No Mercy for the Tyrant


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A tyrant imposes on others when it serves his interests in doing so.  To excuse or forgive the actions of the Tyrant encourages he behavior.  The tyrant is only persuaded by consequence to not impose on others.

Justice is restoring an injured party to whole.  Part of justice is the restoration of well being that comes from knowing someone who has harmed you has suffered for what they’ve done.  For a person to be imposed on, and for the perpetrator to not face a penalty contributes to the suffering of the victim.

Confucius is credited with saying if you return good for evil then what do you return for good?

The shirt expresses recognition that the tyrants appetite to impose is only curbed by the potential for a consequence that exceeds the benefit of the imposing act.  Support justice in the restoration of victims well being and as a deterrent of imposing acts.

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