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For America to be great, it must become great having never previously achieved this status. 

At the adoption of the constiution was America great? 

Was it great for the majority of this country who were poor farmers, or poor laborers, many who could not vote and were being thrown in jail because they could not pay their debts? 

Does a great nation assume the debt of states that was purchased by the economic elite and then tax the people to ensure the investments of the wealth of the nation pay off? 

Does a great nation demand that the native population assimulate and adopt the customs of their culture, and then when this population does and is successful, does a great nation then remove them from their land after promising not to? 

Does a great nation create a pretext for war against a country because a country refuses to sell their land? 

Does a great nation own people as property?  If not we can disqualify America as being great until at least 1865. 

Does a great nation discriminate and limit people’s opportunities based on race?  If not we can disqualify America as great until at least 1964. 

Does a great nation decide public policy based on the interest of industry?  If not America is disqualified as being great at any point in its history.

Does a great nation impose on other nations for the benefits of industry, by creating coups, invading, applying sanctions, supporting despots, using the IMF and World Bank and through loan conditionalities take control of nations economic policies?

Does a great nation ensure that the interests being represented in government reflect the interests of the population?  The United States does not.  

Does a great nation ensure that there is a fair distribution of opportunities for all people to have time and money?

Does a great nation use no longer existing issues like race, gender, and sexuality discrimination to distract the underclasses from creating and achieving goals that will cause them to be freer?

Does a great nation rely on the ability to deceive the general population to maintain an organization that benefits wealth, industry, and the pitchmen people ignorantly refer to as leaders?

We could continue with all the things the United States does that disqualifies it as a great nation and provide examples, but the point is that America is yet to attain the status of greatness.  In recognizing what it is that disqualifies America from being great we can create goals and the achievement of those goals can lead us to greatness. 

The fulfillment of great ideals, liberty and justice for all.  

In these criticism we can be greatful for one element of American greatness.  The need of the founding fathers to protect themselves from the system of government they were creating did do a good job in protecting individual liberty.  Although events from the recent past have created interpretations of events and rights that are encroaching on many constitutional guarentees to individual liberty.  

We seek to Make America Great (MAG) for the first time.  


.: 80% Acrylic 20% Wool
.: Green underbill
.: 7-position adjustable snap closure
.: Structured and high profile silhouette

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