Orion’s strength lies in his loyalty to truth and objectively as well as his ability to creatively problem solve. He has authored three legislative proposals including Center for Economic Planning to address economic inequality and the associated effects, the Criteria for Deadly Force to curb the use of deadly force unnecessarily by law enforcement, and the Homeless Liberation Initiative which would reduce the homeless population by nearly 70% in San Francisco saving the county upwards of 160 million dollars per year.

Orion has created a true and ideal guide to ethics through the acknowledgement of liberty and identifying the components required for all people to do as they please in a multi-being setting. The measure and details of which are explained in a paper he wrote entitled Liberty and Tyranny.

Orion writes on subjects of a political, economic, and social nature. His writing style is blunt, candid, and certain where certainty can be ascertained. His loyalty is not to a predetermined position or agenda but to truth, ideal, and practicality.

The author is not motivated simply by suggesting solutions or informing the reader but by realizing solutions to address problems and create a freer and fairer world. For this reason the most prolific publisher of his material is his website (orioncs.net) which is used as a central location for the promotion of his material. In the interest of reaching a broader audience, Orion is seeking publishers to bring greater attention to his voice and vision.