because you don’t have the leverage of a high skill position.  If you all refuse to come to work, how difficult is it for Starbucks to hire new baristas?  Services may be a little slower at those stores but every drink on the menu consists of following a series of instructions pouring, mixing, and blending ingredients.  It may not be as rare a skill set as you think.  I’m not against you, I just have  better ideas that no one is interested in.   

Starbucks has to make money and its pay scale is a part of that model.  Which isn’t to say  there may not be room for an increase for certain employees but it does not guarantee it.  There was a woman speaking to Bernie Sanders who claimed she worked there 11 years and new employees made only 68 cents less than she did.  But what about this:  what if Starbucks knows the difference in the quality of service between a barista who has been working a month and a barista with 11 years experience is not great.  Starbucks may also know that the amount of work being performed by a barista who has a month experience and a barista who has 11 years experience is about the same.  What if Starbucks decided our business model supports an average wage of this and so we’re going to give everyone that wage starting and only offer small raises for seniority?  Is it more fair to reward seniority when said seniority doesn’t  dramatically increase service and the amount of work performed for people with less seniority is the same as those with the most seniority? 

They didn’t mention how much she was making, only that it was 60 some cents more than a new person after 11 years.  However, what we do know is it was sufficient for her to maintain the job for 11 years.  Which is suggestive of the theory that Starbucks understands what I stated above and may apply this idea to their business model.  It’s certainly fair.  

What I’ve proposed for all people working in an industry with a high volume of transactions is a round up gratuity option.  People working at gas stations, liquor stores, walmarts, targets, fast food, coffee chains, or any job that has a high volume of transactions would make significantly more money.  Let’s say a person on average makes 5 transactions per day, and has an average of $.50 change on each transaction.  This is $2.50 per day.  Do you know many people can afford an extra $75 per month?  An awful lot.  In the American Prosperity Proposals I estimated that a Walmart worker who worked full time would conservatively earn 4 dollars more per hour.  I don’t remember what the criteria was off the top of my head, but I do remember estimating the transactions by using parking lot traffic data and some  minus some figure for those who may have just been using the parking lot, and some other number that was indicative of an average amount of transactions.  

If companies implemented round up gratuity those patrons who can afford to pay more and round up will do so to benefit workers, and those who cannot will still be able to purchase the products.  It serves a second purpose in that it empowers the customer with a consequence for poor service.  Not that all people who are not rounding up on any particular transction are doing so in retribution for poor service, but if one received subpar service at least they could withhold what they may have otherwise given.  Round Up gratuity is something that serves the interest of the company in a few different respects.  1st, it allows them to increase employee wages without raising prices which could cost them volume.  2nd it increases the effort in service, because the entire staff knows that the more efficiently they can crank out coffees the more round ups they will receive.  Not just efficiency, but they will learn the things required to maximize the satisfaction of the customer.  Naturally, this benefits the customer.  It also benefits the customer because it empowers Americans to empower Americans.  As a country we can decide to support one another’s wages when we can afford it.  

Of course this doesn’t only impact this sector of the economy.  If a person can go work at Walmart and with RUG full time they’re making 18 dollars an hour, or maybe working at McDonalds earning 20 dollars an hour this impacts the entire low skill job market.  If a person can make 20 dollars an hour working at a gas station, they’re not going to want to do a lot of other low skilled, possibly physical intensive work for less money.  This means other industries who use low skilled labor are going to have to pay more to compete with the high volume transaction employers for low skilled labor.  

There’s another idea I have that could benefit almost all workers and companies.  This is called lowest wage disclosure marketing.  In theory, if the consumer can afford it, the consumer would prefer to spend marginally more on products if they know which manufactures and service providers paid their employees well.  If companies advertised what they were paying employees on their products, the companies who paid their employees more should benefit from more consumer choice and increase their share of the market.  The idea is a company could marginally increase the price of their product to increase employee wages, then advertise those wages and earn the same profit margin, while increasing their sales.  This idea is called lowest paid employee wage disclosure marketing.  Companies would put the hourly wage of their lowest paid employee on whatever the product is.  I like to use fabric softener sheets as an example because they’re all the same to me.  If you have 2 brands, and for .20 more you can purchase a brand that has an LPE of 15, compared to an LPE of 12, if the quality is the same a person may be inclined to spend the extra .20 on the box whose employees are paid a better wage.  

In the immediate, RUG would be much more valuable to the workers, the customers, and the Starbucks brand than a union would be.  Unions are much more effective in securing worker interests in skilled trades. There are other ideas for correcting unequal opportunities for income in the book American Prosperity Proposals.   

I was at a roadside rest stop near Roswell, NM when I was writing this.  It was completely dark and seemed like a dangerous location to be parked.  I started driving to another rest stop and I’ve just arrived at a picnic area outside of Portales that is safer.  I listened to some more talk radio and will address some of the things said there before I forget them because I didn’t write the subjects down.  

There was a bill introduced to block a 650 million dollar weapons deal with Saudi Arabia.  Some Democrats in the Senate joined Republicans voting the bill or resolution down 70 opposed to 30 for.  I’ve written about why Saudi Arabia is important to the United States in an article called Andrew Bacevich Critique in the book Understanding Political Function Through Recent Political History 2019-2020.  This was what was briefly emphasized as the explanation that Saudi Arabia is a US ally.  This is not why the Senate blocked the bill with bi partisan support.  

The main reason the bill was blocked is because US weapons manufacturers want to sell weapons, so they fund the campaigns of democrats and republicans to serve those interests.  Principly, the global arms market is flush with supply, meaning that if the demand isn’t met by the United States, it’ll be met by the UK, Russia, France, China etc.  If the reason to block the export of US arms to Saudi Arabia is because it limits the harm Saudi Arabia can do to other nations, this doesn’t serve that purpose because although many US weapons systems are probably superior to their competitors, the degrees in difference only matter when you have two militaries possessed of sophisticated weaponry.  Saudi Arabia does not plan on using those weapons against such countries.  So, whether the arms are US made, or made by a competitor, the harm they can inflict with those weapons is the same.  Then the question becomes why should US arms manufacturers, who employ US workers, miss out on money when the measure has no bearing on the harm Saudi Arabia can carry out?  

The other show I heard seemed like it was exclusively  concerned with gun rights   These guys were so stupid at times it was aggravating, and I’m extremely pro gun despite having felonies that make it unlawful for me to possess a gun, but we’re on the same side.  

They mentioned Dr. Oz is running for office and quoted him as saying the CDC should study gun violence like they study disease. When he was asked about that comment recently he said he was pro-second amendment, he was a gun owner, and believed all law abiding citizens have the right to own guns that cannot be taken away without due processes and a fair adjudication.  They didn’t know what he meant by this and one said it was liberal nonsense or something along those lines.  It’s pretty simple what he said if I’m remembering his words correctly, he’s saying law abiding citizens should be able to possess guns ,but people who commit certain crimes can lose the right, with due process and a conviction through a fair trial.  

The host goes on to say just because someone’s a gun owner that doesn’t make them my friend.  His buddy who was called in then went on with these painful parallels to make a point that I don’t know if he ever made or not.  He said if I’m a dog owner you have to agree with my reasonable regulations of dog ownership, or if I’m a car owner you have to agree with my reasonable regulation of car operation.  It was so painfully drawn out.  I don’t remember the question he answered in a similar fashion previous to this one.  What I think he’s saying is that Oz owning a gun puts him in a position where he would have credibility in promoting restrictions because he has a gun, and therefore he’s subject to those restrictions so  he is affected, and being a gun owner he has the experience to decide what is reasonable.  

I don’t like the idea of any television personality being involved in politics.  People are stupid enough as it is and celebrities running for office can be voted in for even less substanative reasons than career politicans are voted in.  They’re also easily manipulated because when a lobbyist approaches a politician he doesn’t approach him with just the policy that benefits the interests he represents, he approaches him with an explanation as to why that interest benefits the public.  Celebrities being naive and needing to be liked will jump at the opportunity to support the interests of business because 1: they like the person, and 2: because they don’t really know the effects of policy, so they’ll accept whatever explanation is presented to them.  Maybe it doesn’t matter much because career politicians like to be elected, and so even when they know the explanation is bullshit they adopt it anyway and then create additional defenses off of that pretext that ties in with their general personified narrative.  

I don’t know much about Dr. Oz.  I do remember he was one of the few popular people with medical credentials that tried to tame the covid fear early on but I presume he was chastised and reversed his position to keep his show.  If he did this then he has demonstrated that he will compromise the truth to serve his own interests.  I’m also concerned about some of the assertions that were made about him concerning mental health.  It doesn’t matter what they are, mental health is a term used to promote the acceptance of problems or disorders that are not problems or disorders.  I don’t support anyone who puts too much emphasis on that term.  

Although people should oppose people they believe will try to implement gun control legislation, it’s a much bigger boogie man than it actually is.  The reason being is any gun control legislation is going to be subject to judicial oversight.  The only real check on power is the supreme court but it’s a check that’s often not considered.  If you’re a gun owner or proponent of gun ownership and you’re constantly told the government is going to take your guns away, then you’ll consume information about gun control, and can be persuaded through that value, which serves the interests of people who produce the information, serves the interest of the republican party, and serves the interest of gun manufacturers, as Americans collectively spent 28 billion dollars on guns last year.  The more you can be convinced that the government is coming for your guns and ammo, the more you’ll buy guns and ammo, the more you’ll consume information about the topic, and the more you can be persuaded politically through that fear.   

Earlier on NPR there was an economist who essentially made up causation for a correlation.  He said there was a correlation between people quitting their jobs and the percentage of people who were vaccinated in that state.  The lower the vaccination rate the greater the rate people were quitting their jobs.  Offering no evidence of the following causation he states, when people are concerned about their physical health it causes mental health problems and this is why people in states with lower vaccination rates were quitting their jobs.  Essentially the stress from being in public among unvaccinated people is causing people to quit their jobs.  He didn’t cite any survey research to support his opinion, just stated for the NPR narrative that the reason lower vaccination states see more people quitting their jobs is because they’re afraid of covid, as if that’s the only possible explanation.    

Of course it’s equally if not more likely that the people who are quitting their jobs in states with lower vaccination rates is because companies were and are requiring employees to be vaccinated to maintain employment, and some employees do not want to be vaccinated.  So in states with lower vaccination rates there are more people quitting their jobs because this indicates there are more people who do not want to be vaccinated and companies are requiring it as a condition of employment.  

There was more reporting on Coronavirus Omicron variant.  What hasn’t been mentioned is coronavirus didn’t begin in 2019 and every year there have been mutations, some years I believe more than one mutation but it wasn’t broadcast until after covid-19.  Every other week there’s going to be some difference in cases from the previous week, and the broadcast began with highlighting that cases were up from last week, like this is really useful and meaningful information.

The doctor in his effort to make the Omicron variant seem potentially more harmful stated that the number one factor for a severe outcome is age, so although the symptoms appeared milder than Delta the data coming from Africa is from a younger sample.  When we’re talking age alone as a risk factor the bulk of people with no underlying conditions are over 85 years old.  The data is in the introduction covid-19 media project.  The doctor in a sense is promoting positive information in that it is subtly informative of the risk of being infected where he mentions age be the most determinative of a severe outcome, but his motivation isn’t to alleviate the irrational fears people under 75 years old, but to encourage fear of the new variant by dismissing the mild symptoms experienced by the South African data.    

Today some congressional committee interviewed someone from Instagram about a whistleblower report that some children were experiencing mental health issues from using the platform.  The explanation provided was that girls go on instagram and rely on the responses of others to their posts for self worth affirmations, and some girls are exposed to content that causes them to feel bad.  

They quoted one mother saying it’s like the sink is overflowing and she is standing there with one mop.  It’s a perfect illustration because the reason you’re standing there with the mop is because you weren’t paying attention to what was going into the sink.  If your child’s self worth is determined by instagram that has more to do with how you’ve brought your child up than it does with the instagram platform.  Trash issue.  The government is going to create policy to make up for your deficiencies as a parent.  Crazy.  It should also be noted that in addition to finding that instagram may have caused some teens to feel bad, according to the person being interviewed it also caused others to feel good.  

I’m not supportive of these social media platforms in general, in the Camp Journal I lay the beginning of legal interpretation to prevent social media censorship that doesn’t violate private property rights over the platform.  Regulating social media is an effort to fix poor parenting through regulation, and even if content is regulated in the name of some threat to children, it won’t solve the problem of children being raised by people who don’t consist of anything raising children who are a reflection of that exposure.   Parents  raise their children  by keeping them entertained through simple stimulation.  Phones, games, TV, movies, activities etc.  This is another issue I’m not going to go into here because it’s broad and expansive and  creates a variety of problems.   

I heard something funny about immigration.  I’m probably the only one who thought this was funny.  They’re interviewing a Mexican woman who either has a role in the Mexican government or studies the immigration issue from the Mexican vantage point.  Biden reimplemented the Trump policy to have immigrants from the southern border wait in Mexico to go to court.  The woman mentioned that in Mexico they were having immigrants from their southern border on the way to the US wait in the southern portion of the country.  She said the problem was there weren’t very many resources and jobs in southern Mexico so Mexico began issuing one year work visas so migrants could disperse throughout the country and find work.  Of course Mexicans don’t like this because immigrants are stealing their jobs.  LOL.  

That’s another fake right wing boogie man that does a disservice to the men and women who work for CBP and ICE.  A few years ago, either pre-Obama or early Obama the amount of illegal immigrants in this country from the southern border was 12 million.  Under the Obama Administration it was reduced to something like 10.5 million and has remained under 11 million.  In terms of jobs and other social costs 11 million people is imperceivable in a country of 330 million people.  Which means as long as CBP and ICE are able to maintain an illegal immigrant population that is below 12 million then they are protecting American opportunity and we don’t have an immigration problem.  I’ve written about this more thoroughly elsewhere. I

I know any negative assertion that can be used to have people avoid my material is much more effective at causing people to avoid my material than confronting it.  Not that this is much of a problem now because no one is interested in my  material anyway, but I did want to confront a foreseeable knock.  Some would state that my material isn’t relevant because from the perspective of most I don’t have my own affairs in order.  This is a product of different goals and efforts to produce stability (since I changed paths and stopped selling drugs) that have not worked despite the effort.  All of which can be read about in New Mexico Camp Journal and the Florida Ordeal.  

Most people’s priorities are not my priorities.  My priority is to make money promoting my material and ideas.  Unfortunately I don’t reinforce biases, and for this reason I cannot make money despite my talents and the quality of my material being superior to those who are able to make money doing the same things, except doing it through a lens that reinforces biases and the bogus narratives that people’s perspectives are built on.  It isn’t a product of a lack of ability as far as not having the things that people count as basic necessities, it’s different priorities where I don’t want to work a perpetually unfulfilling job for the comfort of a home and the satisfaction experienced through consumerism.  Different people like different things.  My priorities are to earn a living through the promotion of liberty and truth.  I happen to have a monopoly on that promotion but it is a product the people of this country are too cowardly to consume or confront.  

Along those lines of basic false narratives I was thinking about the sign I saw that read god, family, and country.  It’s kind of funny because your god is false, your idea of your country is false, and these things are passed onto your family who passes those things on.  Ignorant christian nationalists and ignorant racist progressives.  Along with the indifferent this represents the entire country.  


I wrote the second portion of this entry first but it’s essentially a diatribe about my circumstances and the human species who are largely responsible for them.  So, I thought I’d begin responding to the talk radio I listened to this morning instead of putting what I wrote earlier first.

This was conservative talk radio that seemed to represent the views of more mainstream republican views, not what is represented in the mainstream media as republican views.  Although there were a number of things these gentlemen were wrong about, they were at least substantive in their ideas, opinions, and what they believed to be fact.  

I addressed this in the Camp Journal from the Dan Bongino Show, about why corporate America sponsors BLM, which is an overtly racist, and marxist organization.  These gentlemen brought it up and their explanation was that BLM is shaking down corporate America, where if they do not support BLM, BLM will create a PR campaign against corporations calling them racist which will impact their brand.  Unfortunately, there is no better PR machine than the one used by corporate America.  Corporate America is the decider of policy and perception, even more so in the social media age.  As I explained before, the narrative about racial disadvantage and racial injustice is a popular narrative that allows these corporations to benefit by attaching their brand not only to BLM, but to other race based causes.  There’s a direct benefit, but there is also an indirect benefit in channeling energy and attention to things that are not problems to keep people’s mind away from things that are problems: unequal opportunities for individuals to have time and money.  The achievement of class goals which in many ways directly and indirectly are not beneficial to industry.  The distraction is probably secondary, corporations support BLM more so because it benefits their brand through the narrative of racial disadvantage.  

They talked about gangs and violence in democrat run cities .  They claimed that gangs and just violent people in general committed crimes against citizens.  While there is some of this, a random car jacking, someone robbing a conveinence store, or something along those lines, the bulk of violence especially gang violence (I don’t know how much of that there is any more compared to late 90s and early 2000 indictments), isn’t criminals terrorizing the general public, it’s largely criminals committing crimes against criminals.  That’s a big misconception of crime by the public, where people call certain neighborhoods sketchy or dangerous, in most cases, if you’re not involved in that lifestyle or look like you’re presenting an opportunity you don’t have anything to worry about.  

They brought up a shooting that took place during the day, some video they saw.  They said a man shot another man from the car, then got out of the car and continued to shoot the man until he was dead.  One of the people on the show said why?  That’s what I ask as well but we’re asking different questions.  The person on the show is asking why it happened in the context of how people can do that to other people.  This is my interpretation of his question based on what followed.  I’m asking what this person did to cause that person to kill him.  Did he steal from him, tell on him, hurt or kill someone who he knew?  

This was followed by democrat run cities and stating what I addressed in Camp Journal from the Charlie Kirk show, that the democrats soft on crime approach is responsible for an increase in serious crimes.  Again, serious crimes usually do not result in low bails or light sentences.  So while these policies certainly increase the amount of less serious crimes and some serious property crimes, it doesn’t affect the punishment deterrent to serious crimes.   

He brought up the example of Darell Brooks who was released on $1000 bail for assaulting and running over his child’s mother with a car.  (I was wrong about the details when I wrote about this incident, only hearing about it briefly in a previous article.  I was initially under the impression that he committed the parade massacre after he ran over his child’s mother.  Naturally what I wrote based on that information doesn’t apply to that situation, although applicable to others)  The problem with using this as an example of how low bails can endanger the safety of the public, is this low bail was not the product of policy.  The district attorney stated that the bail was recommended by an inexperienced DA and was set much too low for the crime.  It isn’t an example of how bail is set in a democrat run city, it is an exception,  not an example of bail guidelines or policy.  

The other example they brought up was a person who burned down a christmas tree outside of a fox news location somewhere was let go without bail.  What these people don’t understand is how jail functions in the real world.  As someone who has been to jail I can tell you that most times I’ve been in the Milwaukee County Jail, aka Criminal Justice Facility, it has been crowded.  I haven’t been there in awhile but they also had a place called the House of Corrections where they would take people who had long wait times in between their court dates and there were times when it was also overcrowded.  Everytime I went to intake court, most people going to intake court received Personal Recognizance Bonds.  This is no bail you promise to show up for court.  

PR bonds were given to people who didn’t have serious offenses or who didn’t have criminal records.  While I don’t advocate how no bail has been applied in places like the West Coast where it seems their bail criteria encourage crime, you can’t hold every person who breaks a window or tries to push a shopping cart out of Walmart because you don’t have the space, and the cost to create the space isn’t worth the cost because it won’t significantly decrease crime.  

They brought up an article that was originally called “Is Math Racist?” which they describe as an article comparing the math scores of black students to other students.  As I’ve already addressed in Racial Perceptions,  you cannot compare education by race, until you’ve first separated race into class, where the test results of black students are compared to the test results of white students who come from a similar household income.  After this another factor that has to be considered is the quality of the school.  This means we compare 1000 black students from one household income bracket, who attend a school that produces an average math test score of say 70, and we compare it to 1000 white students from the same household income who also attend schools that produce an average math score of 70.  Most research is conducted to imply racial causation that is really the product of economic disadvantage where proportionately, a greater amount of black people are disadvantaged, although in whole numbers many more white people are poor or impoverished.  

Once again they got the causation wrong.  The man begins, he believes success in America is a product of life choices, and hesitantly says and environment.  He was referring to the environment as the shaper of decision making, and it is, but decision making itself doesn’t begin with a decision, it begins with what opportunities are available to you based on your circumstances.  You cannot do something that is beyond your circumstances.  This is secondary to this point.  

Here he reinforces the myth of the two parent home.  He didn’t mention any research but it’s been quoted to me in the past and I may have read somewhere people who come from two parent homes typically either have more success or less failure so to speak than people who come from single parents.  This time the right is creating causation that fits the idea they like, and ignoring the actual causation for those observations.  A Child who comes from a two parent home not only benefits from two parents, which is valuable in time and attention, but today they also typically benefit from a higher household income than single parents.  

One study I’ve mentioned in probably several different places was a study that showed the lower the household income a male is born into, the greater the likelihood he would end up in prison in his 30s.  Direct causation, where income increases $10,000 annually in the household, males in that household have less of a chance of going to prison than they did before, and another increase leads to another decrease.  The study is cited in American Prosperity Proposals and probably also in Understanding Political Function Through Recent Political History.  There was no distinction between 1 parent or 2 parent homes, just males born into certain household income groupings, and their chances of being incarcerated increased as a result.   

Since we know low household income levels are an environment that cause people to make life decisions that lead to them going to prison there is already a correlation there.  Another correlation is single parents typically head households that have less income than 2 parent households.  The same as “Is Math Racist” suggests racial causation that is actually disproportionate economic causation, the republicans on this show have taken economic causation, and applied it to a two parent household.  Which isn’t to say that two parent households do not provide some advantages for children, but that advantage is much less pronounced than they would like to imply.  

They mentioned the democrats attack reality in pushing a narrative of racial disadvantage and that it hurts the black community because eventually they’ll be forced to acknowledge reality.  I do agree that the democrats are waging war on reality and pushing race, gender, sexuality as a source of disadvantage and mental health is waging war against reality.  I mentioned this either yesterday or in the camp journal where words lose meaning as they are applied to things that they do not represent, and take on new meaning based on popular acceptance of what they are applied to.  Republicans wage war with reality as well, but it’s more subtle and generally a product of limited life experience.  Like corporate America being shook down by BLM, is a product with their failure to confront the myths about how their country functions.  America is good because it has been good to them.  Maybe not a great example but my material is filled with examples of republicans waging war on reality.    

I agree that the assertion of racial disadvantage where there is no racial disadvantage is harmful to black community.  But not because they’ll be forced to acknowledge reality, no one is forced to acknowledge reality and the attention my work receives is evidence of the human propensity to ignore reality in preference of the reality that causes them to feel good.  It harms black people because black people who are poor believe they’re poor because they’re black, and focusing their attention on this misconception take their attention away from the achievement of class goals.  Subscribing to the misconception that race is a source of disadvantage separates black people from people of other races, especially white people, who represent the greatest number of poor people in total numbers in this country, who have the same goals as poor black people.  

I thought there was more to discuss but that’s all I have from my notes.  If you wish to continue, know that my mood is very dark and unpleasant in the remainder of this entry.  

I’m two days removed from the camp.  The first day I went to a Pilot to take shower and then spent that day and the following day assembling and posting Camp Journal and Florida Ordeal.  Whatever my situation is going to be I needed a recharge and texted someone I met recently.  I’m going to see her and after that I’m not completely sure where I’m going.  I will need to get some gigwork in soon because my money is rapidly deteriorating.  There’s a rest area with wifi I may go to after I visit this woman.  I think it’s probably in the neighborhood of 300 miles to get there from where I’m going.  I need wifi for a few days to edit and post videos but more importantly to start spam emailing my material.  

I don’t know, I feel pretty fucked right now.  LOL  It’s funny to acknowledge it.  Sometimes I’ll remove myself from the situation and just laugh about it.  By removing myself I mean think about it as if it is not me, but someone else where shit cannot go right.  When I think about it in its totality, the distance between people’s perception of reality and reality, creatures who crave simple stimulation and spend their civilization in pursuit of creating more simple stimulation.  Mental mechanisms that prevent the penetration of truths that challenge their beliefs because altering one’s perspective changes values.  Value is measured by feeling.  

People’s minds are like stacked items.  You begin stacking the items, and the objects are known to exist through causes and produce effects, the objects are stacked according to what is right and what is wrong morally, and these ideas add value to an act or can remove value from an act.  The objects have value according to the sensations they produce.  Finally there are sequences that are true and sequences that are false.  

How is this like stacked items? Because whatever comes to you first if it produces a positive feeling, whether an act or even an idea, you’re going to protect the perception of it that allows it to produce a positive feeling.  You stack other objects accordingly.  Picture you have a giant wagon where you’ve stacked unboxed items.  If you pull at one of these items towards the bottom what will happen?  In most cases, the other items stacked on top of it are going to lose stability because they rely on that item being in that position.  The same is true with the human mind.  In the pursuit of value reinforcement and protection people perceive other objects through the lens of already liked objects.  When one object is not what it was believed to be, there are consequences for a variety of other objects whose value is derived from something being morally right, or an object believed to produce some motion (true).  

The subconscious is always set to an objective to produce a positive feeling.  For the subconscious to create objectives to produce positive feelings objects must maintain their assignments within your organization of them for positive feelings to be produced.  This is why people experience negative feelings when they are exposed to information that challenges their beliefs, because it is a threat to their value of objects, where much of what they do to feel good will cease to make them feel good should the information change what they know.  

The point is, I think about all of these things, it’s a twilight zone scenario.  You wake up in your body about 3 to 4 years old.  For the first 29 years of your life you’re in a tunnel the same as everybody else.  Pulled through life by subtle feelings you don’t really understand.  Then in seeing how fucked up everything was throughout your life, and knowing people who began and persist in difficult, unfulfilling circumstances you want to know why that is.  In discovering that what is, need not be, it can change your direction.  Soon you realize that what is isn’t only a problem of an organization that exclusively prioritizes the interests of the advantaged, but the species you exist with, drives this organization through their subscriptions to deception.  Deception is only effective because people want to be deceived, because it maintains and reinforces their perception which has a lot to do with what makes them feel good.  The only way to get people’s attention is to pay them.  And there are no worthwhile opportunities to earn enough money to pay people to learn.  

It isn’t really that hard, but it isn’t something you can just walk up to a person and begin teaching them.  The reason being is you don’t know how their wagon is stacked but you can say with a great degree of certainty that it isn’t stacked well.  Of course first you want them to read the material to create at least some familiarization with the content.   

This turned into quite a ramble but when you’re so trapped the way I am trapped, for as long as I’ve been trapped, and all you see is the fence all around you, you can’t do anything but laugh about it.  It’s horrible, disgusting, unpleasant, and a product of issues with human morality, the requirement of the truth for liberty, as it relates to the consequences self deception has in my individual circumstances, but also generally as the required support for systems that leave others circumstantially trapped.  This life is a nightmare, this planet is a physical hell, held in place by a species who chooses and practices tyranny knowingly and unknowingly.  


This began as a journal entry and evolved into an article that I’ve submitted to a magazine that will not accept it so I’m posting it here where no one will read it. It’s called How 11 Million Jobs and Potentially 10.6 Million Job Seekers Represents a Job Shortage.

Last week Dan Bongino stated that Biden was losing in every major metric, and although I probably hate Biden more than he does (I hate republicans too), I thought one metric he wasn’t losing in was the unemployment rate which is 4.2%.  To know what that 4.2% actually is I needed to know what the workforce participation rate is and was historically.  Obviously some people who are leaving the workforce have left because they’re retiring, or some do not enter the workforce because they’re going to school, but many people who are not counted as being in the workforce are people who have been unemployed for long periods of time.  This country’s response to covid created a drop in the workforce participation rate that has not has not returned to pre 2020 levels.  Low U3 Unemployment rates should be considered against the workforce participation rate, especially after this covid debacle, unemployment can fall without more people having jobs simply because they’re no longer being counted.  This is very basic. I just mentioned it as to why I began thinking about this.  

Prior to Covid in 2020 the workforce participation rate was 63.4%.  Today the workforce participation rate is 61.8%.(1)  The unemployment rate is a reflection of how many people out of the 162 million person workforce are unemployed.(2)  Each percentage of unemployment represents 1.62 million people.(3)  The number of working aged people is roughly 205 million. (4)  There are also 10.6 million people who are aged 65 to 74 who are working, and another roughly million and a half over the age of 75 who are working. (3)  Our total work eligible people are the 205 million working aged 15 to 64, and the 12 million people 65 and older who are still working for 217 million.  Each percentage point the workforce participation rate falls represents 2.17 million people.      

1: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Labor Force Participation Rate [CIVPART], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;, December 10, 2021.

2: Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Table A-1 Employment Status of the Civilian Population by Sex and Age modified 12/6/2021

3: Julie Jason, 11/14/2021   “Still Working After Age 65 and Thinking About Moving”, Forbes.–thinking-of-moving/?sh=3a13f2d45402  The article states 10.6 million people 65 to 74 are still working and 8.9% of people aged 75+.  I’m not taking the time to track down the most current numbers for this age range.  2016 there were 14.3 million people, there is presumably more today, so I’m calling people working over the age 75 1.4 million people,  

4:Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Working Age Population: Aged 15-64: All Persons for the United States [LFWA64TTUSM647S], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis;, December 10, 2021.

Some of these people who have left the workforce since 2020 are retirees, (5) but a vast majority are people who haven’t returned to work since this ridiculous response to covid.  An unemployment rate of 4.2% in consideration of nearly a two point drop (1.6%) in workforce participation, is like a 6.6% unemployment rate pre covid.  1.6%  of work force participation represents 3.5 million people, and each percentage of unemployment represents 1.6 million people, so moving 3.5 million people into the not counted unemployed category, we divide 3.5 by 1.6 which gives us 2.2. So if these people who were part of the work force precovid have not returned, the unemployment rate would be 6.6% if they were counted.  We have 162 million people in the workforce, and 6.6% is 10.7 million people.  This means there are roughly 10.7 million people who need jobs.  In November there were 11 million job openings. (6)

5: The working aged population declined by 900k which represents the difference between younger people becoming working aged compared to older people who are no longer working aged.  As mentioned in a previous paragraph, not all people who are no longer working aged retire, therefore it isn’t accurate to presume that a person ceasing to be working aged represents a person who has left the workforce and contributes to the decline in workforce participation. 

6: Jennifer Liu, 12/8/2021 “There are 11 Million Jobs as Quitting Spree Continues; It’s Still a Very Tight Labor Market”. CNBC 

Many would look at this and say the United States is a nation capable of creating jobs for all of its citizens.  Of course there’s a problem with that logic.  There are a lot of job openings that require specialized skills that most of the 11 million people who need jobs do not possess, so there are a lot of jobs that do not help a lot of unemployed people.  The second issue is many people who are unemployed do not live in areas where those jobs are.  3rd and probably most importantly, many of those jobs may be jobs people do not like to perform and do not pay enough.  

The third explanation as to why we can’t match 10.6 million people with 11 million jobs probably doesn’t sit well with some people, but it is an explanation.  What a person must have in a job is either a job they enjoy doing that provides enough resources for adequate comfort, or a job that provides a person sufficient money for accumulation, and time and money to do what they want to do when they’re not working.  It’s difficult to want a job that is unfulfilling and doesn’t allow for you to accumulate more money to position yourself for a better income, and doesn’t afford you time and money to do what you want to do.  

4.2% sounds nice, but while the right wing radio is beating the drum that people don’t want to go back to work the truth is we have a job shortage.  Based on the number of people who do not have the skills for many of those 11 million jobs, and geographic imbalances where some places have many more jobs than job seekers, while others have more seekers than jobs.  

If jobs were transportation, it is like the United States has a lot of motorcycles but not enough people who know how to ride them.  

If jobs were like transportation, it is like the United States has a car for you but you have to live somewhere else to drive it.  

If jobs were like transportation, it is like the United States has a lot of different kinds of cars for people, but for many people all they have is horses.  And there’s a lot of people who need transportation but do not want to ride horses.  

People who do not have jobs often do not have money.  In order for an individual to create his own opportunity it requires money to start a business or even have the stability to be able to improve human capital through education or vocational training to increase the amount of jobs he or she has access to or prefers. 

There are also countless people in this country who are working-trapped, in a job that isn’t inherently satisfying, barely meets their expenses, doesn’t allow for income accumulation, doesn’t afford them much time, and they have very limited resources to do things in the free time that they do have.  Many of these people would have money to save and to do things within their free time if RoundUp Gratuity was implemented by companies or if some companies began LPE Wage Disclosure Marketing. 

If we issue a Balance Stimulus, those who previously were not capable of creating their own opportunity could create their own opportunity and be able to position themselves to take advantage of better quality opportunities.  Even if we exclude the people who do not want to ride a horse, there are a lot of jobs that people who are looking for work cannot do, and there are a lot of people who are not where the jobs are.  We don’t have 10.6 million people who presumably need jobs and 11 million jobs available, we probably have half that based on location and qualifications, and then we have the other half as jobs that people do not want to do because they do not pay enough for people to do them.  

We have to acknowledge that 1: there aren’t enough jobs for everyone who wants a job to have a job.  And 2: that an individual’s ability to create their own opportunity is determined by the amount of money they have to invest into something, a business, education, vocational training, or the stability required for the second 2.  From the acknowledgement of those 2 points we know that there are some people who a job doesn’t exist for, and who are without the means to create their own job.  These people have either rode a horse, or ride horses intermittently but are not satisfied enough with it to ride perpetually.  
The Balance Stimulus, Round Up Gratuity Option, Lowest Paid Employee Wage Disclosure Marketing, and other ideas that aim to increase people’s opportunities to have money and time are explained in The American Prosperity Proposals


I woke up Saturday 12/11 and walked up to the rest area to use the bathroom.  It was about 30 to 40 yards including some stairs and an incline to reach the building.  As I walked up the stairs I became light headed and my breathing was laborious.  Once  I entered the building  it was about 10 yards to the bathroom and about 15 yards to the second stall once in the bathroom.  Upon entering the building the light headed sensation was increasing and I could not catch my breath.  My goal was to reach the toilet and sit down and try to figure out what was going on.  

There are two stalls next to one another.  Once I reached the first stall which was occupied I collapsed.  The occupant asked if I was alright and said I needed to be careful.  I don’t remember what I said back.  I was confused because I had no explanation as to why I couldn’t breath and just collapsed.  I was on my hands and knees in front of the stall for at least  20 to 30 seconds, maybe as long as a minute.  Eventually I was able to pull myself up and reach the unoccupied stall just a few feet from where I fell.  

I don’t remember what happened in the stall, I just remember being on the ground trying to get myself up and talking to a man through the stall door.  I shit my pants and my belt was unbuckled but my pants were not down.  I must have been preparing to sit down when I lost consciousness.  I pulled myself up (1) from the floor and wanted to reach the bench in the lobby area of the rest area.  I stopped at the sink and used the counter to hold myself up.  The man waited with me concerned about seeing me in the condition that I was and this condition was as mysterious to me as it was to him.  Eventually I made my way to the bench.  

1: When I say I pulled myself up I mean it was a struggle to get back to my feet, using the walls of the stall and pushing myself up from the floor.     

I didn’t understand what was going on.  I just kept breathing but could not catch my breath.  After about 15 minutes I felt like I’d recovered and told the man he could go.  After he left  I thought since I took my phenibut and energy drink mix with only half a bottle of water instead of a full bottle of water maybe that concentration triggered the problem.  I also thought maybe I was having a heart attack.  

Since I shit my pants when I momentarily lost consciousness and felt like my breathing had recovered, I walked out of the rest area intending to go to my car to get a change of clothes to get myself squared away.  I took a few steps outside and my breathing was immediately fucked up and I was becoming light headed.  I turned around and made it back to the bench.  I sat on the bench trying to catch my breath and got up to get water from the fountain which seemed like it was hurting more than it was helping.  I had a problem that  came out of nowhere and apparently wasn’t going to get better on its own.   

After about 15 minutes of sitting there struggling to breath a man asked me if I was alright and I asked him to call an ambulance.  He didn’t have his phone so he had to go back out to his truck and probably about 10 minutes after I asked him he called the ambulance and I talked to 911 dispatch and explained to her what I’ve explained here in brevity.  The ambulance didn’t arrive for at least 40 minutes if not longer.  This wasn’t the fault of the EMTs the rest area is located  40 miles from the nearest medical services.  

When they arrived they checked my vitals, put me on oxygen, provided me a breathing treatment, and gave me my choice of towns and hospitals.  I figured it would be easier for me to get back to my car if I went to Amarillo as opposed to the other town I hadn’t heard of.  The custodian of the rest area was with me when the ambulance arrived.  He came over to me just a few minutes before the ambulance came and had been busy with work outside while all of this was transpiring.  He went to my car and retrieved a pair of pants, underwear, and cellphone.  

 I was taken to North West Hospital in Amarillo.  I was unable to get up and clean myself off so I sat there with a load of shit in my  pants while I gave statements, answered questions, and was given a chest X Ray followed by a CAT scan.  The doctor told me I had blood clots in my lungs.  The official diagnosis was a bilateral pulmonary embolism which as I understand it means the arteries that bring oxygenated blood from the lungs to the rest of the body were severely obstructed by a blood clot.  

About 2 hours after arriving I gathered myself enough to use the bathroom and clean myself off, throwing away my pants and underwear and putting on the fresh underwear and pants.  Shortly thereafter I was taken up stairs for a minor surgical procedure to break up the clot.  They make an incision into a vein in my neck and push this metal wire with a camera on the end of it to break up the clot and then pump medicines through it.  The procedure itself was smooth and relatively painless.  I laid down, covered with sheets and towels.  I don’t remember the titles but the guy who was administering the pain medication I believe his name was Steve gave me the right combination of things to make me comfortable.  Scott performed the procedure largely without me even knowing he was doing anything.  Scott also came back early on Sunday morning to pull the tube or whatever it was that had to be left in my neck overnight.  It was very uncomfortable and Cecelia was not concerned about me laying there covered in blood on a pad that was saturated with blood.  I was glad he came.   

She was definitely the only low for a few different reasons.  After the tube was pulled she came and put a few packs of wipes on my table.  I  was like fuck it and started wiping myself off and asked her if she could get my back that I couldn’t reach.  She did a good job rewrapping my neck a day later though.  Throughout my time there that was the only thing I really had a problem with. When I was waiting to have the tube pulled when I was oozing blood as they say, she didn’t seem like she wanted to service my comfort, where I was tired, with an object hanging out of my neck, laying on pads soaked in cold blood, at least make it a priority to get me a new pad.

With all the blood thinners going through me the first night was pretty rough.  Great nurses, especially Austin, who could never be satisfied in doing too much for you.  Wiped the blood off me, changed out my pad, and literally did everything he could to make sure I was comfortable.  Also followed protocol perfectly, asking me questions he was confident I knew like where I was and what year it was, but if I didn’t it would indicate a more serious problem that he could catch early.  He worked with a level of compassion, professionalism, and effectiveness that may be able to be matched but not surpassed.  I don’t know for sure that his name is Austin but that’s what Cecelia who was my first shift nurse said his name was.  Words cannot do not do justice in expressing how great this guy was at his job.  Other staff also performed at a high level.

The last night I was there a nurse named Kiley allowed me to use the community shower which was fantastic.  Since I didn’t need to be monitored all the time she told me I could take the nodes off and then every so often she just did the blood pressure cuff, the pulse deal on the finger, and various other tests and vital gathering.    

Food was actually pretty decent.  This morning when I left I had a huge plate of biscuits, gravy, hash browns, bacon, and eggs with orange juice and coffee.  I have no insurance and very little money so my bill will go to pay the hospital’s taxes.  An amazing experience considering the circumstances.  

I was there for 3 days.  Dr. Melese Ephrem was my physician and although I only interacted with him a few times,  he was very thorough and effective in my treatment.  He was able to send me with a one month supply of blood thinning medication that I otherwise probably wouldn’t be able to afford and could probably die without.  I’m very appreciative of everyone from the man who initially waited with me, to the emts, to all the people at the hospital who made this surprising and difficult experience as easy as it could be.  Thanks to all of you.  

I have real problems right now because I’m confident that these clots in my legs that worked their way to my lungs are a product of driving long distances and sleeping in my car.  I don’t have a solution to that right now.  I plan on countering this by working my legs, taking the medication and figuring out a different way to sleep in my car that won’t leave blood stagnant in my legs.   

As I write this my situation may be  much more difficult than it has ever been.  Things happen and I acknowledge them and move on.  There is some lasting effects right now and I don’t know how long it will be until I am back to 100%.  I’m not struggling to breath as I was during the episode but small increases in physical exertion produce disproportionate stress.  I’ve always prided myself on my ability to push through whatever is in front of me which in this context is a combination of physical ability and mental strength.  I’m physically not capable of doing things I may need to be able to do.  I don’t like that.  I don’t know if I can do physically demanding work right now.  

I’ve written that the main reason I cannot kill myself is the waste of development, but maybe that’s all my life will be anyway.  I’m typically unmoved by death, and even when it’s my own life on the block I don’t a different position.   People pretend to care about  life because they’re supposed to and often produce false empathy in imagining themselves or their loved ones in the situations of others to produce an emotional response.  This emotional response serves two purposes, 1st it makes them feel good about themselves because they perceive themselves as being a good person for having felt bad for someone else.  2nd, since this is a social expectation, or compassion and empathy are popularly valued qualities that produce the social expectation to exhibit them, people take positions that express these qualities  because they think other people will think they’re better people and this perception causes them to feel better about themselves, an increase in self worth from the perception of others seeing them positively.  Life is sacred to others because of the show and game involved in the position in most cases.  It’s evident that outside of opportunities to put  the sanctity of life on display, or put compassion and empathy on display there isn’t a whole lot of substance there; people would be more concerned with addressing causes that produce unnecessary loss of life if they were true to that sentiment.    

I didn’t mean to go that far off on that tangent, I’m just looking at my present circumstances and think the only reason I haven’t killed myself is because it seems like a waste of development and a waste of an opportunity to apply these things and advance this species.  Not because I’m the embodiment of some overwhelming love for this species that drives me to try to advance it, only that the certainty I have in the morality of liberty and truth of motion, and being  here, leaves me with nothing else to do in life.  Now here I am, alive to avoid the waste of my development and the opportunity to advance liberty and truth, and  I may not be too far from death.  Unfortunately, I just benefited from some of the best medical care and treatment on this planet, that exists as such not because of state of the art technology and facilities although  there is some of that there, but because of quality personnel who have pride in themselves and what they do.  I’ve been away from the hospital for about 7 hours, and in looking at my circumstances I almost lament the treatment I received.  If I’m dead in a few  weeks or months it’s a waste of  their effort and resources, I could have just laid down on that bench in the rest area and died.   The point is, I haven’t killed myself because it seems like a waste of development and opportunity, and now I’ll probably die anyway and my life will be  a waste of development and the end of opportunity here.  Interesting how that works.  

Why is my outlook so dark?  These clots are a product of me sleeping in this car.  I don’t have the means to sleep anywhere else and my opportunities to get money in the immediate have decreased since my ability to perform physical labor is temporarily diminished.  Not to mention, if I go back to Arlington to do Go Puff I’m driving around all day which also contributes to clots.  

–Camping will upload more later but the setting is fupny. You see when I camp I camp like no one else is in the area. I’m over here, blow some trees thinking out loud expressing immediate life grievences: fuck left it in the car, come on mane type shit. Pacing, thinking, sagging jogging pants cant get the draw string tight, weed smoking, noodle cup tuna jalapeno, cholula hot sauce eating, need a shave, need a hair cut, big ole bandage on your neck hiding from something looking mfer.


Everything preceding this is the epilogue of the New Mexico Camp Journal. I haven’t deleted it because I don’t know how long it is going to be before I begin writing articles of any substance. I need to refocus on getting money. I have a rough stretch over the next week.

I was camping in Lincoln  Forest at James Canyon campground.  My money is far below the minimum level I would have liked it to be and I was faced with a decision as to where I was going to go to make some desperately needed money.  I also needed some phenibut so I ordered some to a hotel in El Paso and then had it held at the UPS customer center to pick it up.  

This morning I went to the customer center to pick it up and there was a man standing outside of the customer center who I presumed was working there.  He told me I had to have a mask and there were only two people in the store at a time.  I said you have to be kidding me with that ignorant shit, and then I asked if he had a mask for me and he stated he did not.  

I went to my car and grabbed a shirt and wrapped it around my face.  I entered and saw the man receiving a package.  I removed my shirt and I said fuck you, you don’t even work here.  I went on to tell him the risk of dying of covid is about the same as a person’s risk of dying of natural causes in the next year, and because of this covid-19 doesn’t qualify as a threat to public safety that can be used to impose on the rights of citizens.  

He said if you worked with covid patients every day like I do you’d think differently.   

I told him when you get old and you get sick you die, or if you don’t take care of yourself and you get sick you die.  I really thought by now this stupid shit would be over with.  The point of that statement is you don’t sacrifice the interests of the whole in an effort to marginally extend the lives of the sick and elderly.  It’s like if the young and healthy gazelles threw themselves to the lions to ensure the sick and old could escape.  

As far as his comment about if you work with covid patients all day (and it didn’t look like he did, he was extremely overweight and I reminded him as much) I told him that I look at the numbers.  If you’re an idiot and work in a hospital, seeing covid patients all day  your perception of the virus is limited to the worst outcomes.  Your perspective of the virus is that it is dangerous because you’re only seeing the worst cases which typically occur among the very elderly or those who are already sick.  Your perception of the virus is based on some fractional percentage of actual cases, where the great majority do not result in hospitalization or even severe symptoms.  Stupid fucking people.  

The main point concerning Covid is this: a person’s outcome if infected with covid is going to be about the same as if they were infected with the flu.  If you weren’t wearing a mask to protect yourself or others from the flu during flu season, then it makes no sense to wear a mask to protect yourself or others from covid.  In other words, the same people who are at risk of death if infected with covid are the same people who are at risk of death if infected with the flu.    

I received my phenibut but still didn’t know where I was going to go.  Go Puff gave me access to Scottsdale, AZ.  I was thinking either going back to DFW or going back to Phoenix and if I was going to supplement whatever work I could find in Phoenix with Go Puff I think Scottsdale is upperclassish in that area.  I was confident that I could find gig work phoenix and responded to a few ads.  I decided to go back to DFW.  The two main reasons are 1: the Arlington Go Puff seems to have more hours available, and 2: DFW has proven reliable as far as gig work is concerned.  And a third is I suspected Phoenix may still have some restrictions in place and didn’t want to deal with the stress of being in an area where stupidity may be mandated, or more overtly prevalent and observable.  

  I have a Go Puff shift scheduled for 7am to noon tomorrow but there are usually hours dropped or added during the day so hopefully I’ll get another shift or find a gig tomorrow.  I really need to find a cash gig to make sure my money is good until next Friday when I’ll get paid for this week’s Go Puff.  And hopefully I’ll be able to get some more hours this week.  

I downloaded the go puff app by mistake and looked at the prices.  The prices are very reasonable about the cost you would find these items at gas stations.  This is crazy to me because although I don’t know what deal Go Puff has worked out, maybe with the manufacturers or wholesalers, it just doesn’t seem like there is enough even with a delivery fee to cover the costs of overhead and make a profit.  

I have two things I wanted to write about, one is Group Sunrise Event which is about a conversation I heard from people who were waking up to hike to see the sunrise which caused me to think about the expectations associated with events in a group setting.  Another was addressing a study that reported 13% of hospitalized covid patients reported some level of cognitive issues, and 6% reported issues lingering after recovery.  I’m a little tired and have to wake up early because I’m still an hour and a half from Arlington and I plan on waking up and getting a workout in.  I also need to arrange my car so it’s Go Puff friendly.  I know there are other things I want to write about as well but can’t think of them at the moment.  I should have time on Christmas day because I don’t know if Go Puff is operating and it is unlikely that I’ll find work on that day.  

I’ve sent about 20 to 25 solicitations of Camp Journal to book bloggers.  I really need to get people to read my material and sell books to position myself to do anything else.  Yes there is a lot of things I can do to promote but all of them begin with people or even another person.  Until I have that I remain trapped.  


I worked the Go Puff shift from 7am to noon and was able to get hours from 3pm to 7pm and then 8:30pm to 1am.  There was an ad on CL for a delivery driver for 6pm to 6am for Friday and Saturday paying a flat rate of $150 per day.  Since I needed money to get me through the week I left my go puff shift at 5pm intending to work with that resturaunt at least on Friday to get the 150 and perhaps on Saturday as well.  

When I arrived there were about 8 people and a man telling people to download two apps.  Wasn’t what I thought it was so I left and returned to finish off my day with go puff.  

I did find a moving job for the next morning located in MIlsap.  Hopefully I find some other jobs like this throughout the week although I am confident I have enough money to last me until Friday when I get paid from Go Puff.  

I was feeling a little depressed yesterday.  Part of it may have been due to not getting fucked by the moving job but the driver created expectations that  he did not fulfill.  The pay was $20 an hour, the job lasted 4 hours and I was paid $80.  When I arrived he said if you do well I’ll take care of you.  In the gig world means I’m going to throw you something on top of what was promised if you perform well and I performed well.  As soon as he came out from the customer he said the customer didn’t tip which is probably a lie but even if it wasn’t I know how much he’s making, whether he’s just the carrier or if he’s the moving company.  I felt played a little but couldn’t complain because I was paid what I agreed to work for.  

I listened to some old rap music I liked listening to including some of my own music from years ago to boost my mood.  I usually avoid the music which causs me to feel better when I’m low just because it does in part return me to periods in my life when my lifestyle was much different and that isn’t usually a good thing.  As I absorb that energy I’m reminded how criminality furnished me the best opportunities of my life.  In 7 years since abandoning the lifestyle in pursuit of a different path life has been hell.  From 14 to 24 life was a mix between the hell of incarceration and the highs of being free and non-stop kicking it.  I’d say maybe from 26 to 29 my life was decent in that I had time and money hustling and avoiding a lot of the wild shit that led to incarcerations.  

I feel like I should publish balance in morality.  Whatever I publish it doesn’t matter much anyway because my material doesn’t benefit from any attention, but my experience in the last 7 years has reminded me that the best opportunity for disadvantaged people who do not want to spend their live working to barely meet their needs(1) is criminality.  The reason this is true is because other people do not care.  The general population takes no notice of the advantages they derive from the systems in place and how those systems produce trapping circumstances for others.  They do not give a fuck about other people and I surmise that many see trapped and struggling people and feel good based on their comparative success.  

1: About 2/3rds of people born into the bottom 40% of income earners will remain in the bottom 40% of income earners for life.   

As for me, I definitely don’t want to go back to jail at my age.  The structure of having the county or the state presiding over my life will be difficult for me to accept and I would probably spend much of my time in the hole.  This was my first prison term as well albeit for different reasons where I spent the bulk of my time in segregation for fighting and issues with staff.  On the other side of it what do I do?  Almost 40 years old I’m going to do what?  Save some money, go back to Milwaukee and find a plug on some boy?  That would be my only move back to that lifestyle.  Then maybe I funnel that money into financing other ambitions but the risks are great.  It isn’t something I’m giving much thought to.  I just never expected to be this old and to be in the position I am in.  

Working this Go Puff gig which is the only consistent money I can make right now I probably won’t have to worry too much about any of this for much longer.  These blood thinners may protect me for the next few weeks as I have 16 days of medication remaining but after this I don’t see how I avoid the remaining clot in my leg from eventually traveling to a my lungs, heart, or brain, or the formation of new clots based on my present circumstances from eventually producing the same result.  My biggest concern is a stroke.  My only fear is being alive with diminished cognitive functioning.  Another pulmonary embolism or heart attack isn’t a good time, and if either one kills me that is an acceptable outcome, but to survive a stroke and being fucked up out here while I’m fucked up out here is concerning.  

I used to think that at some point I’m going to be able to break out of this box.  Of course that veiled optimism grows weaker as time goes on and I mention that I used to think this because today I don’t’ really believe it.  This is a tyrant species who is primarily controlled through information, indoctrinated values, and the innate subconscious mechanism to reinforce their perspective to maintain their values.  Any casual exposure I have to people or that any people have to my material leaves impressions that I am crazy, a crank, that I’m stupid, or some incorrect theory concerning my motivation as these small minded mother fuckers project their own values onto me, as in if they were doing or promoting what I am promoting they would be doing it for insert reason.  

I returned to DFW because I needed to make money.  Desperation caused in part by my perceived need to return to camping to be able to sleep outside of my car, and how this caused my money to deplete faster than I anticipated.  Outside of this Texas in general is bad for the creation of material.  I don’t know what it is but it seems like as soon as I leave Texas my mind clears a little bit and creativity flows more freely.  I think about this based on recent experience.  I went to OKC and immediately after seeing the homeless population it spurred thoughts about live marketing to address that issue and live marketing for the general public to supplement their income.  Even in Las Cruces which fucked me up when I entered a Walmart and everyone was wearing a mask I had that great demonstration of liberty motivating behavior.(2)  Camping and the clarity of mind that led to the observation of thoughts and decisions through Sequencing and Comparison and the criticism of popular naratives on talk radio.  When I’m here I don’t even feel like writing and some of this probably has to do with my focus on getting money.  

2:  This was being in line and expressing to the customer who has only 1 item that I’d rather wait a little bit to avoid him having to wait a lot.   

I sent out more sollicitations for book reviews and noticed that there was a bunch of errors in my sollicitation.  It’s bad for more reasons than just how it looks in and of itself since my sollicitation consists of expressing how my material is ignored and then presenting a pitch that makes it seem like my material is ignored not because of the content, but because it is all poorly written.  

I would say the greatest benefit of the pulmonary embolism is I no longer feel the need to contemplate suicide.  I have this danger lurking probably not too far off that will remove me from this hell.  I endure because I do recognize that although it is extremely unlikely, there is a chance that everything could change very fast if my material is read and understood.  I hold out for that possibility and that is why I am sending submissions to these reviewers.