“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone be believed by the masses.” Plato

. LibertyAndTruth.org is a resource for understanding political, economic, human behavioral function.

All human problems are a product of self deception and inadequate opportunities for people to have time and money.  

This website consists of material that identifies the causes of these issues and proposes solutions to address these issues.

There are books, article pages, links to video summaries, and clothing.

Take a look around and learn how you could participate or support efforts to advance human interests through a freer and truer world. For participation see OPLNOW.com (The Organization for Popular Legislation)

If anyone wants a book and cannot afford a book or wants to try it before you buy it you can email me at [email protected] and I will.send you a free copy of whichever book you’d like to read.

Declaration of Intent is my declaration to run for the US House of Representatives in 2024. It is presently a 10 point platform that will be expanded to 14 points to include additional voter concerns. UPDATE: No Longer intend to run for office since legislative goals are better served through the Organization for Popular Legislation, but content on this page is still relevent.

Solutions Summary Page features 8 idea to address unequal opportunities for people to have time and money and was for achieving other liberty related goals.

Book Excerpts Page features portions of the books advertised below.

Liberty and Truth Summary summarizes the morality of liberty and the relationship of liberty and truth. Functional definitions and real world applicability. The root causes of the problems we have in this country and the world.

The Daily Journal vol. 3 expresses insights about human behavior, the application of morality, or analysis of news, articles, and narratives. Sometimes it’s just a record of my day for my own personal purposes.

School for the Advancement of Liberation Truth is a page outlining the purposes and goals of SALT.

Understanding Police Authority is an article that shares a few case law rulings in an effort to help people understand the scope of police authority and how it applies to different circumstances.



The American Prosperity Proposals consists of four ideas to increase opportunities for financially disadvantaged people. The introduction describes the scope of the article and is available through the link embedded in the title.

The Survival Movie Script.

Click the heading above it will take you to the product page. I wrote the screenplay to illustrate the ideas, principles and observations from the book Liberty The Definitive Moral Truth. In the understanding that morality is a determinate of motion generally separated into Liberty and Tyranny, there must be separate spaces if consciousness survives death. The Survival is a movie that explains Liberty as the basis for morality and then assumed on what those spaces would be like based on the conscious experience, and the principles of liberty and tyranny. I’ve registered the script with the WGA, and submitted it to a few companies but so for there hasn’t been any interest.

Liberty: The Definitive Moral Truth establishes liberty as the basis for objective morality and uses the measure to weigh the concepts and tenets of major world religions. Existential implications of the moral duality (liberty and tyranny) are discussed in respect to the survival of consciousness after death, the morality of the creator inferred through the features of creation, as well as how climate change may be a moral evolutionary check on a tyrant species. The introduction is available through the link embedded in the title. The following are two videos describing the basic elements of liberty as the basis for objective morality.

The Florida Ordeal is the record and preface to a trip to Florida that resulted in 2 felony charges and 4 misdemeanors for the possession of less than 3 grams of marijuana, 4 10mg gummy edibles, and a pipe with marijuana residue. The book chronicles my experience going to court and how I was able to leverage the misconduct of the public defender and the judge to achieve a favorable outcome.

Understanding Political Functions Through Recent Political History 2019-20 addresses popular misconceptions and demonstrates the functions of politics through stories occurring in 2019 and 2020. The introduction is available through the link embedded in the title. As I complete them I will add video summaries of the articles within the book below.

Racial Perceptions: Addressing Popular Misconceptions that Contribute to Racial Divide examines the underlying causation in studies that produce the appearance of racial inequality. There is emphasis on policing and the use of excessive force in and outside the context of race. The introduction is available through the link embedded in the title.

Covid 19 Media Project: Identifying the Interests and Tactics Used to Create Hysteria establishes the risk of being infected with covid 19 and contrasts that risk to the risk being projected by the media and politicians by reviewing 8 popular news articles from the beginning of the outbreak. The introduction is available through the link embedded in the title.

Assignment, Sequencing, and Comparison identifies the processes used by the subconscious mind to organize objects, produce thoughts and create objectives. The introduction is available by clicking the title that leads to the product page.

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  1. gregory garrett says:

    I like what you’re doing and I appreciate your work overall…well done

  2. Billie Hanson says:

    I am not sure what side of the coin you belong on. I am thrown by the merch that states Make America Great for the first time. Too much of a dog whistle and relation to TFP.
    What are you really about?
    Marijuana reform?

    • orioncs1 says:

      The product page states what Make America Great for the 1st time means, it means that outside of a nationalist bias there has never been a time in this country when America has been great for a majority of the people in this country or been perceived as positively great internationally. I don’t think it’s very difficult to understand what I am about, correcting unequal opportunities for time and money, as expressed through the ideas summarized on the solutions page, or in the book the American Prosperity Proposals. Also identifying self deception through Assignment, Sequencing, and Comparison and correcting self deception as well as other problems by understanding Liberty as the Basis of objective morality. There are 8 books, 10 plus videos, and nothing about marijuana reform. I am not a proponent of marijuana reform. Although marijuana is not a substance that creates imposing behavior within the consumers of it, the legalization of marijuana takes a moderate risk opportunity from disadvantaged people and gives it to advantaged people. As far as what side of the coin I am on the reason you can’t see that is because your perspective is limited to false duality of positions. Two groups of people who choose which side they want to take on issues they have no understanding of. That is also what I’m about, addressing popular misconceptions. Appreciate the comment.

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