Understanding Political Functions Through Recent Political History 2019-20


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If you’ve read any of my other material you’ve heard this before: All human problems are a product of self deception and inadequate opportunities for people to have time and money.  The United States was founded to ensure that those who had advantages in time and money would be able to maintain and advance those advantages through the political and economic systems.  An economic system where an individual’s ability to make money largely depends on the amount of money they already have.  A political system created to inhibit the advancement of popular interests through so called checks and balances and ensure wealth and industry would direct public policy. 


This publication largely consists of articles written in 2019 and 2020 that are still very relevant today.  The content produced by the media is cyclical and the functions remain the same because causes of popular issues are never addressed.  


Have we reached a consensus on the optimal tax rate by income or wealth in this country?  No, and most people do not understand the impact of higher or lower taxes so The Popular Myths on Tax Policy is still relevant. 


 Have we addressed through public policy the cause of drug dependency and implemented a strategy to liberate addicts from their addictions?  No, so understanding the true nature of the opioid crisis through A Crisis of Demand is still relevant.


Have we reached a consensus on how far the 2nd amendment should extend or be restricted in this country due to an illegitimate claim of public safety?  No, and as soon as there is another mass shooting this issue will be popular again, and Gun Rights vs. Gun Control is still very relevant.  


Do we have a public health option for health care in this country?  Prior to Covid this was the number one concern for middle class democrats.  


In addition to some of the articles I’ve mentioned in this introduction, I also feature two articles that are not related to 2019-2020 issues.  The first is the founding intent which demonstrates that what exists today in investment politics is exactly what was intended from the beginning.  We haven’t strayed from the good intentions the founders of this country had when they created the constitution, we have followed it.  Government as the Facilitator of Money to Power provides summary explanations based on papers published by Thomas Ferguson that are an analysis of political investing and the role those investments played in producing election results.        


My favorite portion of this compilation is the Comments and Exchanges section.  While all the articles featured in this book address popular misconceptions, Comments and Exchanges show the tactics used by the media to manipulate public opinion, and features debates between others and myself.   


Other articles featured are the Green No Deal.  This article was written in response to the popularity of The Green New Deal resolution in 2019 which was one the most heavily written about topics that year.  This was incredible to me because the Green New Deal was actually just a list of goals with no substance, yet the public, politicians, think tanks, the media, and others made absurd claims about it, as if it could be passed and we would begin a transformation, or if it was passed we would bankrupt the country and enter into some dark stalinist totalitarian future.  This article quotes the text and shows that something people thought was something, was actually nothing.  The purpose is to highlight how easily people are manipulated and how distorted people’s perception of reality is. 


I’ve included an idea for a media disclaimer to be implemented through the FCC.  The text is preliminary since if taken seriously I could produce something more concise that better addresses the issue.  The disclaimer would be a small line of text displayed during news broadcasts explaining the interests of the media, that these are for profit entities whose content is tailored to attract attention, not to present objective truth. 


Andrew Bacevich Critique was originally included in the comments and exchanges section but became more in depth after I contacted him with my criticism.  He basically ignored my criticism claiming I distorted his view which forced me to show how I did not distort his view. 


The Option explains the interests at stake in the Israel Palestine conflict and presents an option that should be acceptable to all parties involved, but will probably offend the party that has my sympathy and respect.   


The last article is called Climate Change 101: Establishing Facts and Addressing Denial.  This article imparts a basic functional understanding of climate change and the consequence, addresses popular rebuttals put forth by deniers, and uses arithmetic to project the growth of emissions.  It’s arguably the most important issue confronting the human species since it poses an existential threat to the species through the reduction of habitable surface area which will greatly increase the probability of self destruction through the use of nuclear weapons.  Arguably the most important because it will not and cannot be addressed through the current organization of this species.  That’s another topic altogether. 


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