Three Purposes of Government

We believe there are three purposes of government.  The first is the creation and enforcement of laws that prevent imposition.  Some laws do not prevent imposition and are the imposition of subjective values onto the population for some groups’ advantage.  When laws prevent more imposition than they impose we are freer.  Creation of law also means establishing fair rules that serve the interest of the public in the regulation of commerce.  

We believe the second purpose of government is collecting taxes to finance projects by the will of the public that are beyond private citizens and entities ability to produce that serve the collective interest.  This includes the allocation of funds to efforts that create opportunity for the financially disadvantaged, recognizing that liberty begins with circumstances. 

The third purpose of government is to ensure a foreign policy that promotes the best interests of the population, and believe the interests of the population in the United States are best served by ensuring every nation has an unobstructed, non-subordinate path to self determination.  Essentially a complete reversal of US foreign policy that is essentially impossible since industry determines public policy foreign and domestic; and it is in the interest of industry to promote policy that creates market access and advantage in other countries.     

The reasons this serves the best interests of the people of the United States is as follows:  When you do not prevent food, medicine, and the ability of a people to purify water, killing a million people, 500,000 under the age of 5, the people in the United States do not have to worry about people flying planes into buildings.  Not to say that Iraq sanctions and bombing campaigns in the mid 90s was the exclusive cause of 9/11, the denial of palestinian statehood and other interference in Muslim countries were also contributing factors.

More important than the threat of force, is how the population was made significantly less free because they thought people hated them for their freedom, or because they were Christians, and their government used the impetus of fear to impose on citizens through the pretext of public safety.  This is a recurring story, serving different industrial interests, March 2020 to present.     

When your government doesn’t spend a century supporting despots, creating coups, using the IMF and the World Bank to control nation’s economic policy through loan conditionalities, and apply diplomatic pressure to serve the interests of industry, then the economies of other nations can grow and be structured in a way that benefits a larger portion of the population.  When countries can create meaningful opportunities for all members of their population that population doesn’t want to leave.  

Those are two multi-consequence containing examples of how a United States foreign policy imposes on other nations to ensure their corporations have market access and advantage in those nations.  

My position on immigration is that it currently isn’t a great issue, in as much as the number of people entering the country illegally doesn’t significantly impact the opportunities of the people who are here now.  This means I believe the efforts of border patrol and ICE have protected American opportunity.  If they are unable to maintain that protection we can consider the additional allocation of resources or adjustments of tactics and law at that time.  We will reach that place in the probably not so distant future as climate change begins to change the areas of the earth that are habitable.  But it has definitely received too much attention, a great tool of distraction and division, where those on the right have a scapegoat for why they’re not doing better, and those on the left can promote their feigned compassion for disadvantaged people.  

Personally, I’m for illegal immigration.  Crossing into this country cannot be the basis for obtaining citizenship.  The reason being is just as I stated immigration isn’t an issue because it doesn’t noticeably impose on the opportunities of Americans, if citizenship was gained by making it into the country or the path to citizenship was easy after making it into this country illegally, everyone would do it.  Not literally but there would be a huge increase in the number of people trying to cross into this country through the southern border.  

We know 11 million people here illegally from beneath the southern border doesn’t impose on the opportunities of Americans.  We don’t know at what point immigration will become perceivable, so we know that enforcement in apprehension and judicial processes that maintains an illegal population from southern border below 11 million is effective policy.  Anyone who claims we can relax enforcement or simplify processes which serve as a deterrent, should provide the maximum number of illegal immigrants we can have in this country before it begins to impact the opportunity of the current citizens, and the methodology for how that number was determined.  

Immigration law and enforcement is one thing that works effectively in this country, and there is a population full of people who think it needs to be tougher or needs to be weaker who apparently have no way to see what it is.

Like I said, I am for illegal immigration.  If your opportunity is limited by your environment you have to leave your environment.  I hope they don’t get caught and are able to make the most of the opportunity.  But, enough will to ensure that the quality of life for the people in this country isn’t reduced because of an overabundance of illegal immigrants.  So good luck Pedro.  His name isn’t Jim, or Tashaun, or Lee, maybe Jose, Juan, Jorge, or some other J name that sounds like an h or w.  

I like the difference between different people, I like the jokes, and it’s unfortunate that shallow, self serving people are so desperately in need of examples to flex their fictitious moral muscles that they’ve redefined words and attempted to socially destroy the color and freedom of speech in this country.  

Racism is the denial of opportunity based on race which includes unequal treatment of people based on race.  For more on that subject read racial perceptions which in addition to discussing some popular issues, discusses the formation of stereotypes and the expectation of behavior based on direct and indirect experience.  This paragraph was to say it doesn’t make me racist to say good luck to illegal immigrants crossing the southern border by using a traditionally hispanic name to describe a person from a region that is almost exclusively hispanic.  It also isn’t racist to note the difference in the pronunciation of letters between languages. Maybe this explanation isn’t necessary, but I provide to express how displeased I am with the excessive and persistant accusations of racism, sexism, and homophobia in effort to create something out of nothing.

The three purposes of government are to create imposition preventing laws governing behavior and commerce, to collect and allocate funds according to the will and interest of the public, and to conduct foreign policy that allows for unadulterated self determination of other nations, and cooperation that is beneficial to all affected parties of said cooperation.  Government does not have the power to regulate individual risk, when said risk does not create risk for others.