Orioncs.net was a resource for understanding political, economic, and behavioral function. The material consisted of the identification of systemic functions that produces negative results and proposed soultions to remedy these issue to achieve a greater level of individual liberty.

The root causes of all human problems is self deception and the unequal distribution of opportunities for people to have time and money.

For the last few years this website consisted of what grew into about 100 titles of articles varying in length from a few pages to over 100 pages. I’m consolidating these titles into seperate projects that will be available for preview and purchase in the near future. If I’m going to transition from spending the better portion of my time installing furniture, fixtures, and equipment, to promoting and realizing liberating ideas, I need products.

I have over 1000 pages of material that can themed, categorized, compiled and edited. The most difficult thing for me to do when I considered editing everything into one book was what to begin with? When I’m talking about self deception, a large part of that is the natural inclination to avoid material that challenges beliefs and consume information that reinforces beliefs. I won’t go deeply into it here, but one does not feel good and the other one does, and human beings do what feels good. My material as a whole is going to make everyone feel bad at some point because it’s geared towards truth, whereas people are geared towards maintaining their present perspective. That subconscious drive to maintain their perspective creates points of conflict between the reality that is, and the reality that makes them feel good.

I see the world through motion where all motion is considered and accounted for. When I approach a subect I’m looking at the functions it consists of and consider it through a consistent moral lens. I’m not looking for information that can be used to reinforce a republican agenda, or a democratic agenda, or a racial agenda, or LGBT agenda, a gender discrimination agenda, or a socialist agenda, or nationalist agenda, I’m trying to understand if something causes us to be freer or not, and if it does not, I think of ways the problem can be corrected.

By seperating the material into different publications, I’ll have the opportunity to create positive impressions among different groups, as opposed to having a large compilation book spanning different subjects that if read in its entirety, will offend everyone at some point.

Since I mentioned this “consistent moral lens” I’ll share the base version of Liberty, the Basis for Objective Morality.

Orion Simerl


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